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Hypnotic Scripts: Stop Smoking Session IV

Hypnotic Scripts

Stop Smoking Session IV

Now as you sink deeper and deeper relaxed, all other sounds fade away in
the distance. You pay no attention to any other sound but the sound of my
voice and you sink deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

You are surprised and amazed at how well you have done. Not only can you
stop smoking, but there are no ill effects from stopping smoking. You have
made wonderful progress. Not only have you stopped smoking, but the urge
is gone. You couldn't care less about it any more. There is no point
debating about it. You don't smoke. It's completely set and finished: you
are through with smoking. You hate cigarettes. You can't stand them. If
fact, you stubbornly refuse to smoke. You stubbornly refuse to smoke no
matter what urges, no matter what ideas, no matter what things may happen,
what feelings come up, what nervousness or anything else that happens to
you. You deal with all your problems effectively whatever they are and in
no case do any of these cause you to smoke. Not any more. There is no
situation that could possibly arise in you life that could break down your
stubborn refusal to smoke.

How refreshing it is to be so stubbornly strong. This is a good kind of
stubbornness and you stubbornly refuse to smoke. You won't even listen to
the other side. You are through arguing. You've realized that you don't
like to smoke, so why would you possibly every consider doing it? You hate
it. Because that's the way it is, it is set that you are through with
smoking. It is set that you are through with cigarettes. It's set that you
are through with tobacco in any form. You hate it. It's filthy. It
nauseates you. It's dirty. It's expensive. You don't need it and,
furthermore, you don't like it. No one can tempt you. No one can change
you. You are far happier without smoking. No matter what people may imply,
this is not an endurance contest for you. It's easy. It's a simple matter
of not doing something you don't want to do any way. What could be hard
about that?

It makes you feel better and enjoy life more. The time you used to spend
poisoning yourself with tobacco is now more interesting. Your lungs are
healthier. The air is cleaner and your body is more vigorous and full of
life because you have gotten rid of all that poison. Nothing can ever make
you take it back. You are too stubborn. You refuse. You are through with
poison. You hate it, you'll never do it again.

All these suggestions seal themselves now in the deepest part of you
subconscious mind and take complete and thorough effect upon you mind,
body and spirit, making you feel relaxed, clear-headed, vivacious,
vigorous, completely restored in every way. Full of pep and vitality. I am
going to give you a few moments of silence again and during those moments,
these ideas are reinforced over and over again.

That period of silence begins now.

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