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The Gunwitch Method Part 1

Disclaimer. Some of the following methods, tactics, and techniques could be
prosecutable as a crime in some jurisdictions. Check all local laws before
applying the content of this site to real life encounters with the opposite

For instance, touching someone can be a convictable offence in New York City.
Sex with women under the influence of intoxicants can also be illegal in most

           Gunwitch method 

 Okay, so you wanna get laid more right? DUH else you wouldn't be here. Maybe
you are a fan of other works on seduction and discovered me through their
sites, or maybe this is your first venture into the methods of seduction. Maybe
you found me through the ASF ( newsgroup, and you were one
of the guys who requested and demanded an outline, or more of a specific manual
of my style.  Well anyway, you've now found my methods.

 I'll tell you a little about myself, my name is Robert Ryan (known as
'gunwitch' on ASF).  In case you wonder my name is derived from the fact that I
am an avid hand gunner as well as a 10-year practitioner and student of
seduction and PU (pick ups), "real" witchcraft, magick, state manipulation and
all ranges of the "influence" sphere. I started out using simple psychology,
then NLP (neural linguistic programming), and eventually evolved a much simpler
understanding of women and methods of dealing with them, which has been gained
through psychology and human study, but even more so through years of
interactive analysis. 

 What "simpler understanding" you may ask? Well after YEARS and YEARS of study,
fieldwork, and seductions, the thing that led me here was that I conquered my
weight problem. I am 5'7 (5'9'' in my "field" boots) and used to weigh a "power
lifter styled" mix of muscle and fat that was 240 lbs.  Not a pretty picture to
look at, hence my study of seduction.  I finally got down to a leaner, muscular
185lbs. This is when I noticed a massive change in dealing with women.  They
made it easier - less testing, less flake outs, and less overall resistance to
my sexing them.  

 I had always been taught that it is not the product, but the marketing, that
gets someone to buy something. I had always learned that "it's what's on the
inside" that counts.  Also, that "women think different from men", "women don't
really like sex so it doesn't matter what you look like, but more what you say
or make them feel".  Comforting words to the unattractive guy, But not
something that produces results for the said guy.

 Perhaps you're saying "but then what am I gonna do???  I'm an ugly, short or
fat fucker!"  Well the same understandings and methods I discovered with the
understanding that women LOVE sex, just as much as men do is gonna be your key
to getting them as well. There are methods and tactics that will get you sex
with HOT women even if you are less than average in looks. The same methods I
and other semi attractive guys can use to land 8-10 scale women without hardly
any rejection can be used by you to land the same women with just a little more
effort, and a little more rejections.
 I in so many words finally started selling a higher quality product, and in
doing so learned what the reaction and interactions were like when she wanted
to buy, and already knew what they were when it was gonna be a difficult sell.
By becoming attractive it was easier for me to learn how to convey that I was.

 I have trained men who were FAT, ugly, average and good looking to do the same
things I do and gotten them laid FAST without much study at all or any
improvement to their looks.

So give this a chance, if you wanna get laid.

Section 1:

 The first understanding you must have, is what I mean when I refer to a
"state". I simply mean your state of mind, the feelings in your body, and the
overall YOU at any given moment. Can you recall a time, the last time that you
were totally HOT and HORNY for a woman - to the point you had an erection, felt
slight pain in your stomach, how you looked at her, and how you were thinking
at the moment.  What did that feel like?  You were in "sexual state" at that

Section 2:

 Women think VERY similarly, and operate biologically quite the same sexually
as men. Since biblical times, women have been conditioned by society that this
is wrong though.  They put on a mask that conforms to social norms.  The "slut"
"whore" or promiscuous woman who has many sexual partners is actually superior
in her lack of suggestibility compared to regular women who maintain monogamous
relationships because of societal expectations. Things had not been this way in
the human mating ritual prior to the last 2-5000 years. Beta (inferior less
attractive) males who happened to be intellectually superior set up
misogynistic arranged marriages, barter systems for financial ownership of
wives, religious persecution and moral persecution for women who enjoyed sex
with the alpha (superior more attractive) males, as a means of being able to
secure sex for themselves with no alpha competition.

 Today, religion, moral conduct, and societal expectations cannot RULE the
female sex drive, nor her instincts and her desires by force. This leads us ALL
to a problem. Women seek and choose long term relationships with only the most
desirable of men. They often try to entrap the alpha male into unnatural sex
commitments, while giving the beta male no sex because they want to have one
partner, and do not want it to be a beta male. Kinda backfired on them cheeky
little shit heel betas didn't it?

