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Taeulju Healing Meditation




                Prayer from the Heart

                   Supreme  Lord JeungSan SangJeNim! 

             You are the ever Renewing God, the Maitreya, 

                      the Ruler of Earth and Heaven  

              who have incarnated into this human world    

                    from the Heavenly Throne  

     in order to open the Coming New Age of Peace and Harmony.  

                                 Holy Mother  TaeMoNim!    

        You are the Mother of all life on Earth and Heaven     

                 in this time of New Beginning.

         I wish to be a righteous and sincere JeungSanDo

  Thank You for forgiving sins and misdeeds of my previous

                       I  repent sins and misdeeds of this life. 

      Thank You for freeing me from the wrath of vengeful
spirits and evil intentions. 

  Let our forefathers rest in peace by fulfilling their wishes. 

    And thank You for showing my ancestors and descendants    

               to the New Path of the Coming Justice.

                  After the period of hardship and relief,      

        the impending time of Disaster is near at hand.     

           I will save my parents, brothers and sisters.       

         I will stand firmly above an unyielding faith      

            with the utmost devotions and respects.      

          Following the spirit of the Fall that returns      

                     to the Origin of Life    

     I will meditate with One-Mind upon the life-giving Truth    

      that unifies the role of Sovereign, Master and Father.  

            I will save the suffering mankind and lead them      

  to the coming fifty thousand years of the Cosmic Fall Time.    

            May your Holy Grace shine upon my path           

          toward the Truth of JeungSanDo.




         1              Our Crisis

         2              What is TaeUlJu?

         3              TaeUlJu Healing Meditation Tape

         4              Method of TaeUlJu Healing Meditation

         5              Things to Keep in Mind for the Most
Effective Meditation

         6              Different Stages of Spirituality

         7              The Diseases Among Us

         8              Today's Answer and Tomorrow's Vision

         9              Epilogue

         *        "Sleep less and read TaeUlJu.  It is the
Supreme  King of Heaven.  For fifty thousand years TaeUlJu will 
be read by all schools on earth."

        *         "I have tested  TaeUlJu and WoonJangJu.   You
shall  practice them daily.  I have resolved the  disaster of
ByungWook Kim with TaeUlJu and the  trouble of HyoSoon Chang
with WoonJangJu.        TaeUlJu will open the gate of salvation
even if you have violated the law of nature and WoonJangJu  will
open the prison gate even if you are convicted for       

        *       "No matter what you chant, it is good as long as
you have faith in that chanting."

                       --  The Supreme Lord JeungSan SangJeNim --

                  --- Healing Sound From The Origin Of The

* Introduction* 

     Anyone  who reads   " TaeUlJu"  for the   first    time 
has     many    questions.  For example , they may ask, "What 
is  this  chant about?  What's   the meaning  of   the words? "
and so on.  At the same time, for  beginners, the pronunciation 
of TaeUlJu is  particularly difficult. They frequently  ask
questions such as "How do we pronounce  the chant properly?  
How will this meditation help me?"   In my own experience,  I
had similar questions when I  began practicing  the TaeUlJu
Healing Meditation  for the first time.  Since then,  I have
solved  some of these questions concerning TaeUlJu Meditation.
Yet, many of my questions still remain unanswered.  I realize
that  with time , through the power of the TaeUlJu Meditation, I
will find all answers.  My journey toward the TaeUlJu Healing
Meditation has been a wonderful  experience.  I enjoyed and 
loved it.  I hope you do, too.        In  what follows, I will
be summarizing the instructions for TaeUlJu Healing Meditation
and this booklet will give you a more detailed information about
how to practice it.      First,  I would like to explain the
meaning of  TaeUlJu.  TaeUlJu is the healing sound from the
origin of the universe and it is the ultimate healing  power of
the Universe. The sound of TaeUlJu  is  also the  sound of  a
baby suckling on its mother's breast. The  shape of the words of
TaeUlJu  written on paper  forms the shape of  a spoon, the
spoon to scoup the nutrients of the universe.  "TaeUl"  means
the 'Great Heaven'  in its literal sense and  "Ju"  means  a 
'chant'.  Literally TaeUlJu  is the Mantra of the Great Heaven
and Mother Nature. JeungSan SangJeNim (the Supreme Lord  of  
the Universe) told  us that  the sound  of  TaeUlJu is  the
calling for the  Parents of the Universe.  The holy
motherTaeMoNim (the  Mother of  our  Universe) told  us  that it
is better for us to know just the  basic meaning  of TaeUlJu. 
Thus, just  by knowing the basic concept of TaeUlJu and chanting
it, one can receive   strong Healing Energy.  The more one
receives the Energy, the healthier  he or she  will be  in mind
and  body.  You will be happy, relaxed and enlightened by the
TaeUlJu Healing Meditation. 

