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How to get Older Women part 2

              $                                            $
              $          HOW TO GET... OLDER WOMEN         $
              $                                            $
              $           PART II - YOUNGER WOMEN          $
              $                                            $

                      (Younger Women = between 15-18)

   Yes, it's back! But this, the second part in the 'How To Get... Older
   Women' won't handle how to continue the romance we started in the last
   part as promised. It will cover Younger Women (Girls) instead, and
   for a reason too. When we have the two files, one for the Older Women
   and the other for Younger, we can clearly see the difference in what
   to do, and both files will prepare you for whatever age 'Your' dream-
   woman has.

   But let's not babble more about this. Here we go...

 * Chapter One - Younger Women, An Introduction

 The most common relationship occur between an older man, and a younger woman.
 This is because the younger woman sees adventure, excitement, strength and a
 driver's licence (if under 16 (in the U.S.)) in an older man. She thinks
 she'll be able to skip a couple of years, and go straight up to the age he is,
 where everything is Sooo exciting and dangerous, but mostly, forbidden to a
 woman (from now on called 'Girl') her age.

 She'll do anything to be with an older man, if she's attracted to him. You
 will notice this when your best friend's little sister turns 15 or 16 and
 you're a couple of years older than her. You'll feel the way she changed in
 looking at you, and even in the way she answers the phone when you're calling.
 But enough of that. I don't expect you to make out with your best friend's
 little sister, that's just not done. (note: it's ok with an Older sister).
 It was just to introduce you to the way it mostly happens. That's right,
 through your best friend's little sister. When she starts acting weird around
 you, you know your time has come. To spare yourself from any embarrassing
 situations, choose a best friend with an ugly little sister. <grin>

 Then what's the ideal difference in age between you and her? Four years.
 This is also a fact, which can't be left unnoticed. If she's four years
 younger than you, you got the best chance. Three and two years are acceptable
 but not recommended (see reasons later on).

 * Chapter Two - How to find them without embarrassing yourself

 It's pretty simple to answer this one. Your best friend's little sister
 has friends of her own, girls (young women), who aren't your best friend's
 little sister. You follow? Ok, an example:

 Location: Your best friend's parents' house.

 Let's just say you and your friend are sitting in front of your friend's
 computer or whatever at his parents' house. Then she (his little sister)
 comes home with two or three of her friends. See? You have already met
 two or three other girls that aren't your best friend's little sister.
 All you have to do is just to BE at your friend's place, and everything
 about 'meeting them' is taken care of.

 If you're not so lucky to have a friend with a little sister the right
 age, you have to go to places where these little devils hang out. Right,
 discos, and that's embarrassing. But do not despair, there's always an
 easy way out, and we have the solution to your problems.


  -> If you live near the ocean or a lake or just something with a beach,
     that's the place for you.

  -> If you live in the suburbs or in a small town/city, you'll be sure
     to find what you're looking for at town-events, like a picnic or
     some sort of town-celebration, where all the inhabitants gather.

  -> If you work someplace where they have summer-workers, you'll be
     able (during the summer of course) to meet (at least here in Sweden)
     girls from 16 and up, and during the best months of the year too.

  -> If you live in a city, you HAVE to go to minors' discotheques. (ahh)

  -> If you're the local pool-cleaner, you don't need to meet younger women. :)

 As you can see, there's great benefits in having a friend with a little
 sister. You won't have to work at all to meet girls younger than you.
 It's like a blessing. <grin>

 Note here, that you won't find them at your normal hang-outs like the pub
 the clubs or at your friend's own place.

 * Chapter Three - How to get one

 This is pretty easy. Often, all you have to do is to see if she seems
 interested in you (like looking at you more than her friend(s), laughing
 at whatever you say, or the more obvious one; a friend of hers tells you
 that she likes you). Then it's just a matter of talking. But it's a 
 problem when there's a lot of people around when you're making the first
 move, so just act normal, but draw your conversation closer and closer
 to her while covering it from the others.

