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A guy's seduction efforts on an Alpha bitch

From Thu Jun 07 19:32:52 2001
Subject: Sun Pattern & live making of a FB/pivot of an alpha bitch
From: (Alessandro)
Date: 7 Jun 2001 19:32:52 -0700

This is a little pattern that came up on the fly, will talking to a
chick on
the phone. if you want to skip the background and go direct to the
pattern, search for ========

First of all, i am 20 year old geek, from averagesuburb USA. My
was on the phone, talking about guys (it was a three way phone

She tells me to speak to someone on the phone:

Me: Hello?
Chyk1: Yes Andy, can you let your sister use one of your computers to
chat with us?
Me: err, she cann't use them. i don't have a graphical environment,
they are all unix consoles.
Me: One is a router, the other is mysql, yadayayadaa
Chyk2: do you have AOL?
Me: nope
Chyk2: MSN?
Me: nope, just plain internet
Me: [now pissed, in arogant mode] hunny, she has got a phone line, why
don't we
    keep this on the phone?
Me:[before she even answers] alright sweetie, good bye then

I go finish my coffee, and plan to take my study down stairs, when i
my sister asking one of the girls to be strong, and not cry.

As i have learnt later, she is the daughter of my dad's best friend,
and she was
dumped like an old rag, by a highschool playa. [this very guy took my
sister's virginity >:-{ ]

This chick is the hottest one around, she is the alpha who chooses
which guy
and girl should date in her school, she is even more alpha than most
I have seen her several times. In one occassion, she asked me to get
her tickets
for an "R" movie, and paid for my ticket. during the movie, she pushed
a UG to me,
and she sat behind us (me and the UG). i took this as an offer, and
PUed the UG,
kinoed her down to her panties, and gave her the best time in her
life. the
AlphaChyk started respecting me ever since, but never as a fuckworthy.
She once
made a rude comment about my short height. i told her i wasn't tall,
but i am
damn long, she buttoned her sweater ;)

Swiftly i grab the phone from my sister, and in the most feminine way

Me: heeeeeey
Me: are you ok? [trust me, i sounded like a woman]
Her: [jokingly crying] i was dumped by the man i loved :(
Me: Who is he? should i kick his butt? where is he?
Her: No
[short silence about 3 seconds]
Me: well, tell ya what, his loss, i will get you the best guys in town
[i don't what was i thinking, but somehow, i took myself out of the
Her: [obediently] Ok    [this helped me regain my focus, and go for a
Me: you just need a little tutoring to make use of your full package.
ya know,
    girls need to learn to be playaz too
Her: [Giggle]

[not sure about closing her, yet, i decide to keep her as a pivo
first, this
 chick has the key to every pussy in town]
Me: [in pimp mode] but you know what beaux, you gotta pay me back
Her: i don't understand
Me: [firmly] for everyone i get you, You get me two, comprehende?
[ i actually said the exact same phrase ]
Her: i feel ya     [ghetto bitch, knows her numbers ;) ]

[reverted to sweet-wise-lova mode]

Me: ya know, womanhood is not just the looks, it is how you carry
yourself, yadayadayada
[went into a hysteric and vague description of womenhood, with crude
words like
ass/pussy/tits slipping out of the dominantly male side of my brain]
Her: But guys my age don't appreciate this, they only wanna fuck and
Me: can you not use curse words in my pressence? [intentional neg ;) ]
Her: sorry
Me: don't generalize, you havenn't seen that many men
[she brings five guys as examples, all now left our town to the army,
Me: still. you shouldn't be too afraid to experiment
Me: your dream man is somewhere around you, awaiting your discovery,
if you don't seek him, you wont find him.
Me: as far as them talking is concerned, it shoudn't bother you

Me: have you seen the sun
Me: she shines on everyone, with her glorry
Me: and no matter how much we redicule her gratuitous love ..
Me: we can never stop her from continuing
Me: she is high above our dust
Me: and her beauty never vanishing
Me: and you know? there is a guy out there
Me: not far from her
Me: who admires her very existance
Me: may the sun shine on me :)
Her: [almost crying] oooooooh
Her: thank you baby
Her: [kisses the phone]

Her: but where am i gonna find a sweet guy like you [damnit, fucking
Me: right here :)     [hint hint: fucking bitch]
Her: i didn't know you were this sweet
Me: thank you baby, you seem to have gotten a better taste in men :)
Her: i don't know. they just want to fuck
Her: sorry
Her: you know, my ex used to be sweet like you
Her: he used to call me 8 o'clock every morning
Her: he used to wake up early, like you
Her: all the guys i have seen lately are jobless mama's boys
Her: my ex used to take me to soccer fields, we used to have fun
Her: he used to take me to theatre
Me: [willing to impersonate her ex] what is it that you miss the most
about him?
Her: everything. tell me? are you still gonna teach me how to be a
Her: i am tired of getting advantage of, and then made fun of
Me: sure baby [back to plan B, pivot her]
Me: how would you like tomorrow, 6pm?
Me: i will introduce you to some guys i know, pick the finest one
Me: you don't worry about them mis-treating you, i GOT your back
Her: ok babe
Me: if you don't like what you see after that, heck, town is full of
fine guys,
Me: you just stick to me, and i will show you around
[notice the following trick]
Me: i just want you to have fun and experiment safely
Me: i am your friend, guardian and lover
Her: thanks sweetie
Me: i understand the times girls go through. i know when you want to
be held
Me: i know when you want to be spoken to
Me: i know when to whipe your tears
Me: i know when to lick the woman in you out of this social prison
[yep, i said the exact phrase above]
Her: [fake crying, very love femminie voice]
Her: oooooooooh baby, where were you all this years
Me: awaiting my fruit to ripen
Her: well mister, she is sour now
Her: she wants to kick some sucker butts now
Me: ok baby, gotta go now
Her: still 6pm right?
Me: [blows a kiss, and hungs up immediately]

She calls my sister, and tell's her how much of a mature guy i am.
they talk
some more. my sister picks the phone up, and runs my "accidental" ad
    if you don't realize the importance of this, see how to be a
    the scene where bill sweet talks the UG ;) 

Today, 3 pm. i pick my sister from school, with her a letter. "Don't
forget the
date baby, kiss"

5pm, the phone rings. she spoke to my sister. she cann't come. she
insists to
talk to me. she tells some reasonable excuses, and i make her
apologize a couple
of times.
We decide to see each other on saturday morning -- i am taking my baby
to the carnival (for sarging purposes ;) i plan to test her pivoting

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