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A vitamin regimen for recovering cocaine users

Some friends of mine make a vitamin formula that they sell to drug treatment
clinics to combat the neurotransmitter deficit caused by stimulant abuse...
It really works,a lot of people have been helped off cocaine with it.

There are two separate preparations, an AM and PM formula,
The PM formula used to contain tryptophan,but now does not,obviously,
However,they have had some sucess with a formula that maximizes the conversion
of dietary tryptophan into serotonin.

Here is the formula...


L-tyrosine               250 mg.
D,L phenylalanine        125 mg.
Pantothenic acid         25 mg.
PABA                     25 mg.
DMAE                     25 mg.
Rubidium Cl              25 mg.
Tocopherol acetate       12.5 mg.
Beta carotene            2.5 mg.
Manganese (gluconate)    2.5 mg.
Folic acid               0.1 mg
Copper gluconate         .125 mg
Selenium                 .25 mg.


Niacinamide (ascorbate)   250 mg.
Taurine                   50 mg.
Magnesium oxide           50 mg.
Pyridoxine                25 mg.
Niacin                    12.5 mg.
Riboflavin                12.5 mg
Zinc                      2.5 mg.
Beta carotene             2.5 mg.
Chromium (GTF)             .025 mg.
Vitamin B12                .0125 mg.

This is basically a neurotransmitter boosting formula and benefits those
who dont have a drug abuse problem too.

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