     The way to chant TaeUlJu is as follows:

HumChi                TaeUlChunSangWonGun HumNiChiYaDoRae
HumNiHamNiSaPaAha  HumChi 

     You can produce the  sound  naturally  and comfortably from
your abdomen.  The most important  point of   chanting  TaeUlJu
is  to make  the  sound from  your  abdomen and to breathe
deeply after each phrase.     As often as you can and  as long
as possible,  chant TaeUlJu and you will  feel  the  bright  
Energy  coming from  Mother  Nature.  Whenever  you  chant 
TaeUlJu,  you can feel  the Healing Light. The Energy will heal
diseases in your mind and body.  You can also cure   other's
pain  by using  the  Healing Power of TaeUlJu .  You and  I  
can use the TaeUlJu  Energy  to heal this diseased  world. 
Healing the world is  our real mission in this disordered age we
live in.      For over  a hundred years, more   than ten million
people  experienced  the  healing power of TaeUlJu.  TaeUlJu has
healed many  different kinds of physical and mental pains all
around  the   world.  Today  you can be the person who  feels
the TaeUlJu Healing  Power.  Follow the  instructions  in this 
booklet.  Practice  TaeUlJu today and feel the  Healing Energy. 
      If you have any questions about the TaeUlJu  Healing 
Meditation, please let  us know and  we will be happy to help
you.     May the  Supreme Lord  JeungSan  SangJeNim bless you 
and your family. 

Research Center

                The New Truth for a New Age 

        1)   Our Crisis

        Today we face the destruction of our own environment. 
Our earth is overpopulated.  There are now more than five
billions of us living on this earth and at least 80 million more
people are being born every year.  Our natural resources are
limited.  Destruction of natural habitat is inevitable.  At
least 100 species of plants and animals face the fate of
extinction everyday.  The lands that are given to us and the
energy sources that are known to us are finite.  Our environment
can no longer sustain our strange notion of paradise that is
bent on dominating nature.          The results are pouring in. 
Famine in the midst of oversupply of food has become reality. 
The inevitable waste due to human consumption strangles the
environment.  Millions of tons of household garbage and toxic
waste are dumped into our backyards and into our water supply. 
The fluorine compound gases from our hair sprays and our
refrigerators destroy the earth's ozone layer.  There is a hole
in the sky above  Antarctica that is larger than the United
States due to the depletion of the ozone.  If such a hole was to
move to a more populated area, the outbursts of unknown deadly
new diseases would be expected.        In private, we destroy
our own human habitat.  The outbursts of crimes, divorces, drugs
and abortions destroy the natural rhythm of human existence. 
Previously unknown deadly new diseases such as AIDS threaten our
livelihood.  The dearth of spirituality in modern life generates
a humanity that has lost its own identity.  We have lost our
roots.  We have lost our myths.  We have lost our rituals.  We
have lost our ancestors.  We have become the uprooted trees.  We
have become the burned down forests.  With every extinction of
natural life, we lose a part of ourselves.  We forget who we
are.  We become "man-made."  We need to renew our spirituality. 
It is more urgent than ever.

