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Beno's Pager Code Dictionary

beno's pager code dictionary

pagers do not cost much these days.  people really should have them, so their
friends can find them.  i also think people should all have cell phones, but
many are not ready to invest in one.   so people really ought to learn pager
code.  using pager code, you can send messages to your friends immediately.  
sometimes it takes more than one call to complete your message, but it still
allows for more efficent communication. below, i provide the alphabet as i know
letter code alternate  
a 6 8  
b 8   
c 5 0  
d 0   
e 3   
f 3   
g 9 6  
h 4   
i 1   
j 7   
k 15   
l 7 1  
m 177   
n 17   
o 0   
p 9   
q 9 0  
r 12   
s 5   
t 7   
u 11 4  
v 11 4  
w 111 44  
x 22   
y 4   
z 2   
- -   
? 2   
! 1   
. -   


83170 = beno

123604 = ready

017 1774 11164 = on my way

sometimes you will need to simplify your sentences, especially when the context
is given.

example: beno tells ken, "if you are coming to berkeley page "yes" (435), if
not, page "no go" (170 90).

sometimes the easiest way to communicate is to use the widely accepted
non-alphabetical codes:
message code  
i love you 1-4-3  
thinking of you 8-2-3  
where are you? 411  
emergency 911  

always remember to leave your code, if you have one!

example: beno's code is 10, so he will end his message with a "-10."

017 1774 11164-10 = on my way, from beno

170 90-55 = not coming from ken

0118862 952-4374-01 = call me back at 011 8862 952-4374 (a taiwanese phone
number), from owen

once you learn to use pager codes, you can use your pager as a memory device by
paging yourself messages which you can carry with you on your pager!

you can remind yourself of addresses, things to do, prices, and even phone
numbers!   well, you can remind yourself of lots of things.

most of all, it's hours of fun for all ages!  so try it right now! pick up the
phone and dial 510.297.6244 and leave beno a message.

 rodrigo lagos has a really kewl website with a
<> alfa to numerical converter 
which can help you page your friends!   check out this site! 


[24 august, 1998] &nbps i think the pager industry is trying to destroy pager
codes.   the new motorola ads push for word pagers.  pagenet now makes "**" =
"--" instead of " ".   it's all a big conspiracy!

 new additions! 

 in uc berkeley's anthropolgy 160, professor alan dundes tells his students
that pager codes and pager alphabets are a form of folklore; meaning they are
oral tradition.   one friend tells another to do it this way and that way.   so
pager codes and alphabets have multiple existence in different subcultures and
variations between each existence.   and every different group has an
explanation and justification for their method and tradition.   in my chart, i
display the alphabet  i  use and ones my friends use when they page me.   i
learned most of my pager folklore from kenneth lee and owen chang, and tobias
jaw tried to influence me with his line of reasoning.   in the end, i chose
what i felt made sense.   we don't all talk with the same jargon, accent, or
tone; not everyone uses the same pager alphabet and codes.   tell me what you
From: (Devon dyyhard)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 02:56:06 -0700
Subject: pager code

4 = F 

 thanks, devon!   if anyone has other additions
<> e-mail immediately!

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 13:27:39 -0500 (EST) 
Subject: pager code ?

i recently got paged with the code 711..what does this mean?


"711" means let's go to the sev-o! get us some slurpees! nah, i don't know... i
might be right though.

well, i'm gonna ask around what "711" means... but maybe your friend meant to
dial 411 and hit the wrong 4... as in the 7... i dunno...

alright, thanks for checking out my page!

Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 15:29:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: pager code ?
X-Status: A

thanx for responding. please ask around cause i dont think he meant for it to
be 411 cause he did it 3 times...i dunno

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:34:48 -0800 (PST)
From: "beno yay! burdy! yay! :)beno (bernard lloyd hwang)"
Subject: Re: pager code ?

hi gina,

a friend brandon yoe ( told me that "711" is a
lesser version of "911," meaning your friend has something important but not an
emergency. brandon _claims_ to have invented this... he said he used to use
"311" but 311 is an actual phone number in the 408 (san jose area) nowadays. 

i also have a friend who uses "411" for the same purpose.


From: LuCkYGiNa 
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 19:53:19 EST
Subject: Re: pager code ?
Organization: AOL (

thanx a bunch!

From: LiLWsTSydR 
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 17:10:38 EST
Subject: who is this
Organization: AOL (

how did you learn all that pager coding stuff

you go to Berkely? thats cool, i wanna go there

what year are you in

well, e-mail me back

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