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"Rebirthing" - a drugless high

From: (Robert Cain)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: WARNING ! Hot New Drug of Abuse

I have done this and it is truly heavy duty.  There is a process called
"rebirthing" wherein you hyperventilate pretty intensely in a hot tub
for one full hour!  It goes way beyond tingly.  Near total paralysis
sets in.  It is very similar to Ketamine.  I remained as lucid for the
most part as I ever am.  There were some moments during the last 15
minutes that got pretty trippy though.  Thoughts became somewhat
disconnected and flowing as with Ketamine.  When done for rebirthing,
it is done several times and leads many people to believe they re-
experience their birth.  The experience seems a common one.  I only
did it once and skipped the next session because I'm a pretty heavy
smoker and the stretching caused me pretty severe lung pain for several
days.  I have another appointment tonight but am hesitant because of
the subsequent discomfort I experienced.  A non-smoker probably would
have no problem.  A 6 or 7 as trips go in my book.  I have absolutely
no idea whether it could be dangerous but it is verrry intense so
something physiologically powerful is happening.

Afterward I felt very drained and physically exhausted.  Not unlike a
really heavy workout when you are out of shape.  The next day, except
for the lung discomfort, I felt unusually relaxed physically and

Your Intrepid Tripper,


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