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TUCoPS :: HP/UX :: hpux4867.htm

rlpd remote buffer overflow
21th Nov 2001 [SBWID-4867]

	rlpd remote buffer overflow


	HpUX 10.x, 11.x


	ISS  Xforce  []  announced  a   remote   buffer
	overflow in the \"remote printer daemon\"  of  HpUX,  that  an  attacker
	could use to gain control of the affected system without prior  specific
	rights. No further details are disclosed at this time.


	Patches are available from [] :

	HP-UX 10.01       PHCO_25107

	HP-UX 10.10       PHCO_25108

	HP-UX 10.20       PHCO_25109

	HP-UX 11.00       PHCO_25110

	HP-UX 11.11       PHCO_25111





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