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li-guestbook sql inj
li-guestbook sql inj
li-guestbook sql inj

New Advisory:=0D
LI-Guestbook SQL Injection Vulnerability=0D 
Vendor: LI-Scripts=0D
Vendor's Web Site: 
Software: LI-Guestbook=0D
Sowtware's Web Site: 
Versions: 1.2=0D
Critical Level: Moderate=0D
Type: SQL Injection=0D
Class: Remote=0D
Status: Unpatched=0D
PoC/Exploit: Not Available=0D
Solution: Not Available=0D
Discovered by:
1. SQL Injection.=0D
Vulnerable script: guestbook.php=0D
Parameter 'country' is not properly sanitized before being used in SQL=0D
query. This can be used to make SQL queries by injecting arbitrary SQL=0D
Condition: magic_quotes_gpc = off=0D
Waiting for developer(s) reply.=0D
No Patch available.=0D
Discovered by: 

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