        2) TaeUlJu Healing Meditation

         TaeUlJu Healing Meditation is the most effective way to
renew spirituality.  Its proven method has led multitudes of
people into higher self.  Chanting is a way to absorb the energy
of the spiritual world.  TaeUlJu possesses the most spiritual
power of all known mantras.  By continuously repeating the
TaeUlJu, one breathes in the strong natural energy of Earth and
Heaven.  TaeUlJu is the song of harvest for the current
humanity.  It is the process of ripening this humanity.  If the
sound of TaeUlJu is embedded in one, one will be healthy and be
without sudden diseases, disasters or accidents.  Please chant
TaeUlJu not only when you are meditating, but also when you are
walking, driving or working.  You will feel the natural rhythm
of your life.  TaeUlJu is the sound of this universe seeking its
mother.  Chant it softly with One- mind.

     HumChi HumChi TaeUlChunSangWonGun (Take a deep breath)

     HumNiChiYaDoRae HumNiHamNiSaPaAha (Take a deep breath)     

        TaeUlJu heals our bruised spirit.  It is a process of
returning to the all-forgiving bosom of the original Mother, the
original healing spirit at the womb of the beginning of the
Universe.  2500 years ago Buddha explained to his disciples that
"the quest for truth is like a wheel that requires a fresh push
from a new Enlightened One every twenty-five centuries."  Even
the truth that was put forth by  Buddha himself must wind down
and die.  A New Truth must be put forth according to the time.
Buddha prophesized that 2500 years later this new Enlightened
One (the Maitreya Buddha) will come and lead all humanity to a
new level of spirituality.  Buddha stated that this Maitreya
Buddha (the Future Buddha) shall teach a Healing Mantra that
cures all illness and diseases of humanity.  This new
Enlightened One shall lead humanity to the path of great
salvation. Buddha actually gave us 2500 years earlier one half
of this healing mantra: "HumNiChiYaDoRae HumNiHamNiSaPaAha." 
The other half of this Healing Mantra was given to us by the
Supreme  Lord JeungSan SangJeNim (the new Enlightened One) who
was born on this earth in 1871: "HumChi HumChi
TaeUlChunSangWonGun".  Since then over ten million people have
experienced the Healing Power of TaeUlJu.

        *       "Sleep less and read TaeUlJu. It is the Supreme
King of Heaven.  For fifty thousand years TaeUlJu will be read
by all schools on earth."

        *       "I have tested TaeUlJu and WoonJangJu.  You
shall practice them daily.  I have resolved the disaster of
ByungWook Kim with TaeUlJu and the trouble of HyoSoon Chang with
WoonJangJu.  TaeUlJu will open the gate of salvation even if you
have violated the law of nature and WoonJangJu will open the
prison gate even if you are convicted for murder."

        *       "No matter what you chant, it is good as long as
you have faith in that chanting."

                    -  The Supreme  Lord JeungSan SangJeNim. -

        TaeUlJu Healing Mantra is composed of healing sounds. 
TaeUlJu is the healing sound that is in harmony with the way of
the coming New Age - the New Heaven and New Earth.  TaeUlJu in
its essence means "to be returning to the Origin," whether it is
the origin of yourself, origin of your ancestor or origin of the
Universe.  "HumChi" is a gentle suckling sound.  Imagine you are
suckling the milk of the origin of the Universe from the breast
of the Mother Universe.  "TaeUlChunSangWonGun" is the Origin,
the origin of the Universe, the original Creation or the
original womb of the Universe.  "HumNiChiYaDoRae
HumNiHamNiSaPaAha" means you wish to return to the origin.
TaeUlJu is the original healing power of the Universe.  TaeUlJu
will enrich your spirituality.  It is the gentle healing hand
from the origin of the Universe.  Now it is your turn to try

 3) TaeUlJu Healing Meditation Tape 

     The TaeUlJu Healing Meditation  tape allows you to chant
along.   In repeating after the tape use a  clean  and natural
voice.   Imagine that   your voice is coming   from the  
abdomen,  and feel the   vibration throughout  the   body.  You 
 may need to practice on the pronunciation and tone of the

Simply listening to the tape while at home, at the office or
driving in a car will help you ease fatigue as well.  It will
allow you to concentrate on your everyday creative activities. 
Make it a habit to listen to it regularly.  You will detect a
noticeable improvement in your self-esteem.  Of course if you
can chant along, that would be better.  Even after one session
of Chanting Meditation, your body and mind will thank you for
your effort.  You will feel refreshed, relaxed and confident.

