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QC 10-04-04
1663 bytes. by Secret Ivan (2001)
Bypassing the Palm Desktop password
Other Platforms  
1607 bytes. by J. Austad (2000)
Handspring Visor Network HotSync no password authentication!
Advisory   Other Platforms  
892 bytes. (2002)
Handspring Visor/PalmOS 3.5h subject to DoS
Denial of Service   Exploit   Other Platforms  
3060 bytes. by W. Pawlowski (2000)
J-Pilot for Linux exposes PalmOS device data
Advisory   Linux   Other Platforms  
5982 bytes. (2003)
Nokia IPSO Script Injection Vulnerability leads to Passive Remote Root, via Network Voyager
Other Platforms  
670 bytes. (2003)
Other Platforms  
3054 bytes. by A. Jenik (1999)
Palm HotSync DoS
Advisory   Denial of Service   Other Platforms  
9859 bytes. by Latigo (2000)
Palm Reversing - A Live Approach
Software Hacking   Other Platforms  
7343 bytes. by Latigo (2000)
Palm Reversing Tutorial I
Software Hacking   Tutorial   Other Platforms  
1353 bytes. by P. Breim (2001)
Palm TinySheet app imports supposedly password protected files
Other Platforms  
9028 bytes. by Kingpin, Dildog (2000)
PalmOS CRYPTOAdmin 4.1 server with CRYPTOCard PT-1 token 1.04 - get PIN
Advisory   Cryptography   Other Platforms  
3520 bytes. (2003)
PalmOS ICMP flood DoS.
Other Platforms  
2033 bytes. (2003)
PalmOS Memo Record Hiding Vulnerability.
Other Platforms  
5730 bytes. by T. Roessler (2001)
PalmOS Strip - creates very limited, easily brutable passwords
Advisory   Password Hacking   Other Platforms  
17269 bytes. by Kingpin (2000)
PalmOS weak password encoding
Other Platforms  
1644 bytes. (2003)
PalmVNC 1.40 Insecure Records
Other Platforms  
722735 bytes. (2002)
Reverse Engineering Palm Pilot Software
Other Platforms  
6634 bytes. (2000)
Secure Computing e.ID Authenticator for PalmOS PIN exposure
Other Platforms  
213649 bytes. by Kingpin & Mudge (2001)
Security Analysis of the Palm Operating System [Kingpin & Mudge]
Essay   Other Platforms  
1816 bytes. (2003)
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 upgrade ROM v3.1 - serious Samba issue
Advisory   Linux  
25994 bytes. (2000)
SysTrap (with trap number) List CRL:
Other Platforms  
2341 bytes. (2001)
XIRCOM REX6000 PDA password revealed
Exploit   Other Platforms  
38416 bytes. (2001)
CryptoHack v1.0 for PalmOS
Cryptography   Other Platforms  
CryptoHack is a HackMaster extension, which encrypts the databases from any application. The user chooses a password and the application that he wants to keep safe, and immediately, CryptoHack encrypts the database. When the application runs, CryptoHack requires the password. If it's valid, CryptoHack decrypts the database, and the user gains access to it. Then, when the program shuts down, the database is encrypted again. In the case that the device shuts down while the protected application is being used, CryptoHack will encrypt the database and let the program shut down normally. The password will be keep in the system only during the processes of encryption and decryption.

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