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Micro-Tac Elite CF-10 Cable Diagram

                    MICRO-TAC ELITE CF-10 CABLE DIAGRAM
          Brought to you by Vidiot and the Technical Advisory Group 

File created on March 18, 1996

Below are the cable diagrams for making your own CF-10 Loader cable and 
pin-outs for the MicroTac Elite Accessory RF Port.  Use at your own risk...
I assume no responsibility for it's use or mis-use!  Above all...distribute
this phile freely, as long as proper credit is given to me and the crew!
Shoutouts to all da homies on #cellular....<u know who u r>- 

        CF-10                                   PHONE

20 & 21 JUMPERED 

3--------------------------------------6 -LOGIC GROUND
|                                      |
GRND                                   9 -MAN TEST

                              SPST SWITCH
18----------------------------/ /_--------------- 5 R DATA

Part Two
MicroTac Eleet Battery Connector features a new external connector which is
functionally very similar to earlier MicroTac connectors, and now includes
an external RF connection.  The pinout of the MicroTac Elite external 
connector is as follows:
                              Battery Connector Pinout
      \              \        
       \              \         Pin 1 ....battery ground
        \              \        Pin 2 ....thermistor detect
         \  4  3  2  1  \       Pin 3 ....battery B+
          \  [] [] [] [] \      Pin 4 .... E-F battery data

Part Three  
Accessory RF Port        
                        __________________            External Connector
                       /                  \           Pinout
                     /                      \         Pin 1.. audio grnd
                   /                          \       Pin 2.. ext. B+
                 /                              \     Pin 3.. T data
               /                                  \   Pin 4.. O data
             /______________________________________\ Pin 5.. R grnd
                   |   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |      Pin 6.. logic grnd.  
              {0}  10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1      Pin 7.. audio out-on/off
               \                                      Pin 8.. audio in
   Accessory RF Port                                   Pin 9.. manual test
   The RF level at this point                         Pin 10.. battery feedback
   is approx. 2db lower than the level
   at the antenna.

The battery connector is fully compatible with all previous models.
Also includes a fourth terminal which senses battery information from E+P 
batteries.  There is no longer a recessed manual test connection at the 
battery connector block since that function is now part of the external
The manual test pin is now located in the EXTERNAL CONNECTOR and NOT at the
battery connector block!  MicroTac Elite phones may be placed in test mode
by grounding the manual test pin during power-up, just like other Mot. 
models.  Use caution when placing the phone into test mode or damage could
occur to the external connector.  Manual test mode commands are the same
as previous models.

Have phun!!  Brought to you by: vidiot and T.A.G.

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