4) ProperWay to Conduct TaeUlJu Healing Meditation   

     Now,  before  starting  the  actual meditation,   there 
are a few    steps  and preparations you  must take as a 
ritual, such as preparing  a   bowl of water or  bowing,  etc.  
Of course you will  get the benefit of    TaeUlJu regardless of
the time, place,  and situation; but it will be far more 
effective when you do it with such rituals.  


     On top of a clean table, place a bowl filled with clear
water and two candles as shown   in the  picture.    The bowl
should be filled with the most clean  water  you  have access 
to, and it  should  have  a cover  on.  The   bowl of    water
symbolizes  the   water energy   of  the universe,  also
referred to as   Yin energy.   The candles   symbolize the fire 
energy, or Yang  energy.  You should be  dressed in a light,
comfortable outfit  of plain  color.  It is best to wear white,
which symbolizes cleanness and emptiness. 


**The ritual **

     First, light the candle  and open  the bowl cover.  This
symbolic  process  will help  the fire and water  energy of your
body  to balance  during meditation.    Second, do  the holy bow
four times as shown in the picture.  This form of  bowing has
been done to worship the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for  at 
least 5,000 years.  It  has a symbolic meaning  of upholding the
heaven  and  embracing the earth.  The  holy bow should be done
slowly with great  concentration on each  movement.  By now 
your mind should be at peace   and freed from all  unnecessary
thoughts of your  daily life.  These bowings will help you to 
concentrate during meditation.  

    Third, kneel with your head down on the floor and pray with
your hands together with your thumbs pointing  between  the 
eyebrows.   It  would  be most   appropriate  to pray  to the
Supreme Lord JeungSan  SangJeNim, the  Supreme Ruler  of  the
Universe.  It is most important that you have faith when  you
are praying, and  also that you pray  sincerely from the  heart.
The   prayer can be a request for anything from personal health
to world peace.   Fourth, you need to get rid of the negative
energy in your body.  Most of  us  have  in our  memories
moments that we  wish that they had  never  happened.  These
memories come  back  to haunt us time  to  time.    It could be
memories of sin, crime, embarrassment, disrespect, or abuse.    
All  of   these memories of  negative feelings  remain   in our
bodies in   forms of negative energy,  or "bad energy."   They
act as a blockade to  the flow of our "good energy."      Write
all these  experiences down on a piece  of paper, being as
specific as you can.  Read over   what you have written down 
word by word.  Then afterwards burn the paper.      This 
process  has an amazing effect  of getting  rid of bad energy  
in  your  body.  It allows your  good energy  to flow  in
balance.   As  a  result, not only will your mind shift into a
much more calm  and   peaceful state,  but  also your  body 
will  be  more   resistant  to diseases.  Do  this ritual as
many times as  you want and as  often as  you want.  But  once 
you've  burned away  your negative    feelings, trust that they
are gone.  Do not  think about them any longer.      Finally,
read the "Prayer From the Heart" that is printed on the back of 
the cover page.  This is to strengthen the Holiness in your mind.

** Start Chanting **

     The number  one rule in  meditation is to keep the back
straight.  Your  spine  must be straight  and parallel with the 
Earth's gravitational pull.   The  point of all meditation is 
to create a circulation of energy  inside your body  in order to
create a balance.  Your  spine is like  the main street  for 
the energy  flow.  A good way   to keep your  back straight  is
to  imagine   a human tower,  where there  are nine people  
stacked  above  you  and nine people  stacked beneath, all
sitting   in the same  position  you are  in.  Or,   you can use
 whatever works for you, but don't use  anything  to lean  on. 
Also, pull the chin towards you so that the back of  your neck
is straight.      There  is no  such thing  as  the standard 
meditative position.    You  should use a position that is most
comfortable for you.  There are two general  types  of 
position: kneeled  and  cross  legged.    The  kneeled  position
lets  you keep the  back straight without  much strain, but 
your  legs will  start to ache in  a short while.   The
crosslegged  position  allows you to withstand a long time, but
it's harder  to keep the back  straight.   If  you are  a
beginner,  you are  recommended  to use  kneeled  position as 
much as possible.       You can change  your position during 
the meditation, but do it  while  keeping your upper body as
still as  possible so that you don't disturb the  balanced
energy flow in your body.      As you are  meditating, the Fire
energy (Yang)  will tend to sink to  the  bottom, and the Water 
energy (Yin) will tend to rise to the top  to create  the  most
harmonious  and   balanced state  both mentally  and 
physically.   This state of balance can  be compared  to a glass
of  muddy water.  When  all the dirt   has sunk  to the  bottom,
the top  portion of    the glass  becomes clear.  Just as the
clear water will become   muddy again  with movement of the 
glass, you will lose  the balance of  energies by  moving your 
upper body.