 Example: It's your friend's father's birthday, and he invites everyone to
 a birthday-dinner. When you're sitting by the table, eating the cake you
 start talking to your friend's father, greeting him and so on so that
 everyone joins in, and when conversation is good (everyone is talking to
 everyone), start with making small comments, unsuspecting questions to
 her, BUT KEEP talking 'around the table'. After a while, when you say
 something, direct it straight to her, and she'll think you're still talking
 to everyone, and no one but her will be listening to you, because they're
 involved in conversations with everyone else, and if she's interested in
 you, she wouldn't want to miss anything you say, so she'll listen. And
 that's the perfect moment to ask that crucial question.

 Examples:    'So, you wanna go out with me?'

              'I know of a great place not far from here,
               you want to join me?'

              'I'll be leaving soon, how about you?'

 Note: DON'T MENTION HER NAME! If you do, the others will hear it, and note
       that you're talking to Her only.

 * Chapter Four - How to talk to her

 Ah, you will just love this one! You won't have talk different to how you're
 talking today. Just continue to say whatever you want, whenever you want
 and wherever you want. Younger women don't have any experience with these
 things, and they aren't shocked or insulted like older women. You can for
 example say;

               * I want to fuck you, Hard.
               * Suck my dick.
               * How many guys have you had before me?
               * I've done it 1000 times.
               * Have you ever done it with a woman/girl?

 etc etc etc... You get the picture. But WAIT a minute before you walk up to
 the nearest girl and say these things to her! You can't say ANY of this BEFORE
 you have fucked her the first time (or when you're in bed with her that first
 time). AFTER that, you can do whatever you want, because she won't risk losing
 you, for anything. You give her excitement, status and pleasure, and you make
 her feel older, and you get pleasure back from her.

 This doesn't automatically mean that you HAVE to do whatever you want. You
 can be gentle, speak nice and be mr. nice-guy if you want, but you don't
 have to. This is the difference. With older women, you Have to be nice, a
 gentleman to succeed.

 This is of course very different for different girls. If she's shy, you
 have to talk in one way, if she's forward, you don't have a problem.
 Also worth to note: Shy girls enjoy sex the most, and will be more open
 to you after you have "set the level of dirtiness" when talking, but remember,
 don't talk dirty until AFTER the 'act' or during it.

 The only disadvantage with younger women is that she'll be talking about
 school, the junior disco next friday and be on the phone with her friends
 most of the time, unless you've taken their place, and planned your weekend
 for you both ahead. Which leads us to the next chapter...

 * Chapter Five - What to do to please her

 Basically, you don't have to do anything if you only want to keep her (for
 a while at least). She'll stay by your side until she's 18-19 anyway, but
 if you're planning to keep her after that, you may have to work a little.

 First off, you don't have to be afraid that she's going to fuck someone else
 or date someone else. You can send her safely to the junior disco or school.
 But you can keep here even more to your side by taking control of the
 situation. Plan ahead and take her to places she wouldn't normally go, even
 during weekdays in the beginning. After a while, you can step down to weekends
 only, (but a weekday once in a while doesn't hurt) because then, she'll be
 closer to you than her former friends, and you'll be the centre of her world.

 Oh yes, some easy-to-follow rules;

            1) The first time you do it, you 'Make love to her'.
               (after that, you can 'fuck' her)
            2) You don't have to work too hard to please her in
               bed, so lousy 15 minutes is enough (for her).
            3) Act tough. (girls love tough guys)
            4) Take her places she's never been before.
            5) Lunch/Dinner at McDonald's is enough.
            6) Talk about yourself.
               (but don't mention computers)
            7) Be gentle with her, unless she tells you different.
            8) Try some dirty words during the 'act' and see how
               she reacts. She may react first Afterwards. (a good sign)
            9) Pick her up after school.
           10) Make her feel as if she was the same age you are.

 * Chapter Six - What to expect from her


 Yes, you will get pleasure from a younger woman too, but it will take a while
 before she's got the hang of what You like. With older women, it's different,
 because they've got experience, and will almost always know how to give you
 pleasure right from the start. Younger women has to find that out, which isn't
 that bad, because you can teach her to do you right, and you can introduce her
 to Your favorites without any complaints (like, WHAT? I'M NOT DOING IT RIGHT


 Hmm, well, this one is a disadvantage, because as I have said before, younger
 women speak about trivial things. If you're out for a good conversation, don't
 get a younger woman. Most guys finds out about this only After they made the
 commitment, and ends up with a babbling nail-polishing wife. If you plan on
 keeping her, ok. Then she may become someone you can talk to, but if you're
 not.. don't say I didn't warn you.