Now women "cheat" when they want sexual variety and then are scorned by society
as "sluts" or "unfaithful bitches", despite the reality that it's just natural
for a sexually healthy human being to want variety in sex partners.

 It is VITAL to have the understanding that women (sexually healthy non frigid
women) LOVE sex and desire it just as much as we do. YET they cannot come out
and admit it or be labelled a slut, AND cannot act on it consistently (outside
of long term relationships or with multiple partners)  with anyone's knowledge
or be labelled the same far faster. Of course, as of late, more and more women
are admitting their desire for sex and acting on it more casually.

Section 3:

The lone wolf.

 Approaching single, lone women will be the staple of you sexual diet.
Attempting to seduce women while in the company of others, her friends, your
friends, and other people in general is often a dumb idea.  "WHY", you ask? 
Read section 2 again. They want sex, they want sex NOW with almost any guy who
isn't obese or deformed, but they do not want the world to know, and they will
start to think "if I do this what will it make THEM think", rather than "do I
trust this guy" "am I attracted to this guy" and "what is he making ME feel
sexually".  Reading this material from the standpoint of applying it at a party
or in front of 2-3 women at a time will make it seem unworkable.  So read from
the perspective of you and a single lone (isolated) woman, or distanced from
others (semi isolated), and it will come into focus.

Section 4:

 Your initial state when seeing women you want is very important:  the right
one will cause you to approach them, the wrong one will panic and confuse you -
preventing you from taking any action to ever meet them. If you do not meet
them you almost certainly CANNOT have sex with them. Your internal state when
you first see an attractive woman must be one of sexual enthusiasm, horniness,
and unapologetic desire. NOT one of panic and wonder of what to do or what to
say. When you first see your lone wolf, in a bar, a coffee house, a dept store,
a bank, the gym -ANYWHERE - (I like the magazine racks at dept stores, where I
can stand there and wait 'til some Cosmo magazine reading hottie comes into
what feels to her like your space, and feels like she's approaching,  then boom
I'm on it "so what ya reading?"), anyway ANYWHERE you see them you must imagine
having sex with her, visualize it, feel the desire and lust.  ALWAYS do this as
soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will
go into when seeing a woman will be one of -sexual- state, rather than panic or
fear of meeting her. This makes approaching random lone women easier. Ted
Bundy, the infamous serial killer/sociopath didn't feel fear or panic when he
saw a target.  He felt rage, sexual perversion and desire to kill, hence NO
fear to approach them, of course wanting to have sex isn't the same thing, but
its still more effective than feeling fear or confusion about your desires and

  One thing ill mention here. I cannot give you real desire for sex, it must be
natural. If you could have a new ULTRA 10 hot bodied perfect woman in your bed
every night, yet EVERYONE else would see her as a nasty ugly fat girl, would
you still do it? NO I'm not gonna alter you in some supernatural way for you to
think ugly women are good looking. If you said "no" to this question though,
you need to evaluate if you want women for shared sexual gratifications, or if
you want them to impress friends, family and co workers? Do you wanna be a
"ladies man" A "seduction master?" the "scoring machine" amongst your buds? Of
course, who doesn't? But is that more of a concern than actually having good
sex with women you find attractive? If so then you need to A. stop masturbating
so much (to increase you drive), B. search yourself to see if you are a real
heterosexual, C. maybe consider getting an "arm piece" girlfriend for the
social status you desire, D. learn to quench your lusts with sexual
gratification rather than keep trying to create envy in others, as you'll never
be convinced you've done enough of that. If you want and desire new, exciting,
frequent sexual experiences with different fresh women then read on.

Section 5:

 Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people,
see Ted Bundy example above for proof.  A lot of crap floats around about
female minds being different or more intuitive, "they can smell an agenda" "if
you don't come from a genuine place of curiosity and care they will reject you"
blah blah blah.  You WANT them to "smell your agenda" of wanting sex, this is a
GOOD thing, as long as it isn't verbalized.  This is what women call a "subtle
confident man".  I will discuss how to MAKE her understand your intentions
WITHOUT words later on. It is a good thing for her to know you want sex,
without you being tacky and verbalizing it (making her reject you because of
her societal conditioning mentioned earlier). 

Section 6:

 Looks count, though perhaps not as much as is typically presumed.  As was
discussed in Section 2, women think MUCH like men when it comes to mating.

