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Hypnotic Scripts: Weight Reduction Session II

Hypnotic Scripts

Weight Reduction Session II

As you go deeper and deeper into relaxation, even deeper and deeper down
with every breath you exhale, all the sounds fade away in the distance.
You will pay attention only to the sound of my voice, listening carefully
to the suggestions that I am about to give you. One thing is very
important for you: you are not only going to lose weight, but are
permanently going to keep it off. This program is designed so that you
will permanently lose all your fat, and become a lean, alert and vigorous
person. You will lose all your extra weight and keep it off, easily and
comfortably. That means that you are going to be completely reconditioned.
You will be a new person, in a new lean form, with new eating habits. Not
only will you have these new eating habits, but you will be content and
happy with yourself and with these new heating habits. You are going to
enjoy life, eating the way nature intended, eating only when you have
physiological needs for food and no other time; not only now, but for the
rest of your life.

In the past, you were eating more than your body needed for its energy
requirements, so that you stored this extra energy as inert fat. Now in
order to lose weight and reduce this inert fat, you burn it up as you meet
your daily requirements for energy. You eat less than you burn each day.
Later, when you are lean, you will eat only that amount that you need for
your physiological needs each day. But for right now, you are developing
habits to eat less than you're using. We are not giving you a measured
diet, for that amount will vary from day to day and depend greatly on your
activities. You will eat less than you need for the storage will make up
the difference. This restriction will cause you no trouble or
inconvenience for the fat stores of inert fat will be burned and you will
lose weight. You are going to eat a great deal less than you used to eat
in the past, but it will be enough to satisfy you. You will eat less, and
you will burn the extra fat. You will turn this inert fat into energy.
From now on, you are going to form an eating pattern; a pattern that will
be almost a compulsion.

Fat by its very nature contains an extremely big amount of stored energy.
So, if you burn a little of it each day, you will lose only a little
weight each day. Nature designed the fat stores to last a long time so the
weight loss must be gradual, but it needs to be consistent. It matters not
how long it takes to regain lean proportions, for you will surely get
there and permanently stay there, as long as you permanently rearrange
your thoughts about eating and your emotions about food. The important
thing is that you have changed your habits forever. A loss of one to four
pounds a week is ideal. When your excess weight is off, it is off for
good. You're a new person, about to emerge from a cocoon padded with fat.
Be happy with your new form. Emerge as a new person with thoroughly
changed ideas, thoroughly changed image of yourself.

Relax and let all of these suggestions sink into the deepest part of your
mind's eye as an image. This image is of good and wonderful food. Food you
like. There is plenty of it all around you. There always will be plenty of
it. For you, there will always be enough food. You will never have to
worry about starving. For you there is plenty of food everywhere. With all
this food readily available, you will never need to store any more food
inside your body. There is plenty of food. There is plenty of the right
kinds of food, all the kinds and varieties that your body needs when it
needs it. From now on you will eat only the very things your body needs,
one day at a time. You are through with storing pads and rolls of fat. For
you to store fat is just as unnecessary as for you to learn to shoe horses
or make soap for the family. Fat burdens your heart and organ system. Fat
keeps you unhealthy. Fat ruins and shortens your life. There is plenty of
food all around you. You never again need to store food in your body that
is more than you body needs.

There is in your central brain a small area which regulates the
biochemistry of your body and it controls the amount of fat you store in
your body. This control is located in the hypothalmic area of the brain.
Your subconscious mind, through the hypothalmus, controls your weight by
changing the body's chemistry. Hypnosis can influence your subconscious
mind to alter the control of both your appetite and storage of food in the
form of fat.

Now while under the influence of hypnosis, I am giving you the suggestion
that you will change your body's chemistry so that you can break up these
large storage houses of fat and prevent the recurrence of any new and
unneeded storages of fat, ugly fat. Fat that has been putting an extra
burden and overload on the body's machinery. Break up and eliminate
forever the unneeded fat stores. Change fat to energy and burn it up.
Also, get rid of it by excreting it. Get rid of it through the bowels. Get
rid of it through the urine. Get rid of it in every way possible. It
mobilizes quite readily and you can see the fat melting away as you use it
and excrete it. The globules of fat storage are leaving the normal cells
and being carried away. The fat is being burned up and excreted.

You will now use this stored fat to supply energy. This is extra energy to
make you more vigorous. As you are eliminating the excess, you will eat
far less than you need each day for the extra calories are coming from the
food you ate yesterday and last year. You eat nothing to replace these
stores. Nothing and no one can force you to eat so much that you replace
this ugly fat. For you will never need to store fat again. You don't want
this fat to ever be replaced. These stores are gone forever. They were
burdensome and injurious to you. You need to get rid of them, just as an
overloaded ship needs to get rid of excess cargo. No longer will you need
to eat more food for this storage. You will only eat small amounts until
you have used all of this stored energy and all those ugly store houses of
fat are gone. From this moment on, you are going to eat less, but move
more and more lively and be more and more active, for you feel better than
you have ever felt before. You lose the desire for all but a small amount
of food until your weight has come down to a lean size you want. Then you
will eat sensibly and correctly the rest of your life.

After you change your chemistry, you have changed your whole body and your
whole feeling to that of a wonderful sense of well-being. You will eat
sensibly, get plenty of exercise, drink adequate liquids to always make
you feel healthy, lean, trim and desirable.

You are losing weight steadily every day. You are slim and shapely. The
excess weight is melting off you, just melting away and disappearing. You
have a stronger feeling every day that you are in complete control of your
eating habits. You picture yourself the way you are going to be soon --
slim and shapely and sexy.

Now relax and let all these suggestions take complete and thorough effect
upon you -- mind, body, and spirit -- as your subconscious mind corrects
your hypothalmus to change your body's chemistry. Let the monitor of your
subconscious mind influence the hypothalmus to make this favorable body
change. Let your appetite control center be safely reduced so that excess
storage of fat will be utilized by excretion and burning of stored energy.
Eliminate all that extra harmful fat.

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