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Hypnotic Scripts: Stop Smoking Session V

Hypnotic Scripts

Stop Smoking Session V

Now as you sink deeper and deeper, relaxed, peaceful, all your attention
is focused on the sound of my voice. You pay attention only to that sound.

Every person who has smoked a cigarette has connected smoking with other
activities. Some people feel that they have to smoke when they first open
their eyes in the morning or when they go to bed at night or while
watching TV or in some other situations. They associate smoking with some
activity and that triggers a mechanism which causes one to reach for a

We are breaking all of those mechanisms now. We destroy every last one of
them right now. From this moment on, whatever those activities were,
smoking will suddenly seem outrageously out of place in connection with
them - particularly with those activities. The idea of smoking while doing
that is revolting to you. You can not imagine doing it.

Visualize yourself eating a wonderful dinner, then killing the whole taste
with a cigarette. It's a terrible idea. Nothing could be worse than that.
The one thing you don't want with those activities is a cigarette. Smoking
to you is not only undesirable, it's stupid. And you don't like it.
Whatever special situations are connected with cigarettes in your past are
now completely revised. There is no situation that calls for a cigarette.
Those activities have nothing to do with smoking and smoking in them is
distinctly out of place. When you are working, cigarettes get in your way
and take time and concentration from your work. When you are relaxing,
they keep you from relaxing. And you are now relaxed completely, going
deeper and deeper down, letting these suggestions take complete and
thorough effect.

From this moment on, there is no activity in you life that goes with
smoking. In fact, all activities, whether it's walking, sleeping, work or
play - all go better without smoking. They go better with lungs full of
fresh air. They go better with a good blood supply. Everything goes better
without cigarettes.

All of those old connections are broken and new connections are made. And
it is going to be very easy for you. Now you go deeper and deeper.
Relaxed. Deeper and deeper and deeper. All of the sounds fade away into
the distance. You listen only to the sound of my voice ... and sink
farther and farther down. Deeper and deeper relaxed ... deeper and deeper
relaxed ... deeper and deeper relaxed ... listening to the sound of my
voice and going way, way down. Each and every suggestion that I have given
you is reinforced ten times over during the period of silence which now

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