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Time Traveler's Guide - an Introduction

                 Time Traveller's Guide - An Introduction

                  by Privatdozent Hermann Angstfreilisch
              department of psychology, University of Berlin

                        through Phearless for uXu                     

    o  Introduction

    This document has been made possible because I believe in that
    "information shall be free".

    o  Welcome

    In this very helpful guide, I will teach you the basic techniques in how
    to travel through time. If you practice hard enough you will become a
    skilled time traveller, and you will find that it will serve you well,
    for your own purposes. I am using these techniques myself, and have been
    using them for quite a while. It has helped me a lot in life, in many
    different ways.

      The phenomenon of time travelling is as far as I know practically
    unknown. I have learned to master my ability by practicing and testing.
    You can gain much just by reading this small guide, and save yourself
    a lot of time and in some cases, your mental health.

    o  Note

    Your imagination will be the one thing limiting your ability.

      There are basically two things you can do, plus a lot of variants. One,
    you may go back in time and feel, see, hear and even smell things that
    has already happened. You can not, however, alter what you experience.
    Look at it as a motion picture, you can see it, but you can not tell the
    main actor to "look out!". This is described in my other text,
    "Time Traveller's Guide - Watch history"

      The other thing you can do is to create a "copy" of the Universal
    Reality (UR) and actually live in it, and with the possibility to change
    what is happening (see TT1.GIF). It will be explained in this document.

    o  Warning

    You are free to experiment and try different ways of training your
    skills, but please always have in mind that your sanity may be at stake.
    If you find a problem in one technique, or if it does not work as it
    should, it may be better to go on to the next training technique than
    trying the same thing over and over again, or perhaps in a totally
    different way.

      If you are experiencing a copy of your own reality, remember that you
    are actually in another reality, and not in some kind of a science-
    fiction world where nothing bad can happen to you. If you cut yourself
    during this experience, you will bleed. If you fall, it will hurt. If
    you rob a bank, the police will come after you. If you tell people you
    meet that they are in your reality, you will most probably end up in
    the nut house. If you of some reason should die when you are in your
    Personal Reality, you will always return to the reality you came from.
    I.e. you can always go back.

      There will be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding if you do not
    always remember what you experienced in the Universal Reality and what
    you experienced in your Personal Reality.

      I know there will be people who will use these techniques to commit
    crimes, and you might wonder why I still let them be known to anyone.
    My reply is; anyone can commit crimes using almost anything, this is not
    an exception.

      I can not enough warn you that the things I will explain in this
    document can be extremely dangerous for your mental health. I must make
    you aware of that this thing will occur if you do not act carefully:

     x  You create a copy of the Universal Reality. After some time in this
        reality you get confused or in some other way suspicious and you
        suddenly become sure of that your current reality is the universal
        one. Though it to my knowledge has not been tested, it is
        theoretically possible to live an entire life in a reality-copy, and
        you will not return to the Universal Reality until you die of old age
        or in some other way terminate your copy-life. I do not know for
        sure, but I believe that the human mind can not comprehend or even
        have the capacity to store the experiences, impressions and memories
        of two entire lives.

        Hint; when you enter a Personal Reality, a good advice is to Always
        write down something like "Remember to Get Back!" and keep it well
        visible, maybe even on the back of your own hand. This is to remind
        you that you are not in the Universal Reality. When you have done
        what you came to do, and have exited your copy, always check and
        double-check that there is no note saying "Remember to Get Back!"
        beside you. As a result of this, of course always be one hundred
        per cent sure that you really are in your Personal Reality before
        writing down such a thing.

    o  Let us begin.

    The training of your time travelling ability will be described in an
    easy-to-understand way. When you are successful in one technique, start
    practicing the next. Do not expect yourself to get good results for a
    start, it will come to you in time.

      The time it will take to become an experienced traveller depends, of
    course, on how much you practice. If you practice at least once a day, and
    not quitting without noticing any progress, big or small, you will be
    able to control your travelling very good in about four to six weeks,
    according to the time it took for the people I asked to try my
    techniques. You will, however, be quite good after only one week of
    training, and hopefully also more aware of how useful it is, and how
    travelling can serve yourself, your family and your friends.

      You might find the descriptions somewhat abstract, and not too
    specific. This is intentional. It is required that the person reading
    this find his or hers own way of reaching their goals, using the same
    basic techniques. It would be easy to explain how a certain individual
    think when following my advice, but it would absolutely make it more
    hard for you to make up your own way of thinking. When you read how to do
    one of the techniques, make it clear to yourself how it could, and should
    be done. Discussing it with somebody else would probably ruin your
    chances of coming up with a personal idea how to do it.
      When you have become an experienced traveller, you can without risk
    exchange ideas and thoughts with your (also experienced) travelling
    friends on how to reach PAT et cetera.

