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Mind Gear vs Theta - Original Post. Critizism of the Mind Gear mind machines.


Original post

Posted to the Mind-L mailing list 6/27/95


                            MIND GEAR VS THETA

 This posting is in reference to the many recent comments on the Mind Gear 
 line of machines.  Mind Gear offers a nice product, especially in their 
 XCELR8R II.  The programmability feature is useful and fun; helping you 
 design programs just right for your needs.  However, Mind Gear is 
 seriously lacking in some vital areas.  The number one weakness is the 
 sound quality of the machine.  I've found the SLX sound so poor as the be 
 an annoyance.  The SLX offers no binaural sound (as far as I'm aware), a 
 major reason for using L/S machines in the first place.  The XCELR8R II 
 offers better "quality" and binaural sound but is still limited in 
 complexity and tone variance. The second weakness of the Mind Gear 
 machines is the inability to use Polysync tapes with sessions.  You can 
 play music through the XCELR8R II but not in conjunction with L/S 
 programs; a very wonderful feature.  Also, I've found the XCELR8R II 
 programs all very similar and find myself wishing for more variance after 
 extended use.  The last weakness is the lack of good documentation.  
 Although I acknowledge Mind Gears excellent tech support, their manuals 
 for the machines leave much to be desired.  The program descriptions are 
 limited and (as far as I'm aware) there a few to no learning tapes 
 designed in conjunction with the L/S programs.  The Mind Gear is also a 
 very heavy machine due to its lead acid battery (if you choose this 
 option when purchasing).

 The Voyager XL machine offers much that is missing in the XCELR8R II 
 (save for programmability).  The missing programmability feature is 
 compensated for by excellently written and documented programs.  Nearly 
 all sessions offer accompanying tapes or CDs and more programs can be 
 downloaded.  Also, many of the programs were written by PhDs and 
 prominent persons in the psychotech world.  The Polysync feature is a 
 very nice addition.  However, the most noticeable feature of the Voyager 
 XL is its sound quality.  The Voyager XL produces very pleasant chord 
 like sounds with great sound variance.  The overall experience of the 
 Voyager XL is much smoother and pleasant than the XCELR8R II.  However, 
 the Voyager offers fewer choices in light color than the XCELR8R II.  
 Also, the Voyager doesn't offer digital readout.  The Voyager makes up 
 for this with its other strengths however. Finally, the Voyager XL is 
 smaller and much lighter than the XCELR8R II.  You should try a few 
 machines before purchasing.  If you can't try one, I'd suggest the 
 Voyager XL.

 Happy mind journeys,

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