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Self Hypnosis Induction Techniques

                            APPENDIX I



     One of the most common questions about hypnosis is, "Can I 
be hypnotize? The answer is, you already have been. I'll explain 
more about that later. However, in order to answer this question 
appropriately, one has to know what hypnosis is, and is not. Hyp-
nosis is not sleep as we generally think of it. It is simply an 
altered state of consciousness. During hypnosis we put the body 
to "sleep" and increase the awareness or concentrate the mind in 
a specific direction. In a single word is can be defined as 
focus. Autohypnosis is nothing more than self induced hypnosis. 

     It is only possible for the mind to become focused after the 
body does not serve to interrupt our focus. Therefore, our body 
feels relaxed, warm, sometimes slightly tingly and at rest. Many 
people describe it as the feeling of suspended animation. Our 
mind is completely aware of what is going on around us, it is 
receptive to suggestion and is still capable of making decisions. 
Many empirical studies have been done which suggest that 95% of 
the population can be formally hypnotized.

     When we are wide awake our mind is in the beta state. As we 
eliminate the influences of the body, such as the minor aches and 
pains or the muscle tensions, our mind drifts into an altered 
state called alfa. Once this state is reached we may then enter 
into the theta state. The theta state is hypnosis. With practice 
we can reach the delta state which is deep hypnosis. 

     When I suggested that you already have been hypnotized, I 
was referring to common everyday states that are not tradition-
ally considered hypnosis. If you have ever caught yourself 
daydreaming, you have reached the theta state. Your mind was 
focused and you were not aware of anything else around you. Have 
you ever driven your car to a destination you often drive to and 
wondered how you got there?  Your mind was on something else. You 
were in the theta state. Some people allow the thump of the road 
or the divider lines in the road to put them to "sleep." This 
also is theta. Deep concentration associated with watching a 
movie or reading a book may also bring on the theta state. Vir-
tually all of us have experience one or more of these phenomenon. 
If we have, we can be formally hypnotized.


     Begin the process of autohypnosis by selecting a place of 
privacy and comfort; someplace free of noise and distractions. It 
is also helpful to use the same place as often as possible, be-
cause as time goes on, it will become a reassuring and comforting 
place conducive to your efforts. Relax on a bed, a lounge chair 
or even the floor. Many people find that the bath tub is most 
conducive to self hypnosis; but exercise caution with the water 
level. It is unlikely you would drown, but it can be uncomfort-
able to take in a breath full of water. When possible use the 
same position to allow your nervous system to let go.

     Dress in a manner that will support your efforts. You will 
want to loosen or remove any tight or restrictive clothing. 
Removal of any jewelry or eye glasses will also assist in your 
initial efforts. Once you have obtained a comfortable position, 
empty your mind of any exact thinking and let your mind wander. 
Simply relax and enjoy the feeling of doing and thinking nothing. 
Just be one with yourself.

     You may encounter influences that attempt to interrupt your 
relaxation such as recurring specific thoughts or muscle 
twitches. Simply push them out of your mind. If you continue to 
experience difficulty use a technique called muscle-tensing. 
Tense the large muscle groups such as the shoulders, back, but-
tocks, legs, stomach, groin and arms, one group at a time. Tense 
them each tightly as you think "Tighten up!; Tense!" Then relax 
each group of muscles completely while you think "Relax; Let go 
completely!" Next think of your body as something that you are 
not attached to. Imagine it as if it were a limp doll laying on a 

     Your eyes are the next element to deal with. Select a spot 
above eye level on the wall or ceiling and concentrate your focus 
on it. It does not have to be a specific spot. A general spot 
will do, but it should be above eye level. Think of your eyes as 
becoming tired but do not close them yet. Count backwards from 
ten to zero slowly and tell yourself that at the count of zero 
you will be able to close your eyes. As you close your eyes think 
that there is nothing that you care to see with them; that you 
are turning them inward to experience the inner you.

     Breathing plays a vital part in your experience. Place your 
hand on your stomach just below your chest. As you breath deeply 
using your tummy, you will feel the rumble of your breath under 
your hand. Don't use your chest to breathe. After you establish 
the correct deep-diaphragm breathing pattern, relax your hand and 
return it to your side. One third of the air we breathe goes 
directly to the brain. This will also serve to feed the mind and 
improve relaxation. When you exhale, your chest and tummy muscles 
will relax even more. The heart and internal organs also become 
relaxed, sending messages to the brain reinforcing relaxation.

     Now you are ready to relax completely. Stress and tension 
generally serve to squeeze the minor muscle groups, nerves and 
blood vessels. As you become more relaxed and relieve yourself of 
tension, the blood circulates better and sends more oxygen to the 
brain. You are now ready to give yourself suggestions that will 
deepen your relaxation. Start at the top of the head and work 
down the body to the feet. Tell yourself to "let go completely!" 
Suggest a heavy, limp feeling into each area of the body. You may 
even consider recording and playing it to yourself. Such a mes-
sage could be as follows:

     "My scalp is relaxing completely. I can feel it reducing the 
     tension on my face and the temples of my head. My eyes are 
     heavy and at rest. All of the little muscles and nerves sur-
     rounding my eyes are completely relaxed. As I think of my 
     head relaxing, I can feel it happen.