    o  Some statistics

    I have noticed many interesting things during my own studies of this
    phenomenon. First, the ability does not seem to require a special kind of
    mind or some special way of thinking. I.e. it will work for anyone, as
    far as I am concerned. How quickly you will be able to control your
    travelling abilities is however much depending on what kind of person you
    are. Among the things I have learned;

      o People with an open mind and with few taboo's usually have very easy
        to become a traveller (and vice verse).

      o People with high IQ's (above 120) usually learn the simple techniques
        just after a few tries (and vice verse).

      o Very young people (up to 6 year old) find some of the 'hard' and
        complicated techniques surprisingly easy to practice and control.

      o It seems like it does not matter if you are male or female when it
        comes to the time it takes to learn the techniques.

    o  A small test

    I also found some ways to notice if somebody has the qualities it takes
    to become a traveller fast. Please once again keep in mind that anyone
    can be a time traveller, this is only a test to see if will learn it
    quick, or if it will take you more practicing than the average. You can
    make this test yourself, as you are reading this:

      1 Close any doors that might be opened to your room. This is to make
        things as quiet as possible. If you can not do this from where you
        are now, try not to listen to loud noises such as printers, computer
        beeps or crying children. Try to "turn off" the volume inside your
        head. If you find this hard, please wait until you get to a quiet
        place to try this, else it will most probably fail.
        Small fans and air conditioning systems can be quite loud, but they
        are not a problem now, if they did not bother you before.

      2 Close your eyes, and open up your mouth just a little. This is to
        make sure you do not have any kind of pressure inside your mouth or
        nose. Also, try to relax the muscles in your face. Breathe through
        both your nose and mouth, simultaneously, as you are doing this small

      3 Now imagine yourself looking around in the room where you are, but
        do not actually open your eyes.
        First turn your head (eyes still closed) and notice how you can
        imagine - "see" - the things as they are, without actually seeing
        them. If you find no problem in doing this, we will make things a
        little more difficult.

      4 Again, imagine yourself as you are right now (eyes shut), but this
        time when you look around in the room, do not turn your head.
        Try to look at a specific object in your "imagine" view, an object
        that is not located somewhere right in front of you. Try not to
        even move your eyes while doing this. Get the Room to turn around
        you, not You looking around in the room. The things you see though
        must be the same as if you were turning your head around. Try this
        a few times, do not give up too easy.

    Now, let us continue with some examples. But first, the basics.

    o  "ParaTime"

      Sit down in a comfortable chair and relax totally.

      Make sure there are no irritating sounds that could interrupt your

      Close your eyes, and clear your mind.

      Try to think of nothing at all.

      When the first recognizable thought comes to your mind - don't worry,
    it will pop up sooner or later - concentrate very hard on nothing but
    that thought, no matter what that is. Completely fill your mind with it.

      From this point, things get critical. Now it is of greatest importance
    that you back off from these infinite number of identical thoughts in no
    time at all. If this succeed, you have got yourself something I call
    "ParaTime". In this state you may do a lot of things. Worth noting is
    that it does not last more than, at most, ten seconds when done this way.

      The more you practice this, the quicker you may enter ParaTime. It is
    not unusual that it may be done in about one second. It will not make any
    difference if the same thought comes to your mind first every time you
    practice. When you think this is easy, try standing up and do the same
    thing. Then go on to playing music, try it at the dinner table, or why
    not on the dance floor.

      The rest of the techniques described herein can be built on this way
    of reaching ParaTime. There are several ways of getting to ParaTime,
    this one is among the easiest and most flexible though.

    o  Personal Reality

    ATTENTION! You will be able to create a copy of the Universal Reality,
       and experience it as it is. You must however be familiar with the fact
       that this is time travelling, and it has nothing to do with the dreams
       you have by night. You can do whatever you feel like when experiencing
       another reality, but you can never do things you can not do in real
       life, i.e. you will not be able to fly nor creating things out of
       nothing (the two most common wishes/dreams).

       Easy rules to remember;
             Something that HAS happened remains,
             something that HAS NOT happened, might not happen at all.

             The more time you spend in your PR, and the more you experience,
             the more unlikely it is that the same will reoccur in the UR.

    When you are in ParaTime (PAT) you may create a copy of the Universal
    Reality (UR), make it your own, and then experience it as if it was the
    UR, often referred to as "real life". After you have done that, you can
    go back to the UR, and everything will be as it was before you closed
    your eyes.

      But first I will tell you about some of the most common mistakes you
    otherwise are bound to make. Read this part and save yourself a lot of
    confusion and in some cases, your mental health.

      It is done like this; You close your eyes, enter PAT, and create a
    Personal Reality (PR), and enter it. When you decide, you leave the PAT
    and go back to UR. From this point, you can never go back to that
    particular PR you just left, since a PR ceases to exist the moment you
    leave it. You will however remember everything that you experienced,
    and will be able to tell what will most probably happen in the near
    future, to you or to anyone else, since you have already lived it. You
    can, and will however, never act the _identical_ way you did in your PAT.
    Hence, the things that happened in your PAT will not repeat one hundred
    per cent in real life.

