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FAQ on the "Mystery Method" of picking up women

From Sun Aug 26 23:14:03 2001
Subject: The Mystery Method: MM Basic Training FAQ
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 06:14:03 GMT

MM Basic Training FAQ:

Master Pick-up Artist "Mystery" is now offering an IN-FIELD MM BASIC
TRAINING Workshop in selected cities (Canada and USA).

Q: What is MM?

The Mystery Method is an explosively controversial FIELD-TESTED method
for picking up women and is a practical, SYSTEMATIC, results oriented
set of rules for FINDING, MEETING, ATTRACTING and CLOSING hot women
rated 8.5+. MM includes GROUP THEORY, NEG THEORY, PAWNING and more.
It's NOT about trying to jump over the step of obtaining the PUA
skillset to get ONE particular girl you've been pining over and
settle. Rather, it's about practicing and gaining experience for a
time when a particularly hot and valuable woman comes along. You don't
want to blow it with this future woman and must start working on the
skills to get her NOW. The good news is, you will be able to enjoy
your journey until she finally comes along.

Q: Why is Mystery offering Basic Training?

It is OBVIOUS by now that people are NOT able to understand and fully
appreciate MM by only reading about it. There are wonderful insights
that you just can't UNDERSTAND unless you SEE IT LIVE and IN ACTION.
Who better to teach you MM than Mystery himself.

Q: Is taking IN-FIELD BASIC TRAINING better than a seminar?

Think about it. A well-known three day seduction seminar in Los
Angeles costs $895 US! While these guys are SITTING at desks for hours
in a room FULL OF OTHER GUYS, with their eyes closed, getting
HYPNOTIZED to try to feel confident, you'll be spending YOUR TIME
getting the JOB DONE RIGHT! Confidence comes from EXPERIENCE and not
wishful thinking. Like a new driver of a car, you will be thrust
behind the wheel with a MASTER-INSTRUCTOR. Not only will you get
experience ON THE ROAD finally, but you will also learn through
EXAMPLE as you watch Mystery DEMONSTRATE his methods BEFORE you do it

Q: What does Basic Training cover?

Imagine 4 incredible evenings out in a ROW (Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat), 5
hours per evening (9pm to 2am). Each evening a limo will pick you and
4 others up (you'll get greater personal attention with only 4 others
and won't be stuck in a seminar with 50 GUYS all day like other less
practical teaching methods). You'll have a candid interactive
conversation with Mystery about MM in the limo as he prepares you for
an evening of approaching groups of women. An hour later you'll pull
up to the front of a club and walk in. There you'll watch Mystery
DEMONSTRATE various strategies and tactics. You'll learn and
understand more in ten minutes WATCHING a PUA in action than you could
reading online for a month.

By the end of BASIC TRAINING, you will have met close to 50 women! Now
tell me you won't begin to feel confident after even 15 to 20
approaches under your belt? After each approach you will get quick
tips from Mystery before the next approach. This is HANDS ON learning.
You will find ADVENTURE around every corner in the presence of

Here's an example:

Mystery: "Ok, see there ... that's a 3 set. Notice how the 2 male
obstacles are trying to get her attention? OK, lets go in." After you
watch the set, mystery debriefs. "See how I approached the two GUYS
first and ignored the TARGET? I used the poltergeist opener on guy 1
and pulled guy 2 into the conversation. See how I negged the target
with the hand model neg? OK, by doing this, not only did I lower her
self-esteem a bit (bring her down from her beauty pedestal), but I
also made it appear to her and the guys that I was not interested in
her. This immediately disarms the guys as they think I'm there just to
shoot the shit, but this also challenges her to find out why I'm not
into her. More ignoring her and conveying my personality through
interesting routines aimed towards the guys builds social proof from
her own peer group. After the nose wiggling neg, I ask the group, "So
how does everyone know eachother?" I used this to find out the info I
needed. Turns out, neither of the guys were BFs or brothers so I was
ready to go one on one with her. Since I've been publicly alienating
her (using playful shotgun negs) I've prepared the situation. Now I
simply asked the guys, "I've really been alienating your friend. Is it
alright with you if I speak to her for a bit?" Remember to make man to
man eye contact with the guys ... respectful. So now I sat beside her
one on one and knew that none of the guys would cockblock. Whispering,
I asked her, "What qualities do you possess that would make me want to
get to know you better?" This is a great IOI tester because if she
starts to give you some qualities, you know she is trying to qualify
herself to you. See how I did kino while she was talking? See how I
phase-shifted into seduction mode once I had enough IOIs by slowing
down my speech? See how I didn't stick around too long to stale the
great first impression and just got a kiss & # and left? OK ... now
its your turn. See that 2 set there? Which one do you like? Alright,
go in ... try the Elvis Opener and transition to the question game. If
you get funked up, just eject with a "Pleasure meeting you. Later."
Time passes. "That was sweet! OK so it fucked up but you approached
and got it under your belt. Failure one was your entry. You got caught
up in the moment and choked a bit by not going in smiling. OK,
remember to fake it BIG for the next set ... and there it is ... a 3
set. Three girls, all hot. OK, before you go in, you'll need to pawn
girls around you so you are dressed in women. So to win this set,
let's enter into the 2 set (2 7s) near the hot 3 set. Once they are
disarmed, we can merge the groups and pawn off the 7s to get the
attention of that 10 in there. Ready? I'll wing you to get rid of the
2 hot obstacles once we merge sets. Go into the 2 set with the same
opener and remember, be ENTHUSIASTIC like we just had a laugh.
Natural. Let's Go!"

Yes, that's what it's like.

The nightclub is a HOLODECK that presents several scenarios for you to
practice getting good at. Once you get a handle of this in the club,
all outside approaches become quite easy. Watching the other guys do
approaches and then hearing Mystery debrief them will help you
dramatically as well. This is fast paced and fucking fun!

PROBLEM: If you do not actively seek to acquire a target, you will not
FIND one.
SOLUTION: 4 evenings out by limo to where the girls are.

PROBLEM: If you do acquire a target but do not approach her, you will
not MEET one.
SOLUTION: See Mystery approach and then YOU WILL ... a dozen times a

PROBLEM: If you do approach your target but do not disarm her
bitch-shield, you will not ATTRACT.
SOLUTION: Learn how to OPEN without conveying interest nor alarming
the men and get your timing down over successive approaches.

PROBLEM: If you do disarm but fail to convey attractive personality
characteristics, you will not ATTRACT.
SOLUTION: Learn how to perform great routines that entertain in
groups, convey social proof and get attention. Practice the same
routines to different groups to get them down.

PROBLEM: If you do convey an attractive personality but do not have
the guts to finally show interest, you will not CLOSE.
SOLUTION: Learn how to test for IOIs, know what an IOI looks like and
how to SOI.

PROBLEM: If you do not close properly, you will not have sex.
SOLUTION: Learn proven # and kiss closes, see them in action and then
practice them.

PROBLEM: If you close properly but don't follow up, you will not have
SOLUTION: Learn what to say on the phone to get her to see you again.

OK, so, imagine an IN-FIELD WORKSHOP where you get to first SEE a
particular tactic in action and then with coaching get to TRY IT
YOURSELF and have a quick debriefing RIGHT AFTER. You will learn WHERE
MYSTERY GOES and you will meet the SAME girls he meets. At the very
worst, you will have met a HELL of a LOT of women in 4 days. At the
very best, you will have FINALLY learned how to PU women and have so
many of them your cock will ache. Taking them back to your place via
limo wouldn't hurt either.

It's unfortunate that the many PUA subtleties cannot be expressed in
text. Many concepts must actually be internalized into your motor
response, just like a driver must learn exactly how to steer. You have
to be EXPRESSIVE, PEACOCK, naturally approach, ALWAYS approach GROUPS,
act ENTHUSIATIC and KNOW YOUR ROUTINE'S timing. Remember, the PUA is a
PERFORMING ART. At some point you must put down the books and start
actually getting out to real public gatherings where women are and
approach them.

