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Seduction Trends: Why you don't mind hearing "LJBF"

From Tue Sep 26 23:31:26 2000
Subject: SEDUCTION TRENDS: Why You Don't Mind Hearing "LJBF"
Date: 27 Sep 2000 06:31:26 GMT

Seen a lot about the old LJBF (Let's Just Be Friends)
issue lately, making its rounds yet again.

But you are a person who doesn't mind hearing
LJBF. Indeed, in some cases you WANT to hear
LJBF. Ok, so have I finally lost my mind? Nope.

First, this assumes that you are hearing a *genuine*
"let's just be friends" as opposed to "I never want to see
you again you fucking AFC asshole!"

If you must receive an LJBF, understand that it is not
something to be feared, or put off by, but rather something
to be embraced as PURE opportunity. And believe me,
it IS opportunity.

Some prerequisites.

If you are an adept SSer, you will soon realize that LJBF
means nothing to you. I am, of course, speaking of my
own experiences here, but the truth is that I have NEVER
had a "female-friend" that I have not turned in to a fuck-buddy
to one degree or another, unless it was for a specific tactical
(usually pivot) purpose. Female friends can be some of the
EASIEST females to transform into fuck-buddies and/or

When A Girl LJBFs You.

When any girl gives you the LJBF, you have essentially one
of two choices. 1- Take more of the "jerk/confident" stance and
say something like, "No, I have lots of friends. You want a friend?
Get a dog." Or 2- EXPRESS AGREEMENT. Just AGREE with
what the bitch says in some way or another. Example: 

You: "That's fine... I'm really not looking for a girlfriend right now."

Or any other variation of this line: "Don't really want a girlfriend
right now." "Don't want to be in a relationship", you get the picture.
Take away any leverage the chick may think she has over you
at the moment. You accomplish that by doing just this. By stating
unequivocally that you are NOT looking for a girlfriend, you have now
diffused any immediate objections to anything. Be soft, like a piece
of cloth. Don't give the chick anything to push against. Whatever you
do, do NOT pout, get pissed off or show ANY kind of resentment in
any way. When you learn to look at LJBFs for what they really are,
you will be able to do this with ease.

Now herein lies one of the reasons that I love SS so much.

SS, when done with finesse, is extremely covert, and yet
VERY powerful... even on not-long-to-be "female friends."

So what do you do now? Call her up a few times. Just be
relatively casual the first or second time around. (You may
not even have to wait this long, but that's your judgement call).

Call her up again (or just go see the bitch, go for a soda/drink,
whatever).... and START hitting her with the PATTERNS!
Incredible connection, Fascination, Love vs. Attraction, etc.
You may be tempted to hit her with it all at once, but it may be
better to draw it out a bit (don't worry, you don't have long to wait).
But everytime you see or speak with her, hit her with yet another

Now.... considering the precipitating circumstances, it is 
EXTREMELY important in these cases that you set the 
proper THEME and FRAME *before* you start laying the 
patterns on her. You want your words to easily slip right in
with no resistance. You will accomplish this by always setting
the proper THEME/FRAME first!

What is a theme? The theme is the conversational "environment"
that you create BEFORE you start slipping the patterns into her.
For example, if you're going to talk with her about Love vs. Attraction,
it might be nice to have a reason for doing so first so that there is
no resistance whatsoever to the subject/pattern.

Chicks, sweet as they can be, are relatively stupid in many respects.
Just talk about "a friend" who had "talked to you" about this, or you
heard it on some TV show or some other such shit. Just as long as
it is not something directed (at least as far as she knows) to "you and
her." Easy enough, and you should know how to do this by now anyway
if you've been doing your homework and studying this group and the website.

Ok. The results to expect.

(HEY. One of my all time favorite songs just came on the radio.
Loverboy - Turn Me Loose! Must be doing something right.  ;)

Anyway... the results to expect.

I'll run through one scenario and one only. YOU do the math on
the rest.

Assuming this girl is what I call SS-Affective, if you see/speak with
her twice a week, and run 2 patterns *effectively* per conversation,
she will want to fuck you / get with you at 2 weeks. 

TA'd in 2 weeks time. Not bad for an LJBF response.

LJBF does not mean LJBF. LJBF means, "give me a reason
to WANT to fuck you before I decide to fuck you."

What I'm telling you is reflective of my own experiences and
current level of skill. Your's may be better or it may be worse.
If you are still stuck in the mode of taking LJBF as absolute
rejection though, it's probably worse. If you can shift your
thinking and actions about this... when and if you should ever
hear an LJBF, you will no longer hear "let's just be friends" but
rather, "give me a good reason to fuck you so I can fuck you
already!" Nuff said.

It's So Fuckin Easy,
But Nothin Seems Ta Please Me

A. Rose

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