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Hypnotic Scripts: Depression I

Hypnotic Scripts

Depression I

You are a totally positive being. (See Protective
Shield Script) You have a shield of protection, others do not bother you.
Any negativity bounces off of you. Love is what you are. You are peace and
tranquility. Complete compatibility with divine love.

As easily as the negativity bounces off, so easily too you are like a
sponge for positive thoughts and emotions. You are in total control of
your thoughts and emotions. You easily maintain positive thoughts.

As you become aware of any negativity, you may take 3 deep breaths and
renew your positive shield. Everyone has negative thoughts, but from this
time forward, you will let any negativity flow from you and dissipate into
the air.

Anytime nervous tensions comes into your day, you will release it with 3
deep breaths and replace it with positiveness. You are no longer concerned
about how others receive you. It is their responsibility to decide what
they think of you, not yours. Love is what you are, not what you do or

Your shield protects you. You are completely compatible with the divine
love. You now approach everyone with love and a smile unconcerned with
their reactions.

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