      An easy way to show this is to hold two dices in your hand, enter PAT
    and in your PR, you continue throwing them. Perhaps they will show six
    and four. Exit your PR, and when you get back to UR, throw the dices and
    see what they will show. The probability they will show six and four in
    UR is the same as any other combination. It is the same with life, think
    about this before you continue.

      The most common mistake is that you forget that you did something in
    a Personal Reality, not in the Universal Reality, thus complicating your
    life even more than it was before. Another usual mistake is when you in
    the UR accidentally say or write about something that has not actually
    happened yet. If you accidentally do this one or two times, the people that
    notice this will most probably think it was just a coincident. If you
    repeat this mistake plenty of times, people will think or even ask, "how
    on earth did you know that" or "who gave you that information before it
    had been made official." Save yourself from trouble, and try your very
    best to avoid these kind of mistakes.

      This is how you create a Personal Reality; Enter ParaTime, but right
    after you back off from your infinite thought-block, let yourself "fall"
    in the opposite direction, at the maximum speed of your mind. Almost at
    once you will begin to feel somewhat strange, but not uncomfortable. Now,
    open your eyes. Congratulations, you are now in a copy of the Universal
    Reality. From here on, anything you do will not change what is happening
    in the real life.

      When you are doing this, it is of greatest importance that you know how
    to exit your PR. This can be done in two ways. Either by terminating
    yourself while inside your PR, or deep concentration about being dead.
    Both methods will take you back to the UR. As long as you consider
    yourself being an amateur traveller, use the concentration technique.

    Here goes some examples you can try out.

    o  Make time stand still

    If you travel a lot by bus or train, you have probably experienced this
    already, without knowing you actually slowed down, or even stopped time.
    Perhaps you fell asleep for a second, but you are sure that during all
    that time the bus/train must have gone farther than it really has.
    What you experienced in your "micro sleep" maybe took 0.5-5 minutes for
    you, but only one second in real time. If you have ever gone through
    this, you know it can be somewhat confusing.
      You do it like this; Enter ParaTime (PAT) and try to remain there. An
    easy way to accomplish this is to think of anything but your own eyes,
    eyelids or anything similar. Make sure that your muscles are not tempted
    to open your eyes, and thus throwing you out of PAT*. Use this to think
    through things, solve problems when they are happening, a mental pause,
    you name it.

      Some people said that it felt like they were being watched when they
    were in PAT, this is not something dangerous. It is only a sign that you
    are under some kind of stress. If this feeling gets very strong, I
    recommend you to try again later, after you have had some serious

      This method is very kind to your mind, since your senses will register
    nothing. When you leave PAT (open your eyes) you will not be any way near
    as confused as you will be after your first PR experience.

      As long as you stay in PAT, there will be no time loss, more than the
    time it took for you to enter ParaTime, usually 1-2 seconds.

      * NOTE. When experiencing a Personal Reality, the physical body in
        the Universal Reality can not be stimulated in any way to make the
        person come back, wake up, not even if the eyes would be forced

    o  Tell cards

    Try this at parties or similar, people will be extremely impressed. They
    will not even ask if it is a trick or not.

      This example requires a deck av cards. Close your eyes, and pick out
    one card. Now there are a few ways to tell which card it is, of course
    without looking at it.
      Hold the card in front of you, with the front of the card facing your
    direction. Hold the card like this for some seconds, then you simply
    create a PR, open your eyes and check which card it is. Then exit your
    PR, and get back. Do not open your eyes. That part usually needs some
    extra practicing. Now put down the card, open your eyes, and tell which
    card it was.

    Amaze the crowd with these also;

      x  Ask somebody to shuffle the deck, and put it on a desk. Then you say
         you know which three (or more) cards there are on top. Of course, no
         one will believe you. Then you prove it.

      x  Play poker. Need I say more.

    o  Save time

    PR is an excellent way to stop wasting your (UR) time on things that
    turns out to be useless.

      Once or twice a week, live a PR through out a day (PET). Dedicate
    yourself to news watching, book reading or similar. Or why not do things
    you always dream about, but you never have the courage it takes.

      This is your chance to do whatever you feel like!

    o  The End

    One final warning to you all. There is one thing that I do not know for
    sure as of today. The question that bothers me is, what will happen if
    someone gets a severe brain damage while in his/hers PR? My theory is
    that the person will not ever go back to the Universal Reality.

      I hope this document will be of much help for you and your friends. If
    you should stop practicing for a long time, about two-three months, you
    might have to start all over again, so keep on trying!

    - - - - 

    Quick dictionary

    ParaTime           PAT   mental state when your mind may be altered
    Personal Reality   PR    a "copy" of UR, a complex illusion, an
                             alternate future
    Personal Time      PET   time spent in PR, is PET
    Universal Reality  UR    the "real life" reality
    Universal Time     UT    time spent in UR, is UT

--- End of Document ---

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