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Tips on finding chicks to pick up

From Wed Aug 22 20:33:40 2001
Subject: tips on FINDING chicks (newbies)
From: (Alessandro)
Date: 22 Aug 2001 20:33:40 -0700

Strictly for the younger crowd, i cann't speak for the older guys.


If you live in a suburban area. go to a residential area, and look
around for
shopping centers. shopping centers surrounded by high schools are the
shopping centers hidden between houses and trees are also good.
As long as it is not an office area, you will be fine.
When you drive in a residential area, with all those "slow down" and
"child playing area",
don't feel annoyed. there are people living in there, and they have
who are by the way, fuckable by now ;-)
Now look for a pharmacy, a fast food shop, ice cream shop, movie
store, and park
if you get food, don't sit in the restaurant. take your snack to your
and wave at everybody, until your pray comes along. keep a good "bad
boy" look,
and a "nice" neg, just incase.

you might wanna practice your yelling skills on other people there,
the potential chick is walking a little further, and you might wanna
send her
an ear catching opener/neg, from accross the street.

also, little boys are good to practice on. cheer them up, and you look
funny to
the older people. when you see a kid walking with his mom, just yell
"what is up big guy",
and wear a grin, chances are mom will find it funny, and you wont be
Also, people with pets are good. just comment postively on the pet,
and act like
you are jelous. careful, some pet lovers are bores, they will pull
over to you and
recite the life story of their ugly sheffered.

Once the chick comes along, be the man to save her from this boredom.

7-11s near schools are packed after 2 pm.

if you live next to a sports field, go to the cafateria and look
around for
a schedule. or you might need to stop there different times of the
day, for
seven days, to construct the schedule, and marks thos with "girls"
sports with a red pen ;-)
soccer, lacrosse, softball. wait, forget the last, it is for UGs ;-)
and come there.
this place is filled with parental cockblocks, so don't go to the
field, go
to the cafateria, or any neighboring 7-11 or ice cream shops ;-)

I hope no pedophile uses this info. if you are a 16yo dude, go ahead
and make
a difference in a bored chick's life, else restrain.


for the guys in urban areas.

there is always a street packed with HBs, day and night. find that
street in
your city. (No. 16th street is for hookers, those UGs will cost you $
Hint. this street is full of clothing departments, food, body care
shops, book
park your car at one end. get in shorts and tshirt, and walk from end
to end.
it helps if you know a couple shop keepers along side the road. the
guys who
sell baseball-caps and key chains on carts are the best, they know
where to
if you live in a city, a clean look and walking shoes are your

If it helps, you might want to be Mr
just look good, get into every shop, and meet the chicks in there by

walkers don't look very appealing, unless you are good looking.

also, i am from out of state, help me get there, might work for you.
Feel free
to ask chicks about the best clubs in there, and once she recommends a
you know about her taste in music (since you live there and know the
club;-) and
ask her "does that club play [genre] since i am very into it"? where
genre is
her taste. immediate rapport ;-)

once she tells you it does, tell her to describe it, and as she
descirbes it,
look sincerely excited, open your mouth, smile, anticipate. chicks
find guys
who act like kids very sexy.

if you ever play the "i am not from here" line, don't settle for
direction chicks give you.
if she tells you to walk for 2 blocks, and turn left to get to the
emperial state building,
go like "you wanna get me lost, you are playing your dirty city jokes
on me", and keep the conversation.

Chicks dig an outsider you doesn't like their city, even if they
don't, they
still make good conversations :-)


if you live in the Ghetto.

in the ghetto, things are different. all the hot chicks are taken ...
by one guy ;-)

Frame him for the cops and free the neighborhood ;-)

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