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Hypnotic Scripts: Study Habits

Hypnotic Scripts

Study Habits

You set your study habits as a child and have not done anything about the
method by which you study since then. You now desire to change the method
by which you study. Setting a new habit is very easy to do and you are now
setting a new habit of study.

You now find it very easy to concentrate on what you are studying. You now
find your studies interesting. They are no longer boring. If for any
reason you become bored you do not lose your ability to concentrate and
retain what you learn.

You no longer coma read, (seeing but not absorbing), now you see, retain
and recall all that you study. You no longer block out segments of what
you study. You now have the discipline to set aside time for your studies.
It is very easy for you to structure you study time for the most

You feel great because you no longer procrastinate your studies. You enjoy
your free time much more now that your studies are finished before you
take your leisure time.

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