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TUCoPS :: HP/UX :: lpspoolr.htm

HP-UX 10.xx, 11.xx lpspooler vulnerabilties



    HP9000 Servers running HP-UX releases 10.XX and 11.XX


    Following is based  on a HP  Security Bulletin #0125.   HP Company
    has  been  notified  of  various  vulnerabilities in its lpspooler
    subsystem in the fileset PrinterMgmt.LP-SPOOL.  Several  subsystem
    commands  have  memory  buffer   overflows  and  may  not   behave


    Apply  one  of  the  patches  listed  below.   Please make note of
    necessary patch dependencies:

        HP-UX release 11.00:           PHCO_22365
        HP-UX release 10.20:           PHCO_22364
        HP-UX release 10.10:           PHCO_22411
        HP-UX release 10.01:           PHCO_22410

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