To illustrate my point on this:
 Imagine being alone in a room, with an ugly or mediocre woman.  She comes over
and lays her head on your lap.  You hear her whisper, "I like you a lot".  She
smiles, comes up, and kisses you. Your friends are not there, and they will
never know.  You are getting more turned on as she rubs your upper legs,
inching closer, closer, and closer to your crotch.  What are you gonna do to
stop her?  Answer this only to yourself - not to friends or people who could
judge you - and you'll know that you'd likely have sex with her.  ONLY in the
case that she is nearly deformed, smells bad, or is morbidly obese ect., would
you be likely to turn her down.  Essentially, you'd only turn her down if she
failed turn you on at that time.

To further explicate, consider the following.  Not an exact science by any
means, but perhaps a rough model of what you can generally expect.  

Looks, Effort, and their Interrelation:
Looks scale:  -1- being the worst conceivable, and -10- being the best.
Effort scale (amount of women approached and overall drive to ensure sex with
them): -1- being utterly rarely, -5- being a few on weekends or acquaintances
from social circles, and -10- being at least three new women per day. -1- drive
= will say hello to a woman but not much else, -5- will try to  get her
interested in him until the first sign of trouble or disinterest, -10- will
outright make her become angry or verbally reject you 100% before even
considering moving on.

 Take a guy who is a -1- in looks (perhaps fat, short, hideous face, balding,
old, smelly, poorly dressed, etc.), but a -10- in effort.  This guy will STILL
land women who are -5.5s- once in while, and -3s- frequently.

 To explain, allocate 1 total point for every 2 points on the scale, for what
you can get with maximum effort.  So, if you are a -10- in looks, but only
exert a -1- in effort, you can probably still sex -5.5s- (ie. 11 divided by 2)
on occasion, and approximately half of that, or -3s-, whenever you are
inclined.  Eventually you will arrive at someplace in between your -maximum-
capacity and your -easy- capacity for your regular quality of women.

 I, for instance, am maybe an -8- in looks (short, ok face, good built body,
well dressed and groomed), and a -10- in effort.   So dividing by two, we
allocate 4 points for looks and 5 points for effort, arriving at a 9 at
-maximum- capacity, and approx. 5 at -easy- capacity.  I have of course gotten
some 10s in my day, but that's just the deviation, as women higher than 6 would
be for Example Guy #1.  So to recap: 

Example Guy 1:
-1-LOOKS  +  -10-EFFORT = 11,

-8-LOOKS + -10-EFFORT = 18,

 What creates the extra points from effort is that you meet MORE women, so SOME
of these women will find even the guy with -1-looks/-10-effort somewhat
attractive. Probably the best that he will ever do is a 6 who somehow finds him
attractive.  Mr -10-looks/-1-effort could go out approaching at a 5.5 in effort
and change his whole lot, because he would meet so many more women who would
find him attractive, or who have trouble saying no to his advances, but instead
he takes the easy ones.  His loss. By the way, Mr.-10-looks/-1-effort, and Mr.
-1-looks/-10-effort are both REAL people that I know, and it works out about
the same for both of them with women. If Mr. -1-looks/-10-effort suddenly
stopped meeting and trying to seduce new women, he would probably go to his
grave never having had sex again, unless maybe with some chance woman of his
low calibre were to come along and make the effort herself.

Section 7
 There are -many- ideas about seduction, getting laid, having a lot of women,
ect, that can be debated and contested.  But there is -one- that cannot be by
anyone with any rational thought process. You MUST make an effort. 
Specifically, you must approach women on the street, at gyms, dept stores,
bars, nightclubs and any other venues you can come up with.  Sure you can get a
job working with women or a gimmick to try to attract them to you, but its 5%
as effective as actually doing the work, and having the will and drive.  Simple
logic, which can escape from you if you over-complicate your style of dealing
with women. Don't just sit and memorize materials til the end of time, get out
and apply things you learn. HARDEST part to do in any area of life. WILLPOWER
to try is more important than any formula for success.

 I'm gonna do you a huge favour right here in this section. Maybe give you
ultimate success with women maybe save you from reading any further and wasting
your time. Decide will you A, go out and try this stuff on AT LEAST 1 woman
within the next week, and at least 1 every week after that? OR, will you stop
reading now and decide you don't really  have the willpower to try? 

