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Barracuda Vulnerability: Hardcoded Password
Barracuda Vulnerability: Hardcoded Password
Barracuda Vulnerability: Hardcoded Password

Title: Barracuda Hardcoded Password Vulnerability

Severity: High (Sensitive Information Disclosure)

Date: 01 August 2006

Version Affected: Barracuda Spam Firewall version to

Discovered by: Greg Sinclair (

Discovered on: 28 May 2006


Barracuda Spam Firewalls ( are vulnerable to

information disclosure which is made possible by a default guest password


The Barracuda Spam Firewalls from version to have a hardcoded password for the "guest" account in the script. This script is called to validate any user who attempts to login to the barracuda's web interface (typically at http://:8080 or

https://). While the guest account has limited access, the following information can be obtained:

 * system configuration including IP accesses, admin IP ACLs

 * email message logs (but not the content of the messages)

 * version information of both spam/antivirus definitions and system firmware version

Used in conjunction with the vulnerability "Barracuda Arbitrary File

Disclosure" (NNL-20060801-02), the integrity of the system can be compromised. An attacker can use both vulnerabilities to download both

confidential emails as well as the configuration information (including the admin password).

Additionally, while some accounts such as "admin" are bound by user definable IP ACLs, the guest account is not. This means that sensitive

information can be disclosed to ANY IP address regardless of the user defined network restrictions.

Proof of Concept:

Enter the username "guest" into the login page of any open barracuda and the password "bnadmin99" 


* Never allow your barracuda web interface to be accessible from untrusted networks (especially the Internet)

* Upgrade to version or later

Vendor Contact:

29 May 2006   - Initial Vendor Contact

24 June 2006  - Vendor replies with prospect of fix

17 July 2006  - NNL request status update, no reply

01 Aug 2006   - NNL releases vuln report, notifies vendor of release

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