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Hypnotic Scripts: Prosperity I

Hypnotic Scripts

Prosperity I

Begin programming your computer now. Negative thoughts or negative
suggestions have no influence over you at any level of your mind. You
reject all thoughts and suggestions detrimental to your health, wealth,
and happiness. The inner kingdom of your mind is universal. Your thoughts
are success power reactors. Your brain waves are tuned to natural success
frequencies. You are highly receptive to conditions and circumstances
beneficial to your health, wealth and happiness.

It is your natural right to be rich. You accept this right at all times.
You program your master computer daily to alert your conscious control
mind to any financial opportunities that will enhance your personal gain.
Programming is effective now. This input is a powerful money reaction
circuit. It functions to attract money in your daily life. It also acts as
a money multiplier. When you use your money freely in exchange for values,
it returns to you multiplied many times.

Money attraction is a constant function of your computer. It constantly
flows in your life. Money will never be harmful to you. It will always
return to you in a good way. You will always have a healthy, positive
attitude about money. Money is never a problem to you because you
concentrate on the solution.

You negotiate with money in a highly profitable way every day in every way
possible. Your business is growing everyday. You sales are increasing in
every way. Money is constantly flowing and circulating in your life.

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