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Hypnotic Inductions: Magic Television Method (for children ages 5 to 10)

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Magic Television Method

(For Children 5 to 10)

Instructions to hypnotist

You don't really need any introductory preparation for using this
induction with a child. Simply have the child get in a comfortable
position and close his eyes and listen to the suggestions you tell him.

Spoken to the subject

Just keep your eyes closed now until I tell you to open them. And I want
you to tell me about your favorite TV program. As you are continuing to
feel more calm and relaxed, I want you to tell me about the TV program
that you enjoy most of all ... (Pause for response)

In just a moment, with your eyes closed, you will begin seeing your
favorite TV program ... you will keep feeling more calm, and relaxed, and
peaceful, and safe and secure ...

Okay, I'm turning on the TV now, and in your mind you will see your
favorite program on the screen. You will hear the sounds and have the
feelings and really enjoy watching your favorite program ... You can
continue watching that program, by keeping your eyes closed ... You don't
need to pay any attention to what I'm saying ... You're just continuing to
relax and enjoy that special program by keeping your eyes closed until I
tell you to open them and awaken from the hypnotic state ...

(At this point you may want to test the state of the child, you can
achieve this by saying 'As your watch your show, one of your fingers on
your right/left had moves straight out,' Wait for response)

(The following lines can be used for general therapy .. fill in the
specific problem)

In just a moment that program will finish, and we will change the channel
... you will continue moving into an even deeper, drowsier state ... you
will be seeing a program that will show you how to overcome that problem
and get rid of it completely ...

Your favorite program has ended now, and I'm changing the channel ...
you're continuing to feel more peaceful, and now you are seeing a program
that is showing what has been causing that problem, and how easily you are
getting rid of that problem ...

The picture is becoming more clear ... you are understanding it, and
realizing that you are overcoming the problem completely ...

Later on, when you open your eyes, you will be back in a wide awake, fully
alert state, feeling confident and happy. You will notice the improvement,
and will keep improving more each day ...

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