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HYPNORAPE Risk Interesting how this public domain article about high school age children also promotes visiting a portal to a pornographic website. This article is probably more a wetware hack in itself than a legitimate essay on wetware hacks...

From Fri Mar 21 11:25:01 2003
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From: (A Modern Caveman)
Newsgroups: alt.hypnosis
Date: 21 Mar 2003 19:25:01 GMT
Organization: AOL
Subject: Subject: High School Stage Hypnotists RAPE CHILDREN!!!!!!!
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HYPNORAPE Risk: BAN High School Stage Hypnosis NOW!!!

Contrary to what many people believe, hypnosis is not the harmless little
experience that many in the profession would like for you to believe.  While
light hypnosis may be relaxing and enjoyable, with the subject in full
awareness and control of his or her actions and thoughts, stage hypnosis is a
different breed of cat.  Stage hypnotists have special training which makes
hypnosis a very powerful weapon in their hands, a weapon which can be used to
create entertainment and excitement, but also which can be abused to create
severe damage and destruction in the impressionable young minds of our high
school students, students who have no choice but to either participate in these
shows, or demonstrate in front of their peers that they are anti-hypnosis. 
Because our students have to go to school, there is no way for them to avoid
this problem.

Hypnotists dismiss the issue of risk in general with hypnosis by claiming that
"all hypnosis is self-hypnosis."  This, however, has never really been proven,
and several experiments, such as those done by Estabrooks, have demonstrated
the opposite: that once someone is in the clutches of a deep hypnotic trance,
they CAN be made to do things which violate their moral code (such as grabbing
at poisonous snakes or comitting crimes), with the added evil twist that the
victims of malicious hypnotic control will often be dismissed if they raise
their complaints.  As the internet proliferates, however, more and more stories
of hypnosis abuse are surfacing, including one outlined in a recent lawsuit
against a New York therapist, who is said to have hypnotized a man into signing
over millions of dollars to him while deep in trance.  

Such instances of overt control are rare.  More commonly, a hypnosis abuser
uses hypnosis the way a drug dealer would use drugs: they give the victim a
taste of the "high" created by hypnosis, then they withdraw it, knowing full
well that their victim will come back for more.  Many female hypnodommes on the
net combine this technique with their sexuality to addict men to them, withdraw
the hypnosis fix, and refuse to hypnotize them again until they get what they
want, usually increasingly large amounts of money.  Male doms tend to seek
sexual rewards, reminding their victims that to get their fix, they have to
come across sexually, or "please him and obey his wishes."  This type of abuse
doesn't work on everyone, but a skilled hypnotist will find those who are most
vulnerable to it, and capitalize on their ignorance.

Applied to high school stage hypnosis, you have a powder-keg of danger which
can explode anytime a high school hires a stage hypnotist.  A predatory
hypnotist, say a pedophile, has a gold mine of opportunity to commit his (or
her) crimes, without ever being detected by anyone except the victim, and only
then when it is too late.  The innocent setting of a high school doesn't shield
the mostly underage student body from abuse, nor does the innocent nature of
most high school shows.  The predatory hypnotist is given access to the minds
of the student body via these shows, and that is a sufficient "hook" to begin
the process of abuse.  

Even for those who don't believe in direct "hypnorape" being possible, few
would argue the existence of the well-documented hypnosis FETISH, or those who
are sexually aroused by even nonsexual uses of hypnosis.  The high school
hypnosis show therefore serves as a conduit by which a percentage of the
audience is likely to have this fetish unmasked.  While it is true that the
fetish would exist without the show, only to be triggered later in life, there
is no reason that the high school should be the catalyst for an underage
individual to get in touch with his or her sexual fetishes.  To this extent, a
high-school stage hypnosis show is no more appropriate than a PG-rated BDSM
show fully equipped with whips and chains.  Since experienced stage hypnotists
are well aware of this fetish, and since they know that *some* of their
easier-to-hypnotize youthful subjects are going to have a fetish triggered,
those subjects become easy prey for the predatory, experienced hypnotist.  

To understand the special rape risk presented by high school stage hypnosis,
consider that the pedophiles and statutory rapists are already generally known
to seek out high schools because they are a victim-rich territory, made even
richer by the near-total ignorance most of them have about the potential for
hypnosis abuse.  That sexual predators seek out target-rich environments is
nothing new, but where high school stage hypnosis is concerned, there is a
problem in that unlike other dangers, this one is not recognized.  My aim with
this article is to change that and to promote awareness and proper safety, and
to urge high schools to stop the practice of hiring stage hypnotists, for the
safety of our children.

