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The one absolute way to get any woman, every time!

From The@Long.Time.Regular Wed Apr 12 02:27:09 2000
Subject: The one ABSOLUTE way to get ANY woman, EVERY time!
From: The@Long.Time.Regular
Date: 12 Apr 2000 09:27:09 -0000


Frankly, I never thought I'd find myself sharing this "secret" with
anyone, but I am about to post it here, right in fuckin Usenet for
all to see. A few things first though.

First of all, it is no doubt that vince runza will probably be in here
bitching his head off and saying it's all a bunch of horse shit simply
because I have the AUDACITY to post this anonymously rather than
from my normal account. But vince is a frustrated chump who probably
isn't getting laid anyhow, hence the constant uptight attitude. And
more I am not about to post this openly. Besides, taking credit for
brilliant things doesn't excite me much anymore. On the other hand,
neither does taking the rap for slightly illegal things.

Second, this method DOES require a great deal of technical prowess,
intelligence, good acting skills, and the ability to bring it all together
the proper way.

Thirdly, and most importantly, some of the things you may have to do
are fucking downright ILLEGAL! Whooooa! Wait a minute right there, you
might be saying. What I am talking about here is that your detail and 
data gathering methods might necessarily entail tactics that are illegal.
Notice I am not saying that anything HAS to be illegal, but it more than
likey will if you want to accomplish what the subject header says.

Lastly, this "method" is downright manipulative, dishonest and
deceitful, but then again, so are women. Nuff said.

"So why not just use SS or some "normal" seduction method to get
a girl? Why go through all this trouble and risk?"
Because we are not talking about a hit or miss strategy here. We are
talking about ABSOLUTELY getting ANY woman that you really want.
That said, I suggest you save this method for the super-hot famous
actress or super-model type babes that you have to have at all costs,
because you WILL get her. Better be worth it to you.

With all that shit out of the way, let's get into some specifics. 

When I have done this in the past, there were primarily only two
illegal activities in which I had to engage, and that was "unauthorized
entry" and "electronic invasion." For those of you who don't know what
those terms mean, you have already proven yourself too stupid to
pull this off. Stop reading here! 

In a nutshell, the key to making this work, is to be able to gather very
*specific* and *significant* facts about a woman that NO ONE could
POSSIBLY know. The kind of shit she wouldn't even tell her parents,
maybe not even her best friends!  But MAY just keeped logged in a
nice little diary somewhere, or talk about with ONE specific and trusted
friend over the phone. I'm not saying that you have to get the greatest
secret of secrets about her life, but it sure as hell don't hurt.
Without saying anything more, some of you are probably already
starting to catch on. Essentially what you are after is all relevant 
information about the woman as a whole.

What kind of things do you want to find out? ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
you can. What is her FAVORITE place to eat? What is her FAVORITE kind
of car, house, clothes, pets, poetry, music, hobbies, pastimes, movies,
etc, etc, ect, etc.  Now notice that most of this bullshit is stuff that a
lot of 
people might probably know about her. In order to absolutely clench your
success in getting this woman, you need to find out AT LEAST ONE
specific thing that fucking NOBODY could possibly know. In other words,
something which she considers SACRED or very serious, whether it be
positive or negative. And last, but by no means least, it is of course VERY
helpful to find out specifically just what she likes in a guy. As with
thing else, the more details the better. 

So how does one go about getting this kind of information?
Well ... that's where the illegal shit usually has to come in. Actually
being a legit investigator at one time (which is actually not as glamourous
and for more boring than hollywood would have you believe), this stuff
all came quite naturally to me. But before I get into this, I am going to
remind you of something once again, whether you like it or not. What we 
are talking about here, is GETTING the woman you want. Period.
No guessing, no "if's" or "maybe's", no bullshit.
Again, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? You pull this off
and you WILL get the woman you are after. That is an absolute, guaranteed.

I was aghast when I saw MY tactics being used in a few movies some
years back. First example, the movie "Point Break." Second example,
the movie "The Firm." And lastly and most recently, "The Saint."
The Saint goes off the deep end a little more than most people could,
or even WOULD want to handle. But if you want to see a DAMN good
example of how this kind of shit works, go out and buy or rent the movie
"The Firm" with Tom Cruise. Don't be a lazy fuck. Go get it TONIGHT!
Of second priority, check "Point Break" with Keanu Reeves, although
I doubt many of you have access to an NCIC or FBI computer database.

However, I have found some much simpler ways to get the needed

 Very simple. Enter her apartment or place of residence when
no one is there (obviously). Carry a cell phone. Call the number a million
times BEFORE you go in to make damn sure no one is there. (By the way,
if you weren't smart enough to get the number in an "indirect" way, you're
not smart enough to pull off the rest of this. Stop reading or you may wind
up getting buttfucked by Bubba in the next cell everyday). Knock on the
doe first to make double sure no one's there. If someone is, present
as a salesman selling something boring and allow them to dismiss you.
Personally, I have "gadgets" that allow me to to enter a place as quickly
and as easily as if I had the proper key, and leaving no damage 
whatsoever. You're on your own on that.
Carry a few hundred dollars on you, wear your best suit and tie. (Easier
to bullshit your way out of things should something go wrong if you at
least LOOK respectable.
Once inside, microcassette
recorder and digital or micro-camera in hand. start an intensive search.
Do NOT ransack the place for God's sake. You're a professional with
a lofty and precise goal in mind. Not a fucking low-life crook.
Begin searching, looking for things of most important significance. 
Bedrooms are of course, always a good place to start. Number 1 
objective is diary, every woman keeps one. Snap pictures. General 
pictures of room from all 4 corners. Analyzing pictures later will reveal
MUCH about the woman's personality (if she has one) and what she
likes. Find the damn diary. Hopefully you are either a proficient speed-
reader or have a micro-camer with lots of film. You don't need everything.
Just the significant stuff. Leave EVERYTHING just as it was. Snap pictures
of every other room. Before departing, install line-powered phone
tap at the proper place on line. Any Cordless phones? Install
powered room taps in appropriate places, 1 or 2 does the trick. Better yet,
install electrical outlet "look-alike" taps in place of a real one. Much
Line powered, never wears down and will continue to operate anything that
is plugged in to it, like an industrial-strength vibrator. Best to place
one in
bedroom and in living room. Don't be a slow fuck about it either. Don't be
a thug. Don't wear black leather gloves. Just put a clear, thick
quick curing silicone glue on your fingertips and allow to dry beforehand,
you look normal to all who might see you about your business. Above all
remember you haven't done anything wrong until you've done something
wrong. So don't do anything "wrong."

