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Hypnotic Inductions: Television Imagination Method (for children ages 7 to 11)

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Television Imagination Method

(For Children Ages 7 - 11)

Instructions to hypnotist

A tactile technique, such as holding a stuffed animal, may be appropriate
for a 2-year-old. A 4-year-old may respond better to a rag-doll and a
6-year-old to a coin or television technique. Developmentally, a school
child (7-11 years of age) may respond best to a favorite place technique
and ad adolescent to sports imagery.

Spoken to subject

I would like to show you and teach you how you can use your "make believe"
ability in areas of your life to help yourself. Would you like to learn
how you can help yourself with (child's presenting problem)? (Child
responds Yes) You already have your own imagination. I cannot give you any
imagination. I can show you, however, how to use your imagination in a
very special way. First, I would like you to get into a very comfortable
position. Just put your legs in front of you, with your hands resting
comfortably in your lap. You might notice that, in this position, your
while body feels nicely supported, with every part of your body being held
up by something. And now, I would like you to close your eyes - that's
right - and with your eyes closed, you can enjoy the darkness and the
quietness, the peacefulness, and the calmness. You can become more aware
of your breathing. Just feel how cool your breath feels as it comes into
your body, bringing with each breath energy and oxygen that spread to
every corner of your body. With each breath out, you can feel warmth, and
your body can just relax all of the muscles in your body. Every time you
breathe out, you go deeper and deeper into relaxation and comfort.

As you relax deeper and deeper, I would like you to imagine that a TV
screen has appeared before your eyes - a very special TV that would only
be found in a very special place. This TV has been made especially for
you. Just see the dials on the TV and examine them very carefully and find
the ON switch. Just turn on that TV and turn the dial around until you
find the program that seems just right for you. It may be a program that
you have already seen before, or one that you would only imagine that you
would like to see. What is the program that you are seeing right now
(child's name)? (Get response from the child and then ask additional
questions to increase and enhance image)

You can continue to enjoy that picture for a moment more and then I would
like you to turn the dial until you reach a channel where you can see
yourself on TV and you find yourself in (wherever the therapist wants the
therapeutic environment to be) and you are the star in that program. Have
you found that channel? (Child responds) Good. What are you doing right
now in that picture on the TV? (Child responds) Just continue to watch
that program because that is a special TV and you are in control of that
TV. (Use therapeutic suggestions related to the presenting problem -
stress achievements and positive feelings. Use a posthypnotic suggestions
that the child can go back to that special channel whenever the child
wishes. The therapist can also ask the child to use "slow motion"
suggestions at any time)

Now turn your dial to any channel you would like to end with that gives
you a nice feeling of being you and a nice feeling of being comfortable
and peaceful, of being strong and wise, and knowing what is best for
yourself and how to find it. You can thank yourself that you have this
special TV in your mind and that you can use it any time you wish.

Now it's time for your to turn your set off and to let yourself gradually
return to the room here with me, feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready
for a nice day - ready to open your eyes now. That was very nice (child's

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