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PerlSoft Guestbook v1.7b Bruteforcer + RCE!
PerlSoft Guestbook v1.7b Bruteforcer + RCE!
PerlSoft Guestbook v1.7b Bruteforcer + RCE!

Typ: Bruter & RCE
Name: PerlSoft GB Pwner
Affected Software: PerlSoft G=E4stebuch
Version: 1.7b
Coder/Bugfounder: Perforin 
------> the RCE is only once possible=2C do not waste your command!
STEP1: Use my script to bruteforce the admin login from the guestbook.
STEP2: If we gain access=2C you can decide to get in the ACP with the login OR to use the RCE!
STEP3: Deface or root the server =3B)
------> Infos about the Exploit
Unfortunaly=2C the RCE is only once possible and only after gaining acces to the admincenter... so choose your command usefull. (I tried to make a RFI out of it but the results were shitty because most of the webserver are secured against including php file from other webservers.)
The RCE is possible due a security hole when you change the Username. The script doesn=B4t check the input so we can manipulate the script.=)
-----> The Exploit Code
Get it here: 
-----> Visit & Greetings
Visit my Blog and of course vxnet!
Greetings to all vxer out there.
Neu: Messenger 2009! Hier kostenlos downloaden!

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