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Hypnotic Scripts: Easing Someone From Your Mind

Hypnotic Scripts

Easing Someone from Your Mind

You now mentally erase (person to be erased) from your thoughts. You
detach yourself from the negative mental associations and your life is
joyful and fulfilling. The undesirable memories of (person) fade quickly
away and you mind is calm and tranquil.

You are self contained, self sufficient and self reliant. You do not need
nor want anyone who is negative in you life and you now mentally erase

The undesirable memories of (person) no longer affect you for you are at
peace and totally detached from them. The words and actions of other
people have no effect on you.

The divine white healing light now surrounds you and floods you with a
sense of strength and well being in your mind, body and spirit.

It is done.

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