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Hypnotic Scripts: Alcohol Session III

Hypnotic Scripts

Alcohol Session III

Now as you sink deeper and deeper relaxed all of the sounds fade away in
the distance. You pay no attention to any other sound but the sound of my
voice. You sink deeper and deeper with every breath you take. Deeper and
deeper and deeper, way down, deeper and deeper relaxed. In the past
alcohol may have been to you something that meant life. In your mind you
may have accepted a suggestion that alcohol saves your life or alcohol
protects you from being injured, alcohol is good for you in some manner or
another. But that was yesterday and we are in the future. All that was
yesterday, because alcohol may have protected you from injury in the past,
it could have even saved your life. Alcohol to some people is a medicine
so terribly necessary. And those suggestions may have been good
suggestions at one time, but they have outlived their usefulness and if
any of those suggestions are present to any degree in your mind,they are
completely removed as of now. And that suggestion takes complete and
thorough effect upon your mind, body and spirit. Now to other people
alcohol means death. It's a way of punishing oneself. It's a poison and
some people want to poison themselves. It's a method of slow suicide.
Well, you don't need that now. If alcohol ever meant death and suicide to
you and you have a need to punish yourself, that need is now long gone and
we remove that suggestion. The truth of the matter is that alcohol is just
alcohol. It's not life. It's not death. As a matter of fact, it's not
anything to you anymore. It's nothing, neutral feelings. It's a beverage
that you don't need nor do you want. You've lost all desire for alcohol in
any form. You're interested in water. You love tea, hot or iced, and
especially when it's good. And there are many other beverages that you
like and that you can drink. There's milk and cocoa, hot chocolate, and
many soft drinks, a number of which you enjoy. But the one that doesn't do
you any good and that you don't even care about anymore is alcohol. Now
that was yesterday when alcohol may have saved your life or protected you
or when it was a means of self punishment. That was when you ran yourself
down and lost your ego. That was yesterday when you thought ill of
yourself. That was yesterday when you made yourself into a failure. And
today is when you put alcohol aside forever. And when you put it aside,
you put it aside with all the other failures. You put it aside with all
the other means of self punishment, with all the fears and anxieties, and
everything else. Because you don't need any of that. Today is the day in
which you make yourself successful. Today is the day in which you set
goals and strive towards those goals. Today is the day in which you have a
nice clean cut appearance, in which you feel sober and can think straight
and reason and make decisions upon good judgement and past experience.
Today is the day in which you start loving yourself and appreciating
yourself for the really good and intelligent individual that you are.
Today is the day in which you turn yourself over and turn your life over
to something higher than just you, not only to a higher principle, but to
a higher power. Let that power run your life. Today is the day that you'll
bury your past mistakes and make something out of yourself. Today is the
day that you wipe failure out of your book of life and that success
becomes really meaningful to you in a very personal way. To be completely
succinct about this, today is the day that you throw alcohol away. You
throw it away for good. You don't need it and you'll never need it. You
don't want it and you'll never want it. You can't desire it and you don't.
You're through with alcohol. You don't need it, you don't want it, and you
can't drink it. It tastes terrible. It acts terrible. And it makes you
feel terrible. You're going to enjoy life fully in every way and feel
happy, live, laugh, love, and be happy for that's what today means to you.
Now all these suggestions take complete and thorough effect upon you mind,
body and spirit as you sink deeper and deeper relaxed and they seal
themselves into your subconscious mind and they reinforce themselves over
and over again. I'm going to give you a period of silence in which all
this takes effect and that period of silence begins now. ...

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