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Hypnotic Scripts: Drugs

Hypnotic Scripts


You are relaxed now and because you are so relaxed you begin to feel free
from all tension, anxiety and fear. You now realize that you are more
confident and sure of yourself because you have taken this enormous step
toward helping yourself.

You begin to feel this strength from within, motivating you to overcome
any and every obstacle that may stand in the way of your happiness and
your freedom from drugs.

You will find that from this moment on you are developing more self
control. You will now face every situation in a calm, relaxed state of
mind. Your thinking is very clear and sharp at all times.

You begin to feel that your self respect and confidence are expanding more
and every day in every way. You now realize that in the past, drug use was
an escape and a control. You are becoming a happy person now with a
positive attitude toward life. You are succeeding now and you have all the
abilities necessary for you to break the drug pattern.

You now choose to be free from drugs. This is your decision. You can do
it. You can easily do it. You have my help (and the help of your partner)
and you will find it easy to do.

As of now you have a very strong determination to be free of drugs. With
each passing day your determination to be free of the drug habit becomes
stronger and stronger.

Your desire to be free of drugs is so important to you that if someone
should suggest a party to you, you will find that their reasons for having
a party are not good enough and that your reasons for stopping this drug
habit are more important.

You are always free to make choices and decisions for your own well being
and you choose now to be free of drugs. You know that it was unhealthy and
brings a lot of unhappiness into your life. At one time you felt that it
was a good idea to get into the drug scene. It served a purpose in your
life at that time. It no longer serves that purpose.

Now the only purpose it serves is to bring you further away from health
and true happiness. You realize that drugs are a deadly trap and
ultimately, no real good can come to you while you are using drugs. You
are now making a new decision for yourself. You choose the path to real
health and happiness. You now choose to be free from drugs and you are
determined to make this happen for you.With each passing day and with each
passing moment you realize that your desire and your self determination to
be free of drugs is stronger than the hold that the drugs had on you. You
know that you can be free of drugs for short periods of time and you are
now moving away from drugs for longer and longer periods of time and you
are doing less each time you do drugs.

You have great confidence in yourself that you can in fact be free of
drugs and that you can do it. Whenever you avoid the use of drugs in
situations where you would have done drugs before, you feel very, very
proud of yourself and very sure that you did the right thing for yourself.

You have watched others lose their health and physical well being and you
are now realizing that you do not want this to happen to you.

You are now so determined to regain your health and get back to your
normal weight, the weight that you should be, that you now gain complete
control over your habit. Control means that you not only have the power to
walk away from a line, but that in fact you do just that. You can do it.
And each time you do walk away from doing a line, you will find it easier
to walk away from the next temptation. You are getting stronger and
stronger and very proud of your new strength to walk away from drugs.

You are now proving your inner strength to yourself and to others each and
every time that you refuse to do a line. You know that this is only a bad
habit and you can overcome a habit. So you are changing this habit.

You are beginning to find that there are two things which give you more
pleasure than your drugs. First you find that you want to take a nice long
deep breath whenever you think of doing drugs. This nice long deep breath
will help you to feel more calm, more relaxed, and you will feel very
peaceful inside. Your mind and body will become calm and relaxed, too calm
and relaxed to need to do a line. You will decide to put off doing drugs
until some time in the future and you will forget to do drugs at that
time. Taking a nice long deep breath makes you feel so good, so calm and
so relaxed that you will no longer have any desire to do a line. Rather
you will put it off to some time in the future and you will forget to do
the drugs at that time.

You will now find that you are getting hungry at meal times and you find a
great deal of enjoyment in the food you eat. You find that you want to eat
good nutritional food and so you eat and satisfy any craving for drugs.
You never eat to excess, but you find that by eating three good meals
daily, you feel better physically and this reduces your need for drugs.

(You now have a strong feeling of responsibility to your partner, and you
are feeling responsible for your partners health and well being. Since you
know that drugs are not good physically, mentally or emotionally for your
partner, you help him/her by gently reminding him/her to stay away from
the drugs. You set an example for your partner by not doing a line at a
time when you easily could. You show him/her how you can do it and
encourage your partner to do the same. You help your partner to postpone
doing a line for an hour or so and then maybe even another hour after
that. You find ways to help him/her forget to do drugs. You find that you
can easily forget to do drugs because it offers you nothing but problems
in the future.

You are now working as a team to help each other to move away from drugs.
Working as a team, you are very strong and determined to forget drugs. You
find ways to avoid doing a line and find good reasons for not doing that

You help each other away from drugs by doing things which you mutually
enjoy and which do not involve drugs. You feel that it now is your
responsibility to gently help your partner to forget about doing drugs and
your responsibility to cooperate and to feel good about what he/she is
doing for you. You are never upset when your partner tells you to take a
deep breath and forget doing a line at this time. You appreciate it and
you know your partner is on your side. You are now getting the help you
need and you are proud of yourself for having reduced your drug habit. You
feel good.)

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