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Linux setuid Kernel Fix
Linux setuid Kernel Fix Privacy and Legal Notice


K-053a: Linux setuid Kernel Fix

June 23, 2000 18:00 GMT
[Revision A 6/23/2000 Added notes from Kelly AFB]
PROBLEM:       A problem in the Linux kernel allows a local user to run a suid
               program to gain root privileges.
PLATFORM:      Red Hat Linux 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 running on i386 alpha sparc
DAMAGE:        A local user can gain unauthorized root privileges.
SOLUTION:      Read the note from Kelly Air Force Base before applying the
               patches given in the Red Hat, Inc. advisory.

VULNERABILITY The risk is HIGH. The vulnerability and exploits have been ASSESSMENT: discussed in public forums.
[ Start Kelly AFB Note ] [The people at Kelly Air Force Base noticed an omission in the instructions given in the Red Hat, Inc. advisory. Please read their note below before applying the patches. The Red Hat, Inc. advisory follows their note.] In applying the patch referenced at, we noticed that the upgrade process suggested by RedHat leaves out some very important details. Using just the instructions given we would have "upgraded" our system to a state in which it would have been unable to restart. Following the "rpm -Fvh" step which is documented, the administrator must edit the /etc/lilo.conf file to reference the newly installed kernel file located in the /boot directory. Following this, the sysadmin must run "/sbin/lilo -v" to reinstall the Operating System boot loader. If either step is omitted or performed incorrectly, the system will be unable to locate a kernel when rebooted. The steps I used and am recommending are documented at specifically section 3.5 but are rather hidden in this procedure. [ End Kelly AFB Note ]
[ Start Red Hat, Inc. Advisory ] Red Hat, Inc. Security Advisory Synopsis: New Linux kernel fixes security bug Advisory ID: RHSA-2000:037-01 Issue date: 2000-06-20 Updated on: 2000-06-20 Product: Red Hat Linux Keywords: capabilities setuid suid agpgart 810 aacraid 3x90x MegaRAID Acenic Cross references: N/A --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Topic: This new kernel release fixes a security hole that could affect any setuid program on the system. In addition, several accumulated fixes are included. 2. Relevant releases/architectures: Red Hat Linux 6.0 - i386 alpha sparc Red Hat Linux 6.1 - i386 alpha sparc Red Hat Linux 6.2 - i386 alpha sparc 3. Problem description: A security bug involving setuid programs is fixed in this kernel. Added or updated drivers include: Updated AMI MegaRAID driver Updated Acenic Gigabit Ethernet driver Added Adaptec RAID (aacraid) driver Updated to latest 3c90x driver from 3Com Updated agpgart handling for latest Intel 810 chipset Updated SCSI error handling An error case in raw I/O handling was fixed. 4. Solution: For each RPM for your particular architecture, run: rpm -Fvh [filename] where filename is the name of the RPM. 5. Bug IDs fixed ( for more info): 11998 - Local root vulnerability in the kernel capabilities feature 6. RPMs required: Red Hat Linux 6.2: intel: alpha: sparc: sources: 7. Verification: MD5 sum Package Name -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7135cd70a5b0896574a38363867637e2 6.2/SRPMS/kernel-2.2.16-3.src.rpm 8d2d1a5312c847a422633abde5178733 6.2/alpha/kernel-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 358b77b381dcf7e6e95e181eb271f368 6.2/alpha/kernel-BOOT-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 3306014cf0d5d3cd6aaf3eb7b495c786 6.2/alpha/kernel-doc-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 89e60b43d47202dc7a237e287b60a39f 6.2/alpha/kernel-headers-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 6a166b661bc6e6b078d111c2a18ef1bf 6.2/alpha/kernel-smp-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 88f53a2105dbf03801b10abc1ddfbbd8 6.2/alpha/kernel-source-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm 51914ffb09fbe7df6d12a10f713f0b0a 6.2/alpha/kernel-utils-2.2.16-3.alpha.rpm f639d81c76c4a35332f3f4b8bae40b0c 6.2/i386/kernel-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 08aa0ee0e630c0b740bca1eb630b598c 6.2/i386/kernel-BOOT-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm e6de480a599e9b4faa7cceab4ed73ce9 6.2/i386/kernel-doc-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 438d3cfcf28ca7beb39a94b4bd438cec 6.2/i386/kernel-headers-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 2b5026d45dc07324324dcb4cf936afe4 6.2/i386/kernel-ibcs-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm dcdf1ba8a2154b15789a3f660c71c166 6.2/i386/kernel-pcmcia-cs-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 94a8f4a294d743b78078274ef30722b8 6.2/i386/kernel-smp-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 409750698f4d7a21ba3527880c2017fe 6.2/i386/kernel-source-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 4a7bb771616f294803342e71912a2847 6.2/i386/kernel-utils-2.2.16-3.i386.rpm 4deba2b9f3285d63b96daef2bcd599e4 6.2/sparc/kernel-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm 514d9ce2b85ec5954bf47e609a7f2048 6.2/sparc/kernel-BOOT-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm d776ec3b12207a7122e13c802102b731 6.2/sparc/kernel-doc-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm 43fc3b6f6c71b232407c6099f444d9e8 6.2/sparc/kernel-headers-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm 3c509252e3d9a681afc2598ad28a688a 6.2/sparc/kernel-smp-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm 0839ab7161bc75b40b09a0bbf7625a74 6.2/sparc/kernel-source-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm a9d8ebf3009225593ca63e9d587bd123 6.2/sparc/kernel-utils-2.2.16-3.sparc.rpm These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat, Inc. for security. Our key is available at: You can verify each package with the following command: rpm --checksig If you only wish to verify that each package has not been corrupted or tampered with, examine only the md5sum with the following command: rpm --checksig --nogpg 8. References: N/A [ End Red Hat, Inc. Advisory ]

CIAC wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Red Hat, Inc. and the Kelly AFB electronic commerce website staff for the information contained in this bulletin.

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