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Using hypnosis to get sporting results

Using hypnosis to get sporting results

Written and published by Thorsten Hassiepen
May 31, 1996


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Over the last hundreds of years, hypnosis has been known for the great
things it can accomplish by using the ability of humans to have two minds
running their life. There was the conscious and the unconscious mind, which
both have had their place in one human being and controlling it at
different times.

A lot of hypnotists asked themselves, wether this "split" between those two
minds was really a split or was it just a description of something that
belonged together anyhow.

On their journey through human minds they always explored, what which mind
can allow that being to do and sometimes not. They witnessed times, when
the unconscious mind was able to let people do most astonishing things,
like lifting up things, that were out of question in a normal wakening
state, like cars, heavy rocks or things like that. Now, at first they
couldn't tell, wether it was one of the two minds, which was producing
these effect, or if it was both of them working hand in hand and any one

However they went on to explore this great new network of human thinking,
they stumbled over all kinds of new knowledge. Suddenly they saw people
improving skills, they didn't believe in before and then they remembered
times, when this was a normal phenomenon. Just like learning when you were
a little child was, these things actually got you excited and you were now
able to learn -really learn- all kinds of new behaviors, new skills, new
knowledge and new thoughts, which come into one's mind at any time and yet
are suddenly realized to be very helpful in any one accomplishment.

Thus going on, the scientist in our days, began a new exploration of the
world wide woven field of hypnosis and suddenly came to a conclusion that
at first frightened them a lot. They saw hypnosis everywhere, because it is
everywhere and everyone is doing it by himself, even though he might stand
high and say, that he was never going to be hypnotized. Now they found out
and tried more and more fields and always found a trance to be a pleasant
part of this exploration.

Then, joining other people were taking it even further, by willingly
applying it to new subjects of circumstances. By doing so, they would hit
more and more points, simply because they were trying out something they
haven't done before.

When I myself -not so long ago- came it touch with the wild field of
shamanism, I was kind of scared at first, because I kept on thinking, what
that would be all about. But after just a short time, reading some lines on
that subject, I came to realize, that one could combine things to a whole
new field for exploration and in that way go straight on forward.

I have had many clients up to that point, who were so kindly involved in
all that stuff they wanted to be and get better in everything they were
doing or wanted to do. Yet, before they did, I always had them access a
great time in their life, so that had something very pleasant to start
with. Then I just told them to realize how little that feeling was,
compared to every good feeling yet to come. Now, as I did more and more of
that, I have found someone who was eager to improve his skills in sports. 

It was a sport, that often times seemed to frustrate people, because it
wasn't so much, that you had to run or be athletic, but you have to use
your mind to only the best way it can and will accomplish. You have to
swing your body in just the right way in order to make things fly exactly
into their place, you want them to be in. Side by side, as people went on
reading through all kinds of books, I realized, that they were trying
invane to learn something about techniques and getting more and more stuff
to play with. Instead I found it pretty reasonable to just make up your
mind and feel good, before you even go out and hit a few.

By now, you have realized that I am talking about the sporting game of
Golf, which is one of the most fascinating fields to do "mind operation"
in, when people hypnotize themselves to really improve your score. Because
every now and then they do, just after I have worked with them and showed
them how easy it is.

Many of them started listening to tapes and stuff and told me, that if they
weren't able to listen to this and that, then they wouldn't be able to play
a good game anyhow. Now, as they were sitting there and thought about it as
they were kept inside their mind and noticing all kinds of different things
that happened on the inside and the outside they suddenly realized, having
me there sitting by their side, that they have it all inside themselves.
The only thing you need to do and know, is how to access those great shots
and make them the foundation of every single hit that there is yet to come.

I played with a lot of them and everyone of them wanted suddenly to know
more about this techniques and started to want me doing something to them.
So I did, but always made up their mind to focus on their own ability,
which can thrust them a lot further with every session they were doing. I
made it so, that every great hit was encoded into their "muscle memory" and
that there is no other way, than to acces this memory and apply it to every
shot to come. From then on, it is just a piece of cake, as they told me, it
suddenly happened all by itself !

Well, I know this isn't the only thing that you can do with your own mind,
but it is a fabulous example of your capabilities and your knowledge at any
one time, because your unconscious knows much more, than you have ever
dreamt of, before it has a surprise for you, that will convince yourself of
those possibilities.

Now, those scientists are still figuring out, what hypnosis can and cannot
do, but as you are doing it anyway, you might as well use it to success in
every corner and wide open field in your life today and tomorrow and the
rest of your life.

Let them go back there, while you are thrusting forward into a better
future which will bring all kind of successful(l) things to you.

Yours truly
Thorsten Hassiepen

(c) 1996 by Thorsten Hassiepen, Hauptstrase 31, 41844 Wegberg

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