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TUCoPS :: Linux :: General :: bt922.txt

Linux based antivirus software contains severallocal overflows

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Secure Network Operations, Inc. 
Strategic Reconnaissance Team     
Team Lead Contact                       

Our Mission:
Secure Network Operations offers expertise in Networking, Intrusion 
Detection Systems (IDS), Software Security Validation, and 
Corporate/Private Network Security. Our mission is to facilitate a 
secure and reliable Internet and inter-enterprise communications 
infrastructure through the products and services we offer. 

Quick Summary:
Advisory Number         : SRT2003-08-11-0729
Product                 : ViRobot Linux Server
Version                 : Ver 2.0
Vendor                  :
Class                   : local (remote?)
Criticality             : High
Operating System(s)     : *nix

High Level Explanation
High Level Description  : Antivirus software has local security issues
What to do              : chmod -s all suids in /usr/local/ViRobot/

Technical Details
Proof Of Concept Status : SNO has PoC code for this issue
Low Level Description   : 

Alex Hernandez "Security Specialist" from Spain pointed out to us that a 
new unix based antivirus solution contained a large number of suids. Based 
on this information we both began beating on the suids in efforts to expose
security issues. 

ViRobot Linux Server protects your file server from viruses. It can have 
up-to-date definition files through scheduled update and it scans most 
compressed file formats. ViRobot Linux Server is very convenient with 
remote-control function via web access. A user who has the ID and password 
for the server, can access ViRobot on the server from any computer via 
web browser. Please have a safe server with ViRobot Linux Server... but
be sure to chmod -s everything in sight. 

There are several potential suids to abuse... some have local overflows that 
may or may not be exploitable I honestly only checked a few since most are
run as cgi scripts (more fun later?). 


[kf@vegeta kf]$ ln -s /usr/local/ViRobot/cgi-bin/virobot virobot
[kf@vegeta kf]$ ./ex_virobot
ViRobot Linux Server Local root exploit
TERM environment variable not set.

 ViRobot Linux Server ( Heuristic & Feature detection )      10 May 2002 Korea
 Copyright (c) 1998-2003 HAURI Inc.                        All rights reserved
 E-mail :                                        Version 2.0

 Usage : virobot [<option list>] -d [directory]

 <option list> :
                 --recursive  :  Subdirectory Scanning
                 --archive    :  Archive File Scanning
                 --recovery   :  Repair Infected File
                 --delete     :  Delete Infected File
                 --backup     :  Backup Infected File
                 --version    :  Display ViRobot Engine Version
                 --help       :  DisPlay The Command Line Options

sh-2.05b# id
uid=0(root) gid=500(kf) groups=500(kf)

Thanks to alex_hernandez [at] for passing the information 
on to our staff. 

Patch or Workaround     : chmod -s all suids in /usr/local/ViRobot/

Vendor Status           : vendor communication was minimal

Bugtraq URL             : to be assigned

This advisory was released by Secure Network Operations,Inc. as a matter
of notification to help administrators protect their networks against
the described vulnerability. Exploit source code is no longer released
in our advisories. Contact for information on how
to obtain exploit information.


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