 Of course if you KNOW you are just reading this for the hell of it, and don't
wanna have sex with lots of women that's fine. But don't read it, question it,
analyze it and determine it can't work for you, get up and do something.

Section 8
 As HARPED on above you MUST approach.  Moreover, you MUST be in "sexual state"
or be turned-on/horny for your target.  Any fear of doing so must be quelled by
the realization that she wants sex just as much as you do, though maybe not
with you, and that the way society is structured it is YOUR job to initiate the
encounter and find out.  The sexual state, along with the realization that she
wants sex, will make you do MOST if not ALL of the actions necessary to be your
most attractive all by themselves.

It exudes a "confidence" that,
-makes you speak with a better more attractive tone of voice (bedroom voice)
-causes you to hold eye contact better and more sensually
-causes you to touch her more and more sexually (getting her ready for the
sexual encounter)
-causes you to keep a level of physical closeness that builds a strong sense of
comfort in her
-causes you to not pander or be a beggar (as you realize are just as valuable
sexually), so,
-you don't buy her drinks like the rest of the losers do
-you don't give insincere compliments like the rest of the losers do
-you don't pander to her to entertain like the rest of the losers do 
     -you don't brag like the losers do
     -you don't come off sexually androgynous and hide your masculinity like
the losers do

And as a result of all this, you are not branded yet another everyday chump
hitting on her. 

 Your single-minded intention, body language, and sexuality prevents the bad
"loser" type actions, and nurtures the seductive ones - all in one single
state.  You are branded a sexual being, boyfriend material, sexual material, IF
the requisite physical attraction is there.

Section 9

 I will now attempt to give you some grasp of the above seductive behaviours
that will create an optimum level of attraction, and some grasp of those that
will make you seem a loser or move things in the wrong directions.

 Operating under an understanding that women love sex, need their desires
filled the same as men, and shouldn't be paid or rewarded for something they
want to share just as much as you do, will allow you to avoid the damning
behaviours covered in section 9.

9.1 Chump or champ?  The chump thinks women "GIVE" a man sex because its more
important to them, and they should be paid for it by means such as "dates"
undeserved compliments, humour, entertainment ect.  A champ knows women love
sex just as much as men so therefore the gift that is given in return for sex
with a woman is the sex itself.  Which are you?  When was the last time you
complimented a woman?  Was it a woman that you wanted sex with?  Have you ever
complimented a woman you didn't want sex with?  Have you ever complimented
someone for something other than their appearance?  Ask yourself these
questions and you'll know if you are acting like a chump or a champ.

9.2 Do you brag around women?  Well stop it if you do. If she isn't attracted
to you, and even if she is, this isn't moving things into any kind of a sexual
encounter.  It is a waste of time and energy to brag, as everyone can see it
when someone does it, and takes the claims made as lies, even if they are true.
BE SEXUAL, as this serves to project without words that you are good in bed,
well endowed, and worthwhile enough to be this confident. Of course don't put
yourself down either. This is very powerful knowledge that I'm giving you here,
which few people know, and since I have a 130 IQ I can decipher this type of

See that was bragging and it was kinda lame huh? That was a joke, and ALSO not
a good idea during a seduction. Here is why……

9.3 A commonly observed scenario: a woman laughs at guy's jokes, and then ends
up having sex with him later on.  Predictably, every guy there says, "She must
like a guy with a sense of humour", and proceed to go out and ENTERTAIN, rather
than seduce women, in hopes that she will like them SOOO much she will jump his
bones right there. Not gonna happen unless she is VERY attracted.  We wanna
work with what looks we have and move them in the right directions for sex
better than other guys, not create a non sexual rapport with jokes and funny

 When a woman is asked "what do you like in a guy?", she doesn't usually  say
"LOOKS and GOOD SEX" or else be branded a slut.  SO, she grumbles "a guy with a
sense of humour".  She LIKES those funny men, she doesn't HAVE SEX WITH those
funny men unless they happen to be attractive as well as funny. By the way,
when a woman says "confidence" that's as close to saying " a guy who knows I
wanna have sex and creates the opportunity for it aggressively" as women
usually get.  Don't listen to what women (or men) say, but rather observe what
they do, and your eyes will not deceive or confuse you like your mind's
interpretations of the words will. A sense of humour isn't a bad thing, but its
not sexually motivating or progressive. Stand up comedians are often natural
entertainers because they have learned that their poor looks can be accepted
that way.  Check stand or bar stool comedians are the same entity with less
talent.  At the end of the night they go home and fuck the sleeve of their
favourite jacket rather than a woman.  Some people say "nice guys finish last",
because they see the funny entertainer go home alone.  While the horny
aggressive "jerk" gets the woman sexually turned on and moves her into
isolation with him, rather than entertaining her endlessly in public.

