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Hypnotic Scripts: Rainbow Garden

Hypnotic Scripts

Rainbow Garden

In this exercise you will practice deep self communication. You will use
relaxation and imagery to stimulate your imagination. By increasing your
self awareness, you will heal, balance, and center yourself. Sit or lie
comfortably. Take three deep breaths and relax.

Use the power of your mind to stimulate your imagination and increase your
self awareness. You will travel through the Rainbow Garden awakening many
levels of human experience and come to know yourself in completeness.

So now, begin to visualize yourself near a beautiful hillside that
stretches gently upward in front of you. There will be no allergy
problems. Find yourself at the foot of this gentle hill just following a
spring shower and see a beautiful rainbow of many colors stretching up
over a hill and coming to rest just in front of you. At the end of the
rainbow that comes to just in front of you, see a beautiful pouch.

Pick up this pouch and look inside and see there are many magical seeds.
Magical seeds that you can scatter on your way. And now begin to walk
forward to the bottom of the hill. Reach inside your pouch and scatter
some of the magical seeds. In just a moment, see these magical seeds begin
to grow and bloom. See a profusion of red blooming flowers. See the bright
red poppies growing near the ground. Smell the rich odor of red roses
nearby. See red tulips opening to the morning sun. Experience the feeling
of red all around you. And as you walk forward through the deep red
flowers, appreciate your own physical nature. Remember the physical
sensations which bring you comfort and pleasure. Appreciate all of your
physical senses, which allow you to be part of life and to experience the
fullness and joy of living. (red stimulates the five senses, builds the
liver and blood and cleanses and purifies the skin.)

Continue to walk upward along the gentle slope of your hill, reaching
again into your rainbow pouch and scatter more seeds. Feel the sense of
expectancy for a new birth of orange blossoms, bursting into bloom around
you. Cast your eyes on the field of orange surrounding you. See tufts of
orange marigolds. Watch the birth of crocuses - orange buds opening to the
light. See birds of paradise growing profusely and filling your awareness
with the color orange. Visualize an increased growth of the color orange.
Reflect for a moment on the value of contact with your fellow human
beings. Appreciate the importance of interaction with others. Realize that
you gain through social activities and contact with other people.
Recognize the beautiful ability you have to interact with fellow human
beings. Now allow yourself to move into the next region of the garden
(orange: builds lungs, thyroid, and bones. Relieves cramps and muscle

Feel your awareness glow with anticipation as you scatter your magic
seeds. Experience the strong bold essence of yellow. See sunflowers
growing strong and tall - yellow light reflected from their petals. Pass
through the daffodils and feel their yellow cups caressing you. Walk
gently forward and experience and appreciate the beauty and fragrance of
the yellow roses. See their delicate petals unfolding before your eyes.
Scatter your seeds with assurance that the growth of yellow will flourish.
For the moment appreciate your ability to be discriminating - to flow with
change and to make decisions which will make your life and those around
you have more meaning. Relax and flow with the feeling of gratitude for
change, knowing that change for a soul walking towards the light always
denotes growth. Know that through change real growth can take place.
(yellow stimulates the lymph system, intestines, pancreas, and balances
out melancholy. The combination of yellow/green for a lemon color
activates the thymus, stimulates the brain and helps to dissolve blood

Begin to move upward where you reach the next region of the hillside
garden. Reach into your pouch again and with your magical seeds you feel a
deep sense of inner peace as you scatter seeds which bring forth a lush
green growth. See new grasses and new clover springing up around you.
Experience the fresh scent of green pine needles. See the tiny green
leaves of aspen trees fluttering beyond number and sounding like spring
rain in the gentle breeze. As you scatter your seeds which promise a
continuing expansion of green, feel the security of the presence of life
and light deep within you. Get in touch with the health of your body. Feel
strength grow deep within you. Know that you are in control of your health
(green stimulates and balances the pituitary, stimulates building of
muscle tissue, destroys germs and prevents decay.)

Continue to travel onward to the next region of your grassy knoll and
scatter your magic seeds with a marvelous appreciation for the bluebells
springing up to greet you as you walk. Feel yourself saturated with the
feeling of blue blossoms. Look around at the bushes of lilacs and take
another handful of seeds and scatter them, growing blue flowers.
Anticipate the lush growth of blue. Take a moment and revel at your
ability to take a look inside yourself. Feel yourself stopping by a pool
of water where irises grow in lush abundance. Look into the water and see
the hue of the irises brilliantly reflected. Take a drink from this fresh
stream. (Feel and appreciate the Spirit of the Christ within.) Be grateful
for your ability to know that this is the energy and nature of your true
being which you allow to be expressed every day in love, peace and
harmony. When you close your eyes for sleep, this is also the beautiful,
peaceful place you go for renewing, restoring and revitalizing your being.
Assure yourself now that every day in your awareness of this beautiful
blue energy you trust intuition and knowledge to magnify more and more
(blue stimulates the pineal gland, builds vitality, removes fever, and is
a mild sedative.)

In continuing your upward path you reach inside your pouch spreading more
seeds to find yourself in a vast expanse which surrounds your feet and
legs in a lovely field of violets. Feel yourself experiencing lavender and
violet and let the color permeate your being. Gaze and let your eyes fill
with this color of the uppermost part of the garden. Cast the seeds which
will allow an endless growth of violet. Appreciate your ability to create
powerful images and to be totally in charge of your life (violet builds
the spleen, tranquilizes the nervous system, decreases sensitivity to pain
and allows the heart muscle to work less.)

From this region of the garden, look to the sky and see the pure light of
the sun, visualize rays of sunshine showering the entire garden and feel
ripples of vibration as drops of pure brilliant light shower the garden
with God's energy. Move upward to the very top of the hill and scatter the
remaining seeds around you. Now see and feel a beautiful profusion of
white roses growing close to you. Look around and see the lush growth of
gardenias. In the trees around you are the delicate blossoms of dogwood.
Feel a great joy in the knowledge that every one of the colors and
essences you have experienced in the Rainbow Garden are a necessary part
of your being and in experiencing the colors and forms you identify with
the oneness of all life energy. All aspects of your being vibrate on the
various colors, energy frequencies and all are open to your demand and
control for change. All of life's colors and energies needs are open to
your recognition and appreciation. Being a new awareness of life's beauty
and life's love that surrounds you. (white holds all the other colors
within it and motivates man as a balanced unit to function in a loving,
peaceful and positive mode.)

As you begin to walk back down life's hillside, through the violet, the
blue, the green, the yellow, the orange and the red flowers, know that you
can return to this hillside garden any time you wish and that each time
you do return your inner being and your outer being will have a new
awareness of the hillside.

As you grow and develop in all aspects of your being, the world around you
will change and beauty will surround you.

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