Mystery will give PERSONALIZED advice based on your PARTICULAR level
of skill and offer thoughts on style of dress, where to go based on
the TYPE of girl you enjoy, etc. This 4 day EXTENDED LONG-WEEKEND of
INTELLECTUALIZED PARTYING will not only likely be the best time you've
ever had out on the town, but you will come back from BASIC TRAINING a
PUA! Sure, it's like jumping out of an airplane, but you don't DECIDE
to jump when you are in the air already right? You decide before you
sign up. It's the same here. If you don't have the guts to at least
try and fail in the HOLODECK, then do NOT SIGN UP.

Here is the daily schedule breakdown:

7pm to 8pm		Limo pick-up.
8pm to 9pm		Mystery speaks about MM.
9pm to 11:45pm		Club ONE (on last day, club will be a strip
11:45pm to 1:30am	Club TWO
1:30am to 2am		Debriefing

On DAY 1, Mystery will focus on the following:

Beginning, Middle & End - the anatomy of a Pick-up.


Rating Systems and and why they're needed
	Mystery Rating System (UG, BABE, HOT BABE)
	Binary (DO or DO NOT)
	Standard Bacholor's System (1 to 10)

12 approaches an evening - "The more doors you knock on, the more will
Practice makes better - "Focus on the many, don't obsess on one."
The GAME metaphor and how it empowers you.
The 5 characteristics of an alphamale and how to convey them
The PUA equipment list - from pen to condoms
Rebounding quickly and learning from your errors for the next
Dealing with the AWARE STATE and how to get your GOOGLE.

How to approach groups
	3 sec rule
	Personality conveying routines

On DAY 2, Mystery will focus on the following:

Indicators of Interest (IOIs) and how to test for them.
Closing - Kiss close and various # close routines
NEG Theory: One on one sniper negs
The power of enthusiasm. It's contagious! How to elicit the emotion in
Special routines
	The Photo Routine
	The Digital Photo Routine
	ESP routine

On DAY 3, Mystery will focus on the following:

Advanced Field Tactics - pawning girls for better ones.
The Proximity Alert System and how to use it.
Peacocking tactics.
How to use a tape recorder to your advantage.
Social proof tactics.
Weaving stories to involve her in a drama.
	The Money Belt Drama.

NEG theory (Shotgun Negs - group negs).
	See Pull My Finger Shotgun Neg in ACTION.
Handling the next day phone call.
Why introducing yourself sucks.

Compliment rules in action.
Things to do while phone # closing - the 'event' (not a date).
	The Phone Rules close

On DAY 4, Mystery will focus on the following:

The Stripper Rules. (Remember, Mystery LIVED with a stripper for 2
yrs, had another LTR stripper of 2 yrs and enjoyed the company of 6

Special Operations (spec ops). Picking up waitresses, approaching
girls in the subway, the Choose Gino gambit, tactics to go from kino
to making out, spell routines to get her 'believing' such as the rose
spell of attraction, spell of charming and others. 

Tying down Loose Cannons (guys who fuck up your game intentionally).
The Hollywood scene and why you should go there if you want to be a
serious PUA.
Getting past all those last barriers before fucking her with the

You will be required to approach groups of people, begin by performing
an OPENER, see how longr you can keep the conversation going and then
politely EJECT. You will do this 12 times. After each time, you will
quickly debrief with Mystery and use the new info in your next

Approaching women has been rated more scary then speaking in public.
The aware state certainly can play interesting tricks on you. The only
current training method offered is hypnosis. We are expected to get
TALKED into a MOTIVATED state. The Mystery Method is taught
differently. You are expected to be nervous on the first 3 approaches,
just like Mystery. But by the fourth approach, you will have allowed
the previous approaches to get you into gear. That is when it gets
FUN. If you are too chicken to approach groups of girls and bomb, then
do not sign-up.

Q: How do I know Mystery is an authority on the PUA?

Checkout and do a search for posts by Mystery.
You'll quickly recognize that Mystery has been contributing his unique
theories for more than three years. Having broken down dynamic social
interactions into a science, Mystery is the creator of FMAC (Find Meet
Attract Close) and the discoverer of the 3S (3 second) rule, NEG
approach and disarm groups of people - including groups with possible
boyfriends) and PAWNING (how to merge one group with another). He has
Indicators of Interest), STRIPPER RULES and yes, even the KISS CLOSE.
Information on ALL this can be found at all the popular PUA archives
including, Tony's Layguide
(, and

Mystery is also the creator and system's administrator of "Mystery's
PUA Lounge", a private online community where some of the best PUAs
come together (real names, real photos) to talk shop.

