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TUCoPS :: HP/UX :: shutdown.htm

HP-UX 10.xx, 11.xx



    HP-9000 Series700/800 running HP-UX releases 11.X and 10.X.


    Following is based on HP Security Advisory.  The shutdown  command
    did not properly handle its inputs.


    This problem can be eliminated by installing the following  patch,
    which now allows the command to function properly:

        For HP-UX release 11.00, obtain and apply PHCO_21534
        For HP-UX release 10.20 and 10.10, obtain and apply PHCO_21574

        For HP-UX VirtualVault (VVOS) release 11.04, use PHCO_21567
        For HP-UX VirtualVault (VVOS) release 10.24, use PHCO_21566

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