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TUCoPS :: Wetware Hacking :: Others :: lou_ir~1.txt

IRC Social Engineering by Optik Lenz

                                     Optik Lenz
                              DalNet : #legionsunderground
Getting people's passwords on irc...

To do this you have to have 2 Irc Clients open.

You can do this without being an op on a irc channel but,
if you have op's on a channel its more conveincing all you do is
name yourself B0t on one client, and open another client.  If someone is looking
to get op's you tell them to message the  B0t so the bot can identify that person. 
but the bot is not really a bot its really you.  On client 2 your name would
be your regular handle i;e bob.

This is what you would tell people


Bob: to get op's just message the channel bot and it will op you first you have
to have it identify the dns you are using if you dont know how just  type
/msg B0t identify then_yourpassword.   It should identify your dns and nickname
then set you on the server.  

After you tell the person that say "Well its been fun but i have to go"

the reason for that is so the person wont suspect anything.  It's less likely the
person will think your just trying to get their password if your not in the room
to get it. duh

In this case you still are in the room though because now we go back to client1
which is the good ole B0t wannabe.

After the person has messaged you with their password go to client 1 which is B0t
and answer on the main  channel with something like 

name_of_person_ )trying to get op's) set client identified. (bullshit it)

Wala you have the persons password.  If that person has a homepage
or webased email address then its likey he is using the same password for that
or you can just taunt him by taking his name and changing the password

Publication by: Optik Lenz of LOU

Distribute Freely -This file may not be alterd in anyway

Legions Of the Underground

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