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Hypnotic Inductions: Testing - Eye Catalepsy and Spinning Hands

Hypnotic Induction Techniques -- Testing

Eye Catalepsy

Spoken to the subject

(Optionally, place your right thumb on the bridge of the subjects nose and
apply slight pressure) I'm going to count from five down to one. As I do,
you're eyelids lock so tightly closed that the more you try to open them,
the tighter they're locking closed.

Five, your eyes are pressing down tightly.

Four, pressing down and sealing shut.

Three, sealing as if they were glued.

Two, they're locked shut. The more you try to open them, the tighter
they're locking closed.

Okay, try to open your eyelids now and find them locking tighter and
tighter. That's fine. You can stop trying now. Just relaxed and go deeper.

Spinning Hands

Spoken to the subject

This time I'm going behind you to raise your hands ... and start moving
them around each other. (Start spinning their hands around each other)
Now, as I release your hands, continue the motion of your own accord.
(Release their hands)

Moving, spinning, turning.

Moving, spinning, turning. Even faster now.

Moving, spinning, turning. That's good.

As your hands are turning, I want you to think about your heart. Your
heart beats automatically in response to the needs of your body. In the
same way, your hands are turning automatically so that the more you try to
stop the motion, the faster they're turning.

I'm going to touch your forehead. The instant I do, your hands spin in the
opposite direction. (Touch forehead) Back the other way, moving, spinning,
and turning. And as they're turning, you're going much deeper in sleep.

This time I touch your forehead, your left arm drops limply down to your
side; Your right arm continues the movement. (Touch forehead) Left arm
drops; right arm continues, and as it's moving you're going deeper and
deeper into hypnosis.

This time I touch your forehead; right arm drops limply down; you go much
deeper. (Touch forehead) Drop it down and go deeper. That's fine.

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