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The SMS Callback Scam

NAME:SMS callback

This description is not about a virus, is it about certain type of scam
which are done using SMS messages to fool user to phone into premium
rate numbers (pay per minute numbers).

A typical case of this scam is a one where someone opens a premium rate
number at local telecom operator and starts sending SMS messages to
random mobile phone numbers. A typical message contains some urgent
message and instructions to call the number listed in the message.

If a person calls this number he will be connected to premium rate
number which will contain recording intended to keep the user on the
phone as long as possible. As the number where the user called is a
premium rate number, he or she will pay for each minute spent connected
to that number.

If you get an SMS message asking for you to call unknown number, either
ignore the message, or if you are interested use the operators directory
service to find out to whom that extension belongs. But do not call the
number directly.

If you get email warning about such scam, please ignore the email and do
not pass it on. If you want verification about the warning, please
contact your local telecom operator.

Known cases:

-UK June-July 2001 Scamsters sent SMS messages to random people containg
following message 'Please call me on 09011 500065 Urgent"' If a person
called this number he will be connected to premium rate which played
busy tone to fool the caller that the line was busy. The number charged
£1.50 per call.

This case is no longer a threat since the extension in question has been

[Description: Jarno Niemelš; F-Secure Corp.; July 2001]

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