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A layman's checklist of microwave effects (very conspiracy theorish)

From Wed Dec 13 12:57:22 2000
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.mindcontrol,alt.religion.clergy
Subject: Microwave checklist
From: "Allen Drugge" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 12:57:22 -0800


    The use of Micro-Wave to simulate biological, emotional
or physiological responses has been subject of much
research, almost all of it SECRET, conducted by a Govt.
intent on using this newfound knowledge & technology to
subvert and/or undermine perceived adversaries; thus
ensuring their domination of the social order--for all time
to come.  What we are talking about here is nothing less
than a grand attempt to reduce the human condition to
nothing more than a Pavlovian stimulus/response entity.
The variety of VERISIMILITUDES evoked by Micro-Wave is
staggering and their uses against humans can only be
considered as vile and evil extensions of a Govt. gone MAD.
I present this list, though only partial I'm sure, in an
attempt to alert the concerned citizenry to this modern
HORROR and hopefully give any unsuspecting victims of such
gross manipulation notice as to the possibility of Govt.
meddling with their health. Below, I list some of the
simulations achievable and since many are subliminally
incorporated into the mass culture/media I give some
references to where that occurs, usually juxtaposed to the
Micro-Wave symbols ("#", "J" or its runic equivalent)
along with some applicable buzzwords.  There are literally
thousands of such references, look for them. Keep in mind
that the dwarfs in "Snow White," with the exception of Doc,
are named after Microwave simulation, to wit: Sleepy,
Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Happy & Grumpy.



   [ ]  Constricted Breathing ("Take your breath away"-
   [ ]  Asthma ("Hand that rocks the cradle")
   [ ]  Coughing-mucous response>
   [ ]  Sneezing  ('Sneezy'-Snow White)
   [ ]  Snoring


   [ ]  Crying ("Mystery to Me"-Fleetwod Mac; "Nasty Boys,"
        "Crying Game," "Cloak & Dagger," "Sharky's
        Machine"); 7/6/92 Rod Steiger interview on the Bob
        Costas show;
   [ ]  Melancholy/Depression  ('Grumpy'-Snow White)
   [ ]  Panic Attacks  ("Steal Your Face"-Grateful Dead;
        "The Tartars")


   [ ]  Fatigue/CFS
   [ ]  Heart Palpitations/attack ("Pals," "Death Trap,"
        "F/X," "Meet Joe Black")


   [ ]  Sleep  (Bogart-"They Drive By Night," "Maltese
        Falcon," etc.; "Sherlock Holmes & the Secret
        Weapon," "Shane," "Rebecca," "Broken Arrow" ('50),
        "Body Heat," "The General" ('27), "JFK," "Temple of
        Doom," "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ('78), "Man
        of Conquest," "Guarding Tess," MLK's "I have a
        dream" speech, 'Sleepy'-Snow White
   [ ]  Insomnia  ("Sleepless in Seattle")
   [ ]  Headaches  ("House of Usher" ('88), "My Cousin
        Rachel" ('52))
   [ ]  Shyness  ('Bashful'-Snow White)
   [ ]  Fuge/Memory Loss  ("Clean Slate," 'Dopey'-Snow
   [ ]  Dizzyness  ("Maltese Falcon")
   [ ]  Fainting (Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith passes out on
        live Super Bowl preview show, note "#" symbol, 1/28/00)
   [ ]  Jitters
   [ ]  Perceptual distortion
   [ ]  Nightmares
   [ ]  Personality disintegration ("The Trouble with Harry")
   [ ]  Tourette's Syndrome-possibly in conjunction w/ mindmachine


   [ ]  Stomach cramps/pain, heartburm
   [ ]  Flatulence-("Last action hero," "The Running Man,"
        "Beethoven's 2d," Hollywood Squares)
   [ ]  Nausea/Puking ("Morning After," "Kindergarden Cop")
   [ ]  Diarrhea
   [ ]  Constipation ('Concrete')


   [ ]  Prostatitus-Sweating (Sting Ray-the Car; "The Hot Rock")
   [ ]  Kidney Pain
   [ ]  Incontinence ("Flash Dance")


   [ ]  Arthritis-Stiff joints


   [ ]  Sweating ("Broadcast News")
   [ ]  Tingling sensations, Goose bumps
   [ ]  Hives ("They Came from within")
   [ ]  Zits


   [ ]  Stimulate  ('Pump you up'; "Pump up the Jam";
        'Pump and Dump'-stock term)
   [ ]  Depress    ('Micro-Soft')


   [ ]  Mucus response ('Honey Dripper')


   [ ]  Charlie Horse ("Into the Sun")
   [ ]  Low back pain ("Harry & Son")
   [ ]  Shivers
   [ ]  Twitching/tics
   [ ]  Yawning
   [ ]  Body Tremours


   [ ]  Watery Eyes
   [ ]  Runny nose ("Modern Problems")


   [ ]  Deafness
   [ ]  Ear Ache
   [ ]  Ringing Noise

                  REMEMBER:  J = RAY or # = RAY

These effects can be applied for purposes of TORTURE,
TORMENTATION or to subtlety impact ones health or wellbeing
--to confuse cause and effect in the mind of the victim is
the art of the operators (virtual demonology) and a source
of enrichment for the AMA (can you say Munchausen?).

In conjunction with the mind machine (electronic telepathy or
ET) the totality of the human experience can be reconstituted,
in any environment, so that it parodies the prolog to "The
Outer Limits" ("we control the ...") and where all experience,
be it emotional, physical, thought, dream, sensation or fantasy
becomes suspect of being corrupted making existence "Hell on Earth."
The unique psychotronic TORTURE capabilities are subject for a
list all their own.

The mindcontrol 'community' is populated with people
schooled in the arts of violation.  The Negative
Reinforcement Cult lives.


These things that you do unto me and my breatheren mock the LORD.  For
that you have incurred HIS wrath for which there is no remedy.  Perish not
that you accept the LORD as your god and his choose your king.


Come on over to the EMPIRE

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