Q: Has anyone from the online world met Mystery in person?

Yes. He's hungout with the likes of Roadking, Craig, Rick H, Tim B.,
Tom in LA, Keen_arene, Sindrome_K and David Shade in person. Online
friends and private members of Mystery's PUA Lounge include: Ross
Jefferies, Clifford, Lovedrop, Maniac High, Mudbomb, Nathan (from
Nathan's Lounge fame), Riker, Rio, Rock Harders, Toecutter, Vince,
Tony (from Tony's Layguide fame), Smackulus, Nightlight9, Alphahot1,
and Formhandle (from Fast Seduction 101 fame).

Email any of the above PUA cats and ask them for an honest assessment
of Mystery's PUA contributions and skills.

Read what one PUA to be had to say after meeting Mystery in LA (2

Q: Does NEGGING really work?

YES! If you think NEG THEORY is about INSULTING women, then you NEED
to SEE NEG THEORY in ACTION! It is mind-blowing!

Q: Can I approach a HB surrounded by GUYS?

YES! In fact, in the field, PUAs recognize that MOST HBs will not be
found alone. They will USUALLY be found in 2 or 3 sets, the obstacles
of the groups often being men. Since you aren't a mindreader, you
won't know if any of the guys are boyfriends or brothers of the target
until AFTER you have asked, "So, how does everyone know eachother?" If
you don't think this is possible, then you must SEE GROUP THEORY in
ACTION! Mystery approaches groups as large as 10 people easily.

Q: I've read all the info available on the net, but why can I STILL
not pull girls?

Quite simply, the reason you fear approaching women is this: you don't
have EXPERIENCE. With experience comes confidence. When you know what
to EXPECT, you will no longer feel fear. However, you will not know
what to expect until you have BEEN THERE first. Get in the game
finally by taking BASIC TRAINING.

Q: Does the ELVIS SCRIPT actually work?

Yes! Until you SEE the elvis script in action, you just won't
understand HOW such a routine can open a group. We want to go UNDER
the bitch shield, not THROUGH IT!

Q: Where will MM Basic Training take place?

Mystery CURRENTLY has interest in doing the MM BASIC TRAINING course
in the following cities:


Montreal	September
Toronto		September
Vancouver	(to be announced)
Edmonton	(to be announced)
New York	(to be announced)
Ft. Lauderdale	November
Miami		November
San Diego	(to be announced)
San Fransisco	(to be announced)
Seattle		(to be announced)
Boise		Septmeber
New Orleans	(to be announced)
Vegas		October
Los Angeles	October

If you cannot get to one of these locations, contact Mystery and he'll
add your city to the list. He will ONLY do a workshop in a particular
city if he has a total of 5 people who signup for the workshop in that
city. If you bring in other PUAs to be, you'll get 20% off (that's
$100 off your fee!)

Q: What is the "MM Basic Training" fee?

The fee is $500 US. This includes, club entry, limo for 4 days (sweet
huh!), an hour lecture in the limo each evening with a 30 minute
debriefing at the end of the night, and finally 3 and a half hours per
night IN-FIELD (broken up into 2 clubs per night) with Mystery. You
will meet other great PUAs (friends of Mystery) as well. 

You will also receive FREE, Mystery's 3 e-books (MM Basic Training, MM
Advanced Tactics and MM Spec Ops). Though the e-books are not yet
complete (they are being edited now), when they are done you'll get
them free. As the e-books will be continually upgraded (much like any
typical software package has increasing version numbers) you will get
all upgrades FREE forever. Email Mystery for more info or to sign-up

Q: Who is Mystery?

That's a secret. You will have to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement
before you may take part in the MM Basic training In-Field Workshop so
that Mystery's true identity remains a secret. If you are a member of
the press, you may only interview Mystery via email.

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