If one does not accept that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, then one has to
acknowledge the potential for abuse in the high school setting, as this would
set the stage for the abuser to target his or her victims without anyone,
including the victims, being any the wiser.  Obviously, no stage hypnotist
performing at a high school is going to directly attempt to abuse hypnosis at
the show, but it is at the show that the seeds can be planted, which grow down
the road.  

The abusive high school stage hypnotist uses the show to condition the victims,
who will generally surface from the crowd due to an existing fascination with
hypnosis.  To the student, this "fetish" will be something they do not
understand, and do not have any idea how powerful it can be.  In fact, many in
the hypnofetish community, especially the females, speak of their first
realization of their fetish arising as the DIRECT result of a stage hypnotist
visiting their school (or summer camp, which is almost as bad).  Even though
the roleplay was benign, the hypnosis itself was quite deep and left a lasting
impression.  It is very easy for a stage hypnotist to condition a highly eager
subject in what the subject presumes to be a safe setting, and when the subject
assumes the hypnotist has been screened for things like a criminal background
(which most are not), or even a surface check of where the hypnotist
participates on the internet.  Many stage hypnotists who perform at high
schools participate openly in the hypnofetish community, in fact, and can be
traced with something as simple as an internet search.

Once the abusive stage hypnotist has conditioned his or her subjects, the first
step of the crime has been completed.  In a certain percentage of the subjects,
a hypnofetish will have been unmasked and simultaneously satisfied by this
"amazing" person who has stumbled into their life.  The hypnotist is fully
aware of what comes next, but the subject is not.  The hypnotist knows the
subject will crave the trance experience, and relies on this by using the
reverse psychology of thanking the subject for their participation, and then
ignoring them.  The subject, with the impression of the hypnotist firmly
implanted in his or her mind, will then seek out the hypnotist, usually over
the internet.  Sometimes the subject will travel into the hypnofetish community
in search of a similar experience, or someone who knows of the hypnotist.  It
is there that they have arrived at the "second crime scene" with the advantage
to the hypnotist that they are already preconditioned.  

At this point, the hypnotist has not approached the victim, but has been
eagerly sought out because of the deep conditioning s/he implanted during the
innocuous stage show.  The hypnotist knows full well that the "nibble" by the
student will lead to another request for hypnosis, at which point the
conditioning can be deepened considerably, and no one is around to see if the
"show" remains kosher.  Having seen the students firsthand at the show, the
hypnotist uses that show as a second screening process to find the most
receptive (and sexually appealing) victims.  The second hypnosis session
results in a deeper addiction, deeper conditioning, and the process of
brainwashing has begun, and the subject remains convinced, until it is too
late, that "hypnosis is perfectly safe."

To those who think hypnotic control is impossible, look no further than
hypnotic amnesia for a refutation of that argument: memory is our primary form
of self-control (as it lets us review our actions).  Our memory is a primal
function which we normally cannot shut off.  You cannot watch something and
tell your brain not to remember what you are seeing; if someone else has done
this to you, then your control in the form of your memory has been LOST.  To
summarize, the problem of abuse by high school stage hypnotists is caused by
the mistaken belief that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, the benign appearance
of the show and the respectability of the hypnotist, who may have a criminal
record and who may even have left evidence of a fetish on the internet, and the
ability of the hypnotist to condition his or her victims during the show,
followed by the knowledge that a student with a fetish will seek out him or her
on the internet at some point after the show, with the lambs leading themselves
to the slaughter in this case.

This danger is real and ever-present, and it's something which can be stopped
simply by abolishing the practice of allowing stage hypnotists to perform at
high schools, or for any underage audiences, and to make their adult audiences
aware of the risks and dangers, and to let them make an informed decision about
whether or not they wish to participate.  Our ignorance is exactly what these
sexual predators thrive on, and fighting this evil is simply a matter of
raising awareness.

I urge those who read this PUBLIC DOMAIN article to send copies of it to anyone
they know who works in school administrations, and urge them to put the safety
of their children ahead of the need for the cheap and deceptively dangerous and
unregulated "entertainment" that is stage hypnosis.  The potential for harm is
too great and the practice needs to be stopped NOW.

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