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How to get Older Women part 3

                   ()                                ()
                   ()   'How To Get... Older Women'  ()
                   ()                                ()
                   ()            Part III            ()
                   ()                                ()
                   ()    An explanation and update   ()
                   ()                                ()

  I have had many questions asked about my earlier 'How To Get...' files
from a lot of different people, so here is somewhat of a reply to those
questions and an update on the earlier files about this intriguing subject.
Bear in mind that this is written in a humorous state of mine when you
see a <g> or a ':)' but not otherwise (read on for more info on this).

   Section 1 - Comments and Questions

  The usual comments I get are of the nature: "Haha, loved the file, but
couldn't you make it a bit more explicit?" or "What do you mean? Is this
a joke or are you serious?".

  a) I don't want to make them more explicit, because you should really
     know that you don't have to have a manual for everything, and that
     most things you'll do come naturally and with ease. Second, most
     people are different. From me. From you. I can't write a manual that
     will work on _anyone_. What I write, is what works for me, and the
     girl/woman I have tried it on. If it works for you and the one you're
     after, great, but I'm not giving you any guarantees of any sort.
     That's mostly the reason why I decided not to write about sex, how
     to do it, and what not to do. Most people like the same things, but
     we all have different favorites, wants and needs, so that won't
     be covered at all.

  b) When you see a humour mark at the end of a sentence, it's a joke.
     It means "I'm kidding" or "don't take this serious". The humour
     marks used are "<g>", "<grin>", ":)" and ":-)". Note: the first
     file was written about 3 years ago, and I can't really be held
     responsible for that one now, can I? <g>. Seriously, it was written
     from what I knew and had experienced back then, and when I read it
     today, I see a lot of mistakes, a lot of dumb, naive things that
     shouldn't really be in there, though those things worked then,
     I experienced it first hand, and it worked, I don't think everything
     in that file would work today. The world, and the people living in
     it have changed, but the file stays intact unfortunately. ;)

   Section 2 - Update [Part I]

  The first file was written in October 1991, about two and half years
ago. It's a mess today, I admit that, but it does contain some good advice
here and there. The parts that need an update are the following:

  * Chapter One - Why Older?

  Here I'd like to change the part:

  " 2) Older Women have more money.
       This is a fact. Young women spend all their summer-work money
       and often live on their parents. They have nothing saved."


  " 2) Older women can take care of you.
       They are _usually_ employed, have a steady income, a place of
       their own and are ready for most things. You won't have to
       go through the hassle with parents home/not home. They will
       take care of you, if they want to that is. A younger girl
       usually is in the same situation as you are (ie. not that
       much money, living with her parents or on campus or something
       like that)."

   And the part:

  " 3) Older Women don't talk to you about 'their day in school'
       for 2 hours every day, and spend the rest of the day talking
       on the phone with 'Jamie', 'Lisa', 'Margret', 'Pheobe', and
       the rest of her 50 closest friends about 'boys' and the
       school-dance on friday.
      You can discuss (if That's what you're after) with older women.
      They understand what you're saying (amazing) and can actually
      tell you Their views on what you were talking about."


  " 3) You usually get a more interesting conversation.
       This is not always true. When girls are older than about 19,
       you'll notice that you do have interesting discussions with
       them, though there will be talk about school, boys, etc
       anyway. With an older woman, you get insight in her life,
       probably a life pretty much different from your own. You
       will be pre-educated in the life of someone in their 30's.
       They are often more frank, direct with you as well."
   The part:

  " 4) Older Women like to have younger men.
       This applies mostly to women in their thirties and over.
       It's a fact that when a woman gets a lover, she IS over 30.
       A younger man helps them to fight the crisis they face when
       and before hitting the magical '40'."


  " 4) Older women like to have younger men.
       Why?, one could ask, but it's such an easy question to answer.
       It applies for men and women, so you can just ask yourself,
       and you have the answer. Though from my own experience, I've
       found that most of the time it's because it's exciting. A
       woman I was involved with (37 years old) asked her sister
       (44 years old) if she'd dare to have an affair with me, and
       her sister replied 'But of course. You should, at least once
       in your lifetime have an affair with a younger man, if not
       for the excitement and fun, then for the experience.'"

  And forget about the 5th part. It's just silly.

  In Chapter Three - What To Say To Her... well, heh heh, I guess that
those lines are pretty much standard, and she'll probably know if you
don't mean what you say. So my advice, instead of those lines, are of
course to say what you feel. Be honest (unless you're not serious with
her that is) and say whatever comes to mind, just like you do normally.
If you're not serious with her, you can use those lines. They're enough
cliche‚-like as it is.

  In Chapter Four - What Not To Say To Her. Okay, there are a couple
of good "not's" here. Like asking her how many men she have slept with,
and the obvious bad language (unless you're having _such_ an affair :))
But, like I said, the world and the people living in it have changed.
I got a letter from a woman at 37, with some comments on the file, where
she stated that she LOVE computers for example, and I can't agree more.
Today, most people are working with computers, so you probably can talk
about them. What do I know? :) I guess I was referring to the "riviera"
type of women, rich, with husbands who are never home, etc. You get the
idea. They are usually not interested at all in computers, so if that
is what you're working on (or whatever you do), cancel computer-talk.

  Chapter Five is pretty good as it is actually. The dumb advice to
have a couple of older women to work on.. heh, okay. If you're not
serious, that is a good advice, otherwise, obviously it is not. I'd
just like to emphasize the importance in the way you talk to her.
You can't just walse in, slap her on the back, and pull bad jokes
all night. But that's also pretty obvious isn't it. And I guess you
can't go for the british upper-class accent either, unless that's
what she's after. Just talk naturally and be interesting. Sounds easy
doesn't it?

  In Chapter Six - The Second Date, we have the computer business
again. Well, read the update for chapter three again. The good stuff
in this chapter is to go along with whatever she says, and make your
conversation from that. If she's very quiet, and the conversation is
pretty much zero, you _have_ to come up with something to say, or you're
out in the cold. There should be numerous of things you could ask her.
Her work, what she's been doing, where she usually spends her holidays,
what her interests are and so on. If you go to a place where you can
dance, then dance. It's also probably a good idea, the first time you
meet her, to ask her about her favorite places. Restaurants, where
she usually go out etc. That way, you know where to take her on the
second date, or perhaps, where _not_ to take her. If you're having an
affair, you don't want to take her to her regular places where people
would recognize her, right? You can use the information to find places
that are similar to her favorite ones, and take her there instead.
And for heaven's sake, don't babble about yourself! Just remember that.
Good advice also is to bring flowers, or at least a rose to the second

  Finally, Chapter Seven - What's Next? is fine as it is. Good advice,
and some pointers there that I think would apply for the next, oh,
ten or so years.

   Section 3 - Update [Part II]

  This file took care of the Younger women.. well, it's pretty good
actually :). It was written in June 1992, and I'd say it'll still work.
The only addition I have to it, is that you basically don't have to
do anything to meet a younger woman. Just go out a couple of nights and
you'll probably meet one. Just don't go looking like you're looking for
one and you'll be okay.

   Section 4 - End Comments

  Well, I hope this has answered most of your questions, but please, keep
those comments coming in! It's really rewarding for me to get comments
and questions on the files I have written. And yes, there will be another
update. :)

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