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Hypnotic Scripts: Concentration

Hypnotic Scripts


You are feeling absolutely great about yourself. You opinion is as good as
anyone else's. Love is what you are, not what you do or what you have. You
have total confidence in yourself. Now!

You have something value to contribute. You are totally positive;
negativity is a part of your past. It is easy for you to sustain positive
thoughts and emotions. When you sleep, you have a lot of R.E.M. and good
dreams. Each morning you wake up in a normal range of consciousness
feeling great.

You do not force a direction in your life; you allow it to flow.

You now find it very easy to concentrate. You have total recall at will.
Anytime you find it beginning to become difficult to concentrate, you take
a deep breath and relax. You are no longer bored with the things around
you thus making it easier to concentrate.

You now structure your time so your energies are not scattered. Things do
no have to be difficult to be worthwhile. You no longer have to force the
things in your life. It is no longer a battle to remember things; it is an
easy natural flow.

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