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TUCoPS :: Wetware Hacking :: Others :: ircse.txt

Fooling people on IRC into running Programs

-=-=-<< Fooling people on IRC into running Programs by Wyzewun

Getting a relatively smart person to run a program they recieved off IRC
is actually a lot easier than one would normally think it is. I've found
that the method that works best is to find some form of Lame DoS attack
that they are vunerable to. (For Windows, I recommend trying Jolt or
Click because half of the idiots on this planet are vunerable to those)

After kicking the target off IRC a couple of times, msg him and tell him
that you know what is happening to him. Make up some bullshit name for
an exploit and tell him that he is vunerable to it, and he must go and
download the patch from Microsoft's site.

At this stage, tell him that you've just realised that you have the
patch for it, and that if he wants he can have it from you, but make
sure that you offer to let him search Micro$oft's site so that he
doesn't think something funny is going on. After he can't find it and
asks you to DCC him the patch, just send over Netbus, Back Orifice, Your
new Virus, Whatever.

Easy as that. If you have a site you may want to put up the executable
there to make him less suspicious. It's really all up to you, this
article gives you a means to an end that is completely up to you.

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