     "The muscles of my neck are continuing to completely relax. 
     My chest is relieved of tension and my arms are limp and 
     heavy. I feel a warmth and a heaviness in my back and in my 
     buttocks. It's as if I am melting into the surface which 
     holds me. My hips are heavy and there is a wonderful relaxed 
     sensation running down my legs into my feet.

     "Now my entire body feels at rest and completely free of 
     pressure. I feel no tension - just an enhanced feeling of 
     relaxation and well-being."

     If you experience any area of your body that does not sur-
render to this feeling of relaxation and well-being, turn your 
focus to that region and continue your suggestions. It will not 
take long to correct the situation. One method to assist with 
difficult areas is to imagine the area being painted with a local 
anesthetic with each breath you take. Soon you will be completely 
and totally relaxed.

     Another method commonly used is to focus on a particular 
part of the body, such as the hands or a single finger. If you 
clasp your hands together, feel the sensations associated with 
your interlocked fingers. Look at the nails, the cuticles, the 
joints of each finger or the lines in each digit. As your focus 
increases, the feeling in your fingers will begin to melt away. 
You will then notice that you can, at will, recall or heighten 
the sensation in your fingers. 

     Continued practice in this focus effort will provide you 
with the ability to turn your hands off and on. This can quickly 
be transferred to other areas of the body in a natural manner. As 
we concentrate on one area of the body, the rest of the body 
naturally relaxes. Whether it is the former method, this method 
or any other variation, you are learning to focus your attention 
and the body naturally relaxes and will eventually be devoid of 

     You are just about there at this point. The body has been 
put to "sleep," and the mind can become your focus. Imagine a 
very pleasant place from your childhood. If nothing immediately 
comes to mind, invent one. It could be a warm beach with sea 
gulls in the distance providing the music of nature. You are at 
rest on your back as you watch the puffs of clouds wander across 
the canvas of the sky. The sun is warm on your body. There is no 
decision that has to be made. There is nothing that you care to 
think about at this point. You simply want to relax your mind and 
create a passage to your inner self.

     At this stage of your induction you will feel a sense of 
well-being and a feeling of togetherness with yourself. You have 
hypnotized yourself.


     There are many techniques that can be used to deepen the 
trance. With a little practice, you will be able to reach the 
above state within as little as five minutes on the average. Some 
people have trained themselves to enter this state within 
seconds. At this point your body is "sleeping" and your mind is 
relaxed and open to suggestion. Imagine yourself going down a 
long escalator, skiing down a long hill, or walking down a long 
sloping grass-covered hill. You can select that scenario which 
you are most comfortable with. You can't quite see the bottom, 
but you continue to go lower and lower. 

     With each foot you descend, you are falling deeper and 
deeper "asleep." Soon you will come to realize that you are half 
of the way down. At this point, continue to repeat the words, 
"Deeper and Deeper - Lower and Lower. More relaxed than I have 
ever been before." Start counting backward from fifty to zero. 
With each number you will become deeper "asleep." When you reach 
the bottom, you will be more deeply asleep and more relaxed than 
you have ever been before.


     Once you have reached the desired state of hypnosis, what 
will you do now? The answer is anything that you wish. In the 
initial several sessions, I recommend that you simply enjoy the 
sensation that you have created. Most people enjoy the sensation 
of deep relaxation. Your body becomes very lethargic and seems to 
melt into the surface which holds you. After this, it is impor-
tant to determine what improvements you wish to make. Each of us 
have characteristics that we are happy with and others that we 
would like to change. 

     Even at this level of hypnosis we can make remarkable ad-
vances. We can correct our weight problems, quit smoking, get a 
more restful sleep, reduce or eliminate pain or correct some 
other habitual behavior. We can increase our sexual sensations, 
improve our memory or develop our waking focus in some other 
positive fashion.

     As you become advanced, positive and negative hallucinations 
can be created. We can create things that are not there or erase 
things that are. Each of our five senses can be hallucinated. We 
can give ourselves suggestions which make us actually see some-
thing appear in a room. We can refrain from feeling something 
that we are touching. We can smell a roast beef dinner that isn't 
there. We can increase or decrease the room temperature. Most of 
these hallucinations require a great deal of work initially. Once 
it is acquired, it can be called upon at any time.

     The reduction or elimination of pain is a useful tool, espe-
cially if we encounter some chronic situation in our lives such 
as arthritis. Going to the dentist has its draw-backs. We can 
easily desensitize our mouth and teeth. Simply remember the sen-
sation of novocain that you experienced at one time or another. 
These sensations are filed away in the computer that we call our 
brain. Every sensation that we have ever had is filed in this 
computer. Once you develop the ability to turn on your anes-
thetic, it can easily be reproduced at the dentist's office.

     These are only a few of the things that can be created with 
the use of self-hypnosis. Each phenomenon will be very real. Al-
though virtually anything can be accomplished, I recommend that 
you begin slowly. Instead of creating an hallucination, try an 
illusion instead. The difference is, by way of example, turning 
something into something else. Visually, you may care to turn a 
coat rack into a tree. The first time you experience something 
like this, it will shock you. This shock factor will strengthen 
the foundation you are building for yourself. Soon you will be 
your own master. Weight loss, quitting cigarettes, memory reten-
tion, improved sexual libido and pain reduction are only a few of 
the things that can be accomplished. Simply remember that you 
will get as much out of it as you put in. I'll try to share more 
with you in the future. For now - just relax and enjoy!

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