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SEDUCTION TRENDS: Shattering The Myths

SEDUCTION TRENDS: Shattering The Myths

This article is about men's thoughts about women. Or more specifically, men's
thoughts about seducing women.

(WARING: This Article Is Gut Level and Direct!
If you can't handle it, cut out now.)

It is to focus on the illusions and myths that many men seem to uncritically take for
granted as fact or truth, thus grossly deceiving themselves and drastically reducing
their seduction performance... increasing their fear of women... and thinking
themselves "less worthy," and a lot of other bad things.

It's time to sweep aside these myths.

The # 1 Problem for Men:

Ironically, in seduction, it isn't always so much chicks that cause men's problems or
challenges in getting laid, it's often the guy himself. How does he do this?  By
buying into so many of the illusions and myths that are made to look and appear real
today. Simply put, men have this ongoing tendency to put chicks on a pedestal in many
undue and unwarranted ways. And usually, the better looking the chick, the higher the
pedestal she is placed upon. Although this action might seem like the "natural" thing
for any guy to do, realize that this action spells d-e-a-t-h in the seduction
marketplace, and why you will soon never do it again.

How do guys put chicks on pedestals? By making them more than what they are. By
making them more important than what they really are. By assigning them more value
and authority than they really have. But as someone once wisely said, woman are the
dessert, not the main course.

In a sense, men are saps. But a better and more polite way to put it is that guys
are, in many ways, simply unconscious victims of their own unconscious desires and
urges. And you'll see exactly what I mean in a few moments.

Also, this article is not in ANY way meant to demean women. To be very clear, I think
women are wonderful, and I most always and thoroughly enjoy their company. I wouldn't
want to live on this planet without them. I appreciate them totally and completely
for what and who they are, and THAT IS ALL. Chicks are greatly appreciated by me on
many levels, and yet they are never put on the pedestal. Call it a "secret" of
success if you wish.

Most guys spot a hot, drop-dead gorgeous chick across the dance floor and they get
scared.  Before they've even met or talked to this chick, they've already quite
clearly visualized exactly how the chick is going to reject them or blow them off.
They paralyze themselves into not taking action. We're all familiar with the basic
phenomenon. But why does he get scared in the first place? That's a key issue. 

To illustrate, not many of us would walk into a locking steel cage with 10 wild
tigers. Why? Because our chances of survival would be very slim. That's only common
sense and reasonable. But women have no such power to hurt or destroy us in such a
way. So once again, why the fear? And again, the answer comes back to the myths and

What do I mean by this "myth" and "illusions" stuff? What I'm saying is that, quite
simply, the world wants to paint you a picture of what women are, the value they
possess, how desirable they're supposed to be, and just how much torment you're
supposed to be gladly willing to put yourself through for even one remote shot at
acquiring the priceless prize. How are these thoughts given to you? Popular media, of

For the sake of clarity, let's say that there are two main elements in this
conversation. We'll give them names. There's the fiction, and there's the reality.
Now let's define them both. The 'fiction' (in the context of this article), will
refer to what the world wants you to think about women and how it wants you to see
women. The 'reality' (in the context of this article), will simply be a reality of
what has made myself, and many other guys, very successful at getting laid when they
want, where they want, and generally with whom they want.

The fiction is where the lies, myths and illusions abide. The reality is where
success, and the understanding of success abides. 

They are many good articles, both is uASF and mASF that deal with the reality of
seduction if you want to be successful in this area. Since it would be a bit
redundant, it won't be discussed much here. At the same time, by shattering some of
the illusions that you may have been buying into for quite some time, as this article
is intended to do, it will help blast away a path and clear they way for you to
assimilate and USE the reality much more quickly and much more efficiently.

We've all heard the term "Nice Guy." What is a nice guy? It's a guy who sees women as
perfect, without flaw. He rates them as a '10.' He falls head over heels time and
again, thereby giving women near complete control over him, thus the chicks in his
life (or who WOULD be in his life) lose all respect for the poor chump and blow him
out promptly. The nice guy puts chicks on that pedestal. Chicks don'y want to be put
on the pedestal, it makes them feel uncomfortable and uneasy and they don't want to
be there. But the nice guy either is ignorant of this fact, or simply can't keep his
emotions and drives in check. There's a difference between being a NICE guy, and
being a GOOD guy. You want to be the latter rather than the former.

Perhaps the biggest of illusions in all the world of seduction and sex, is the "good
looks" illusion. In this newsgroup, for more than 6 years, I've seen many numbers
thrown around, almost arbitrarily, relating to how hot a chick is supposed to be.
6's, 8's 10's. A lot of numbers. You know the story. But I'm here to illustrate to
you a very important rule of life: things are seldom what they seem. 

Good looks in a chick is often a paralyzer for many or most guys. Put a gorgeous
chick in front of most guys and they may as well have been breathing stupid gas for
the past hour and a half. Control and capacity to think, let alone seduce, goes
straight out the window.

The standard "cure" for this is to get a person to change their thinking (their
beliefs and "internal representations") about what it means to meet and interact with
women on a romantic/sexual level, or maybe on ANY level for some guys.  In other
words, this is why when meeting a chick, you hold the belief that you are simply
giving her the opportunity to audition for you---show you what she's all about---and
whether or not she's even going to be someone interesting enough to continue an
interaction with. The seducer's time is valuable, and he doesn't spend or waste it
with uninteresting chicks.

As far as I have seen, this "cure" has about a 95% success rate at least 90% of the
time, and it doesn't require much time at that. So this method is still, and will
continue to be, valid and will not be discarded here.