9.4  Payment based behaviours such as buying drinks for women at bars, giving
them flowers, fixing their things, driving them places you aren't going with
her to, are all LOSER actions. Of course people like things like this, but
these things conveys to her sexuality as "he isn't valid sexually because he is
a poor lover or has a small penis, so he pays for sex with gifts of his time
and money, he is a beta male". During ALL initial encounters with women, if
requests are made for anything, ask yourself "would I do this for a causal
acquaintance or male stranger?"  If your answer is "no", then don't do it.  Of
course you might buy a good friend accompanied to a bar a drink, but would you
really buy a male stranger a drink? Didn't think so, unless it was to PAY him
for something. Wanna test it out? Go buy 10 women at a bar a drink, and see if
you don't walk out alone with 4-5 "thank yous", a glare, and 4-5 waves of
astonishment for your troubles.  Do it 100 times and you may get a girl that's
REALLY attracted to you that will engage sex with you,  but you've now paid 500
dollars (5 bucks a drink) to get there. Go to a brothel if you want to pay for
sex like a lowly 'john'. 

9.5 Reading her palm, doing a psychic "cold reading", doing a handwriting
analysis, playing a game of some kind ARE all LOSER behaviours as well. You may
get lucky and she wont decipher that you are paying her with this entertainment
and brand you a poor lover or micro penis equipped man, but it STILL does not
move them into a sexual direction of any kind, so don't waste the time.
Besides, tampering with these mystic forces is a one-way ticket to eternity in
hell, ha ha ha.

9.6 Speaking romantically or about wonderful states of mind and such may brand
you a good boyfriend or husband material, which may eventually lead you to sex
with her. It will go WITH her social conditioning rather than busting through
it and getting to the natural woman who likes sex. However, she will most times
"make you wait" or want to "date" first in this context. "Making the guy wait"
is a time-honoured bullshit social conditioning that being romantic or "Don
Juan" "Casanova" style will get you into 75% of the time with any given women.
This is STILL paying for sex, just in a more effective though more time
consuming way than other standard suck up tactics. Do this kind of thing AFTER
sex if you want to see her again and pursue a long-term relationship. There is
no more sure-fire way to get a woman into a romantic relationship than to have
sex with her right away, because unless she has one night stands A LOT she will
justify her break in conditioning with "it was love at first sight" or "we just
had such a good chemistry I couldn't make my new boyfriend wait". By the way
get caller id if you are gonna have a lot of one night stands, or avoid the
woman knowing where you live or your phone number. The same dynamic I just
wrote about will cause women to stalk you and demand relationships, if you
aren't ready for one be prepared to say "get lost" a lot.

 Entertainment, gimmicks and flattery can only buy you RAPPORT with women, they
do not build attraction or guarantee sex. If after using something like this to
get a rapport, you find yourself in bed with a girl, she would've been there
FASTER if you hadn't used the pandering, entertaining and ass kissing
beforehand. CONSERVE YOUR TIME, creativity, and passion for women who are
actually attracted to you.
9.7 DATES: NO DATES from here on out. The simple act of going on a date
immediately puts her social conditioning into play HEAVY and the "make him
wait" dynamic is introduced.  I have NEVER been on a date with a woman, and I
have had plenty of sex. Get the woman isolated with you (alone. just you and
her out of public) soon after the initial approach for your "date" aka getting
to know each other.  I'll discuss how to do this later on.

9.8 NO PHONE NUMBERS, from here on out, you can go out and get 10 numbers a day
for 30 days, that's 300 numbers, of those 300 maybe ONE will end up in bed with
you after you call. If on all 300 you had stayed there after you approached,
conveyed your sexual state, waited for her to go into sexual state, and then
isolated her, you would have only approached 50 tops the whole month as you
would have been to preoccupied in bed with 10 of those 50, avoiding another 250
approaches.  If she finds you at all attractive she will talk to you right then
and there, and most likely if you play the game right go home with you that day
or from that bar, or into the sex room at a party.

 Of course calling a woman, buying her a gift or going on a date with her
inside the context of a relationship is fine, but not before she's proven
herself attracted to you enough for sex to happen.

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