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Hypnotic Scripts: Healing

Hypnotic Scripts


You are surrounded by a divine blue healing light which is flowing through
all of your cells, healing you quickly and completely. You have the power
and ability to accelerate the healing of your body. Your body is filled
with positive healing energy and your healing is now accelerated.

Each breath of air that you take into your body contains the divine
healing prana. Your mind is all powerful and you now use it to heal
yourself of all imperfections which are now in your body (, such as
.......). You are now healed and your body has returned to a perfect

From this moment forward you choose only perfect health, mentally,
physically and spiritually. Perfect health is your divine right and you
now manifest perfect health. Each moment, each second, each hour you move
rapidly toward total healing of yourself. You are healed.

You now focus upon the healing power of the universe mentally, physically
and spiritually.

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