The fact that we go through this process to, in essence, eliminate a "fear" of either
meeting or interacting with women in any sort of meaningful/romatic/sexual way,
obviously presupposes that there is fear to begin with. But why? This is what had
puzzled me for quite some time. "Why is there fear to begin with?"  As Ross once
insightfully stated, it is more than just fear in this "fear factor" of meeting
women, but also a feeling of excitement (usually overwhelming excitement) blended in
with the mix. 

The excitement part comes from your inate desires and urges; the psychological and
biological aspects which take place in the body and brain when presented with a
stunningly gorgeous chick, with a face and body that just screams "fuck me!"

The fear part comes from the reasons largely stated above. This is heavily influenced
by several things. How much you put chicks on the pedestal. What kind a value you
place on her, AND (this is the important part) her capacity to make any kind of
perceived judgement on you as far as your desirability as a man. In other words, it
comes down to our old friend and enemy, "rejection."

But I want to, now, move past this part of fear and the cures for fear, and get right
into some of the reasons that you have any fear to begin with, which bring me to the
direct point of this article:

Since "fear" is created primarily by your PERCEPTIONS of what and who woman really
are, and what value they actually hold, it is my contention that the world has and is
painting you a very DISTORTED and inaccurate picture of everything concerning this
specific issue. And I'm about to illustrate precisely what I mean via a visual

For starters, what happens first is that the world places an unimaginably high
premium on looks. And I do mean unimaginably high---right through the stratosphere.
We've all seen the beer commercials with the hot blond(s); The Jane Fonda and
countless other workout series, which sport all the gorgeous young hard bodies;
Baywatch, etc., etc.  It (the world) then tells people (both men and women alike)
that they are supposed to meet these standards. And third, you are then told that you
should pursue and acquisition chicks with these qualities at all costs. And finally,
if you're not yet successful at this, then it must be because you're a nobody.  Not a
very pretty picture. The crucial point to take from this paragraph, is that these
factors serve to massively exacerbate the undue fear of dealing with women.

But I now also contend that the entire premise of this whole "propaganda" spiel is,
in many ways, largely false from the very beginning. Or more specifically, it is an
illusion. Premium looks are not as premium as you think they are. It is more an
illusion. Just as much of an illusion as a David Copperfield show. Things are seldom
what they seem.

Sometimes it not enough just to explain an issue at hand. It must be shown and
illustrated. Let's start by looking at an example which illustrates the principle of
'Glamour Illusion.' Before going any further, check out the following chicks and
think about what you'd like to do with them. Do this now before going any further:

Ok. you've seen the pictures. Now how many of you are thinking you'd almost give your
left nut to fuck most or all of the chicks on that page? You can be honest. How many
of you felt the slightly heightened testosterone surge, indicating a vague "ready to
fuck" response? If you're honest, I'm willing to bet most of you. These are the
chicks (whether celebrities or not, it's actually irrelevant) that most guys in here
would probably (and reasonably) refer to as 9s, 9.5s, or even 10s. I'm sure some of
you might share those notions.

But is it real, or is it Memorexe? Is it real, or is it Glamour Illusion?

Take note of your current feelings, and now have a look at the following page before
going further:

Whoa! Ok, so now you might be thinking, "were those right hand photos processed
through the Photoshop ugly-filter or something?" Nope. It's simply what you get when
you remove the tight clothing, the perfect makeup, take away the art directors, and
all the special cameras and filters. What you get when you remove the illusion. The
Glamour Illusion.

Let's try it one more time. Have a look at this last page before proceeding further:

Feel like sex now? Probably not. Where did all that "let's do it" testosterone
suddenly fade away to? Yet these are the very same chicks that would have,
previously, received at least an 8 or 9 easily from most of the guys in this group.
These are the same chicks that, only a moment ago, produced a "wanna fuck" thought in
your head. So what happened! What changed? Technically nothing changed. All we did
was remove the illusion.

If you're like some guys, the process we just went through could be violating every
single thing you believe, or everything you WANT to believe, about chicks. It is not
my intention to disillusion you. It's my intention to show you the truth. Because
this is the VERY SAME process that takes place, every day, all across the country.
When? Whenever you or any other guy walks into that hot, popular nightclub with the
awesome dance floor where all the "hot chicks" hang out. The same kind of hot chicks
that were on the first page you looked at only moments ago.  Things are seldom what
they seem.

So let's start connecting the dots. "You may rightly ask, "so how does all this tie
in with my apprehension or challenges in approaching or laying chicks?"  The purpose
is to get you to clearly see the illusions. You'll often find many of them in
seduction. Stop seeing chicks as perfect. They're not. Stop putting them on
pedestals, they don't want to be up there. A pedestal is an uncomfortable place to
be. As I said from the beginning, fully appreciate and respect women for simply who
and what they are, and NOTHING ELSE.

I once heard it said that, "a woman's job upon meeting a man, is to fool him long
enough until he decides to marry her." I think that statement is a little harsh, but
there is, without doubt, an element of truth to it. 

We've all heard it said: "women are only good for one thing." I disagree. I say that
woman are BEST at one thing. Everything else is a bonus.

When you're approaching  or dealing with hot chicks, HBs, SHBs, EHBs, XHBs, etc.,
remember that you're usually not dealing with a goddess, but an individual who has
been deliberately made to LOOK like a goddess. Understand this: you can fully
APPRECIATE those looks ... but NEVER allow yourself to buy into those looks as
reality. Always remember the comparison page you looked at only a few moment ago. If
you need to, print it out and carry it around with you. Remember those images each
and every time you're walking up to that hot chick, or walking into the nightclub.
Remember that beneath the makeup and beneath the tight fitting clothing, there is a
normal female, and usually one who is just as insecure as any other female. 



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