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Generating health with hypnosis

Generating Health with Hypnosis
A report on a real subject

Written and published by Thorsten Hasiepen
May, 28. 1996


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Since I am involved in the wide field of hypnosis, there have been many
people coming up to me and asking, wether it would be possible to "heal" all
kind of diseases with help of hypnosis.

I have thought of that for a long time now, because I live in Germany and
over here you are not allowed to "heal" anyone if you are not a certified
physician or something like that. You are also not allowed to offer any kind
of "therapy" either. So, I decided, that here in Germany you cannot do
anything like that with hypnosis.

But, I discovered, a lot of people were calling themselves "coach" for this
and that and because they did so, I simply decided, that I will be a coach,
too. So, one day I went out into the next bigger city and got myself a sign,
which says:
"Thorsten Hassiepen - Coach and NLP-Trainer" !

Wow, I felt good, now that I have a sign hanging outside of the building I
live in. Now, there must be all those people driving up and down the road and
just simply having to look at that sign and feel themselves drawn into my
office to get some relief from all their bad things going on...

Well, after a while, I noticed, that there seemed to be something more to
being a coach than simply giving yourself a title and hanging up a sign on
the outside. So I went inside and repainted my whole office. I put new carpet
in it and changed a whole lot, simply to do something on the inside. Having
done all this, I began to feel even better, than I did before and was once
again looking forward for all those impoverished lives, hoping to get an
apointment to be able to see me doing hypnosis on them. Yeah yeah, that was
it. I changed the outside, I changed the inside and now they had to come.

Well, after a little longer while, I once again noticed, that there seemed to
be something more to being a coach once again. So I stopped, look outside and
realized that people weren't even noticing the sign I hang up. They also
weren't noticing the changes I made on the inside. Even the people I knew
better, didn't look like they were noticing anything at all.
Noticing all of this, I suddenly went inside my mind and laid out a new plan.
One that was going to work. Because I did so, I once again changed something,
that was even more important than the inside or the outside. I changed my
communication-interface with other people and decided to become a hypnotizing

I went up to all people and didn't tell them anymore what I was doing, but
simply started to test out all the different techniques and models I had
there in my mind and gave them room now to unfold. Everyone - and I mean
everyone - who came in contact with me, was just bound to be hypnotized in
one way or the other. At first I only tried to change their state a little
bit. But after a while, because I have noticed all those excellent successes
I was having, I started to do the other hypnosis, where, whenever someone
told me, he or she would have any kind of problem (large or very small) I
immediately started inducing an altered state in which they then were
convicted to change their problems into ressources and kept on doing so,
whenever I was doing so.

Now, that helped a lot and because of that, business was certainly going
great. There was no client, I was afraid to deal with, because they didn't
know what I was doing.

Then one day, after having worked with four or five clients in a row, the
phone rang and I picked it up. At first I was wondering, what that person
would change first, but then that voice reminded me of that old question: Can
you help someone with any kind of disease using hypnosis ? And, wham, there I
was at the beginning again. I had never even had one single thought on that
during the last month, because I didn't have to.

And that thought most certainly then began to obcess my mind and tied down a
lot of my thinking energy, because there were pictures coming in from far
away of people having cancer, of people having aids of people having all
kinds of diseases. Those pictures surely frightened me at first, because I
was not sure, wether I would be able to deal with that. But, as I kept
thinking about those strange images, there was this feeling of confidence
coming up every now and then. It seemed to come up on certain occasions and
was surely pushing me in one kind of direction. That feeling was accompanied
by some voice telling me to keep on going and doing, although I didn't know
what it ment at first. I realized though, that the pictures I was having
changed somewhat more pleasant and I could turn those horror-slides into
something real pleasant and healthy.

So, the big day came, when that man came over, asking me to "do something" on
his disease. There I was, unable to think of anything I wanted to do, but
then, in a split second, suddenly fired of an inner energy, boosting me up to
a new rocket-high I haven't experienced before. It came out of nowhere,
surprising me with all most pleasant kinds of sensations and I found myself
simply talking to that man in a most persuasive way, leading him deeper and
deeper into a deeper trance than he had ever gone into before. Then I worked
with him for almost an hour only giving him good sensations, only giving him
ways to acces good feelings, only giving him suggestions, that will help him
let go of those dis-eases and turn them into a new start to feel more
pleasure each and every second of his live.

As I was sitting there and watching everything that went on inside him, I
dropped into to en even deeper trance and just went with him all the way and
beyond. It was great ! I have never experienced something like that before,
but was able to repeat that any time I wanted to. Since then I coached many
people with any kind of diseases and always told them that it was only some
way to feel better and allowing oneself to let go of certain things, but
never would compensate an adequate treatment by a certified physician.

Now, after I looked that darely danger in the eye and challenged myself to do
something I would never had thought I would ever be able to do, I found
myself knowing, what it means to be a "coach !" It sure tells people a lot
and gives them and myself new hope for the future.

With these thoughts, I wish you all very well and know that there is a coach
in each and everyone of you. Just simply put them together and boost your
rocket to your own personal success, today !

Yours truly,
Thorsten Hassiepen

All rights reserved
(c) 1996 by Thorsten Hassiepen, Hauptstrasse 31, D-41844 Wegberg

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