 -- Experience 1--

     "It  was the  third day  since I  started the  meditation. 
I saw   white cloudy energy surrounding my body.  It started
moving upward above my head  and became  a cylinder  which
stretched down through   my head into the lower part of the
spine.  White smoke came out of my mouth  and surrounded  my
body as  I kept chanting TaeUlJu.  At  that moment, I  saw an
image  of myself in a circle.  I thought to  myself, 'Is this
another  me?' I felt strange,  but soon a joyous and thankful 
feeling filled my heart.   Suddenly, I realized myself being one
with the great nature of the universe.   Then I  understood why
human beings are 'the small  universe'.  I saw   two people
behind  me meditating in  the same  position I was  in.  They  
were wearing white robes, and  their bodies were shining with
light.  For the first  time, I saw the guardian spirits."

                                              -  Dong Kwan Yu   
                                              Seoul, South
Korea-Experience 2--

 One day, during meditation I saw an  image.  A big hand reached
out from JeungSan SangJeNim's portrait and touched my head.    
Then the  miracle happened.   The doctor said  that the
cancerous cells that  had transferred to  the brain were all 
gone, and the cancer  in the lung had  become smaller.  The
doctor told me with an excited voice,     "You are being cured!
Do you know?"

                                              - Nakajima
Yoshibumi                                                 Kobe,

--Experience 3--

     "After my serious car accident, one day I became angry and 
said, 'Enough  already, I'm not  going to  take any pain killers
today'.   That day, with  much pain in  my body, I  went to  bed
and played  the TaeUlJu tape.   After a few  minutes, I felt  an
enormous energy penetrating into my  feet and into the top of my
 head, and then it filled my entire  body.  The next day I was
able to walk, and what a blessing it was, not to have any pain
in my body.  As I continued to meditate little by little, I had
returned to my normal self."                                    
                                           - Norma Diaz         
                                        New York, U.S.A 


        9)  Epilogue 

        Those who are serious about TaeUlJu Healing  Meditation
should form a JeungSanDo (Tao)  meditation group in their area. 
If one chants with a group of people, a collective energy gets
formed that generates a collective will toward Justice.  We
strongly encourage those who are interested to contact us at the
following address.  We are looking for socially conscious people
who can share the responsibility of harvesting current humanity
in order for us to construct a New World in the Coming Cosmic
Fall Time.  

        JeungSan Do (Tao) NY DoJang (Temple)        33-38 147th
Street        Flushing, NY  11354        Tel: 718-321-0970     

       Fax: 718-321-7174   


       JeungSan Do (Tao) LA DoJang (Temple) 

       345 South Oxford Avenue #201   

       Los Angeles, CA  90020  

       Tel: 213-386-3586         Fax: 213-386-4272

         Book number 1.

        This book is the personal property of:        

                Someday soon there will come a time when this   
   little booklet will save your life.  Please practice       
TaeUlJu Healing Meditation with assured        confidence.

        Additional JeungSanDo Healing Meditation Tapes:

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Chanting Meditation Tape.

        To order an above Meditation Tape, please send a check  
    or money order in the amount of $12 to:         JeungSanDo,
P.O. Box 1185,        Scarsdale, NY 10583        

 JeungSanDo DoJang Headquarter 123-2 SeoGu, KweJengDong TaeJeon
City, South Korea

 Tel: 01182 (42) 525-9125

                The New Truth  for a New Age  

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