 No. You will not strike it rich with a younger woman other than if her parents
 are rich and generous, so check out her parents before you do Anything, if
 you're in it for the money.


 Yes, you will find that you're about as free to do whatever you want with a
 younger woman as you were before you found her. This is because of the fact
 that she won't complain or leave you because she do not want to lose you.
 With older women, you are almost forced to change your lifestyle, to make it
 work for her.


 This is true.


 Some guys like virgins, and some don't. I have tried both, and I must say that
 for my own pleasure, I need a non-virgin. But let's be subjective here. If she
 is a virgin, you can be almost 99% more sure that she hasn't got any venereal
 diseases, and you will be the first one to get her to that magic heaven, which
 is nice. On the other hand, if she's REALLY inexperienced, you will have to 
 work, and work hard to make it. She'll be afraid, shy, etc etc, and will not
 be able to tell you how she wants you to do it. So, with virgins, you have to
 get her talking, remove that barrier of shyness, and last but not least, you
 have to get it in there! (and let me tell you, sometimes that's tough work).
 But don't be upset because it didn't work the first time and CALM HER DOWN
 and talk to her about it, because if you don't, she'll be as nervous the next
 time too.

 If she's not a virgin, you can enjoy her experience and maybe learn something

 * Chapter Seven - Tests

 After you have had that first conversation with her....

  1) Did she laugh during your conversation?             A) Yes           
                                                         B) Just giggled  
                                                         C) No            

  2) Did you talk about relationship/going out?          A) Yes           
                                                         B) No            

  3) Did you talk about sex?                             A) Yes           
                                                         B) A little      
                                                         C) No            

  4) Did she look away when you looked her in her eyes?  A) Yes           
                                                         B) No            

  5) Did you decide to meet somewhere/go somewhere?      A) Yes           
                                                         B) Maybe         
                                                         C) No            
  (1) A=1,B=2,C=0  (2) A=2,B=0  (3) A=2,B=1,C=0  (4) A=2,B=1   (5) A=2,B=1,C=0

                              Results -  8-10   You will have a great time
                                                with her, because you'll get
                                                her without a problem. She
                                                wants you. Go get her!

                                         5-7    Hmm, tricky. She is interested
                                                but there's something bothering
                                                her. It may be that she's shy,
                                                but it may also be something
                                                else. Try again, and don't give

                                         0-4    Are you SURE she's interested
                                                in you? And are you sure you
                                                got 0 points? (1 = minimum).
                                                Don't bother.


  After you did it, the first time....

  1) Did she have an orgasm?                               A) Yes        
                                                           B) Maybe
                                                           C) No

  2) Are you absolutely SURE of that?                      A) Yes           
                                                           B) No           

  3) Did she tell you what to do?                          A) Yes
                                                           B) A little
                                                           C) No

  4) Did you use several different positions?              A) Yes        
                                                           B) No          

  5) Did You come?                                         A) Yes
                                                           B) No            
  (1) A=2,B=0,C=1   (2) A=2,B=0   (3) A=2,B=1,C=1   (4) A=2,B=1   (5) A=2,B=1

                             Results -  8-10   Man, you are lucky to have met
                                               this girl. Stay with her, and

                                        5-7    Ok, not bad at all. Keep on
                                               with her, and you'll have a
                                               wonderful time, but you do have
                                               to try to get her out of her
                                               shyness, and make her want to
                                               experiment a little.

                                        0-4    Ok, you can't get lower than
                                               three on this test, so... when
                                               this fails, just let go of her
                                               and search for another girl.
                                               On the second hand, if
                                               everything failed because of
                                               nervosity or shyness, try to
                                               talk to her about it. Just don't
                                               say nothing!


     That's about it for this time, so take care, and don't forget that the
     information in this textfile, is for pure enjoyment, and the author is
     not in any way responsible for what others may conclude from it.


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