Now you're set.

The rest is a matter of listening, recording and analyzing EVERYTHING.
If you actually do this, and if you have an IQ above that of a turnip, you
going to, at some point, realize something amazing. And that is, that you
going to just, "know", that you can have this woman. No doubts whatsoever.
And guess what.... you will.

All of this shit seems like a lot of work to absolutely guarantee that you
have any woman, right? Well guess what, it is. But maybe you're not the 
average guy who wants Ms. Average. If you live in a nice area, maybe you
want the Playboy model or the actress who just moved in down the street.
Then again, maybe you just like to do things the hard way, with your only
driving force being that of knowing that your 100% complete success is

To give you just one personal, real-world account of this, I will briefly
relate one story to you. 
At one time I was living in a rather large, rather nice hotel/apartment
complex somewhere up north, 3rd floor. Then one day, the hottest bitch 
in the world moved into the apartment on the 2nd floor at the far end of
hall. Just take my word for it when I say she was the hottest bitch in
the world. Being the ever prospecting pussy hound that I am, I knew I 
HAD to have it, fore this delightful treat simply could not go untouched.
At the same time, I knew that when it came to stakes like this, I couldn't
bear the possible rejection of it. A literal walking red hot, boiling pot
pure, potent estrogen and femininity with the most exquisite curves
and proportions of female that I had ever seen in the state. Um, anyway,
knowing how the building was laid out. I formulated a plan. 
As it turned out, each apartment in that building had a secondary and
unused phone line due to prior remodeling. But the lines all still ran to
central junction box in the basement that was behind 2 locked doors.
Doing my homework and knowing that she was going to be away for
a night and a day, at 3:00am (the time people sleep most heavily) and
not a creature is stiring, not even a mouse, I casually made my way
down to her apartment. I worked some electronic magic on the lock
and entered. I scoped things out visually for a few minutes, then, 
flashlight and screwdriver in hand, I removed the 
facial plated of the unused line jack, installed a special kind of
"powered" mic on the line. Replaced face plate. Left and relocked
door. Making my way down to the basement, I went through the 2
locked doors, opened the central box and found the appropriate 2
wire pair for her apt #. THEN, I shunted the unused wire pair of HER
apt inconspicuously over to the terminals of the unused line in MY 
apt, closed the box, relocked the doors and left. Now we have a signal
that is routed from a seconf floor apartment, down to the basement, and
back up to the 3rd floor, to the apartment of yours truly. Listening to 
everything that went on in her apartment, at any time, was now no more 
difficult than pluging a small amplifer, complete with headphones, into my 
unused phone jack, (complete with microcassette recorder of course).
In my unbridled haste, I was eager to devour this hottest of hottest
as soon as possible. But I vowed to give it a week and settle for the
average side stuff in the meantime.  In one week's time, I learned
everything there was to learn about this woman. At the end of the week,
I put on some of my best clothes, boldly made my way down to her
apartment and knocked on the door. When she opened it, I politely
introduced myself and welcomed her to the building. Some fluff talk.
I then asked her if she would like to come to my place tomorrow night
where I would fix dinner (her ideal dinner) for the two of us, with
wine (her favorite wine). She of course accepted. Why wouldn't she,
everything I said was perfect to her. When she arrived the following night,
I already had her favorite romantic CD playing in the dining room,
and her favorite "romantic/sexual" CD ready to go in the player in
my bedroom (which I discovered when I heard her giving herself
orgasms all alone in the night to the specific music, something which
I could NOT allow to continue ... a perfectly gorgeous woman like that,
and talk about having to control a raging monster in the process!).
We ate. I talked about things I liked, which surprisingly
was exactly what she liked! Go figure! Although she said the parallel
between our taste in things was too uncanny, what woman in her
right mind is going to turn down her perfect match? 
The rest is sexual history, again and again and again for the remainder
of my stay there. The dessert I ate that night after dinner was so
I believe I can still taste her to this day.  Many "hers" actually. 

So was the risk worth it? In my opinion, yes. Could I have seduced her
without going through that trouble? Maybe. I estimated my odds would
have been around 50/50 after learning what I had learned
about her. But because I did what I did, the odds simply became 100%
in my favour.

So herein lies the secret to the only unlosable and perfect seduction.
Probably sounds like too much trouble and certainly too much risk,
especially for the inept. Not something for everyone. And with things
getting into the state of affairs that they are today, it is even more
risky than it was a few years ago.

I have done this a good many times with many women, and this
risky strategy has yet to fail me to this day. Do I still seduce women
normally? Yes. And I of course endure the same hit or miss odds
that any man endures when I do so. My philosophy is simple. Some
women you just have to have. Others you can let slide. But hell, it's just
nice to know that you can have any woman in the world if really want
to. And who knows, maybe this was ultimately Casanova's big secret.

~The Long-Time Regular~

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