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Hypnotic Scripts: ESP Development

Hypnotic Scripts

ESP Development

You are unaffected by negativity and retain the ability to enjoy all of
the warmth and joy that life has to offer. You are totally detached from
negativity. You are open and receptive to love. You do not complain. You
accept other people as they are without expecting them to change. You are
patient, calm and harmoniously centered at all times. You let go of all
fear-based emotions such as blame, jealousy, guilt and possessiveness.
These negative emotions are now a part of your past.

You are independent and self-responsible and fully realize that you have
unlimited ability to create your own reality. You are rapidly developing
perception and psychic powers. The psychic power is within and is your
divine right. Infinite Spirit gives you the wisdom to increase your
psychic powers and awareness. You trust you intuitive processes. Your
thoughts have psychic validity and you now trust your thoughts.

You have extra-sensory and precognitive abilities. You listen to that
inner self. You follow the magical path of intuition and your psychic
powers increase tenfold. Everyday your awareness increases and you receive
many premonitions of things. You have the total ability to concentrate
totally upon the subject of your immediate focus, whether business,
pleasure or meditation. You keep your mind calm like water. You remain
centered at all times, physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally
focused and spiritually aware.

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