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Mind Control with Drugs

Xx                                   xX
Xx       M i n d  C o n t r o l      xX
Xx                                   xX
Xx                 b y               xX
Xx                                   xX
Xx         T h e  R o c k e r        xX
Xx                                   xX

         keyed in on July 06, 86

In this file I will be telling you all
about a drug that is currently being
used to totally control someones mind
at will.  This file is intended for
informational purposes only and I am
not responsible for anything!

Mind Control:

Criminals in South America are using a
powerful drug that turns their victims
into helpless, willing "zombies" who'll
do anything criminals say.

     U.S. drug enforcement officials
are concerned because the drug,
scopolamine, is available here (cool!)
by prescription.  "Scopolamine" is a
potential weapon for criminals in
America.  When given huge doses of the
drug, a victim "becomes almost a zombie
or robot who will obey any order he is
given," a top drug investigator for the
Columbian government revealed.  "Many
victims have written out checks for
their entire life's savings - which,
of course, are cashed long before they
come to their senses.  It's really the
perfect crime.  The victim can never
identify his assailants for the simple
reason that he can't remember what
they look like. The victim completely
loses his/her memory from the moment
the drug is taken, and after that he'll
do everything he's told."

     The drug's use by criminals in
Columbia is widespread. Shockingly,
1 in 10 cases involving robbery or
bodily harm is being committed with
the help of scopolamine, police figures

     The most common method of
administering the drug is to slip it
into victim's drinks.  Dr. Camilo Uribe
Gonzales, a leading Bogota toxicologist
says his clinic treats about 15 new
victims of scopolamine each week.

     "The beauty of scopolamine, from
the viewpoint of unscrupulous criminals
is that it's colorless, odorless, and
tastless," he said.

     Alarmingly, it's being used in an
increasing number of rapes.  Dr. Uribe
Gonzales said that in one case, a 21-
year old college student drank a cup
of tea she was offered by a stranger -
and was found three days later raped,
beaten and unconscious in a ditch.

     Scopolamine is a common ingredient
in motion sickness drugs and decongest-
ants - but criminals give victims far
higher doses than are found in those
preparations, say investigators.

Welp, there it is!  Mind Control.

If you plan on searching for the
drug, it's probably down at your local
pharmacy, but you may need a
prescription.. now if you are good
at scamming on your doctor maybe you
can tell him you need a good motion
sickness drug.  Then he may write you
a prescription for scopolamine.  Let's
hope he does!  At any rate, be careful.

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